Molly-Mae says she ‘can’t win’ after backlash for taking private jet then Ryanair flights

‘Shall I just swim next time?’

Molly-Mae has responded to hate from fans after she flew with Ryanair for her sister’s hen party in Ibiza last week.

The ex-Love Island star jetted off to Ibiza with her sister, Zoe, and their friends to celebrate Zoe’s upcoming marriage. She shared photos on her Instagram stories of the holiday, as well as a shot them boarding the plane. Molly captioned one post, “planned her the best weekend ever. Eeeeek.”

Fans were quick to criticise her choice of a budget airline for her sister after she had flown on a private jet just weeks before to celebrate her friend Taylor’s birthday with a ski trip.

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“Ewww there’s a cost of living crisis and a climate crisis nobody wants to see you flaunting your wealth you planet destroyer,” one person commented after Molly posted a picture on a private plane around the time of her ski trip. “Could you not have flown first class and reduced your ridiculous carbon footprint?” another follower said.

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However, after flying with Ryanair last week, Molly-Mae received similar hate once again for not splurging on her sister.

One commenter wrote: “Love you Molly, but your friend gets a private jet for her bday but your sister doesn’t for her hen! I’d be raging!” Another fan commented : “Makes me giggle that Molly got a jet for her mates birthday but Ryanair for her sister’s hen.”

Molly addressed the backlash in her recent YouTube video about her sister Zoe’s hen do, calling out the hypocrisy of her followers for criticising her for flying both private and on a budget airline.

She clarified that she didn’t cover the whole cost for the private jet for Taylor’s birthday, but “split” the fee with the whole group. The influencer went on to say that the backlash she gets from flying private makes it “not worth it,” and that it “takes away the specialness of the experience.”

“I probably won’t do that every again,” she added.

She then went on to criticise how she received backlash from doing the opposite of flying private. “But then, I got equally as much stick and the amount of comments for flying Ryanair,” she said, “and I was just sat there and I was just thinking ‘shall I swim next time? Like, shall I just actually get on a dolphin’s back and swim to the country that I wanna go to because if I fly commercial I actually…it was, like, making me feel like the worst sister in the entire world.”

Molly then showed her frustration at having her decisions constantly criticised, saying: “This is the prime example, not to be, like, an annoying thing of ‘you can never win,’ but you actually can’t win. No mater what I do you’re gonna comment about it.”

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