What your favourite extracurricular activity in primary school says about you now

Netball girlies rock up to pres with an aperol spritz and a high pony

Ah, the primary school days. Somehow, we all managed to have four different weekly extracurriculars, practice for spelling tests and mental maths, go to a friend’s birthday party every other week and still have time for a family trip to the beach and to catch up on daily episodes of Suite Life on Deck.

Now, you can barely get yourself to your 9am, but your primary school extracurriculars have still had some impact on your personality. Whether cheerleading made you unusually peppy or ballet led to an obsession with pink and Greta Gerwig, here’s what your favourite primary school extracurricular says about you:

Languages Club

favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You took a gap year, we know.


favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You’ve always prided yourself with being completely on trend. In primary school, you’d rock up to the playground with a secret stash of loom bands in your backpack and a Hannah Montana lunch bag (not just a lunch box, you’re too cool for that). Now, people might think you’re basic but really you just know what you like. You pop to pre drinks in your fiat 500 with a high pony and enough prosecco to make an Aperol Spritz, while Taylor Swift blasts through the speakers and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You had loads of leftover energy as a child and put it into perfecting the perfect goal. Now, you still have all of that energy and you’ve used it to master the art of procrastination by filling your day with pointless tasks that are still way better than writing your dissertation.

Gardening Club

favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You were the only kid in your class who brought that sunflower seed home and actually managed to grow a flower out of it in year three. Now, your fridge is stocked to the brim full of veggies and your flatmates are stood there wondering how it always gets eaten before it goes off.


favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You’re an only child. You’ve had more gym-related injuries than spelling tests, and you’re still getting injured to this day, but now all your injuries are sustained on a night out. You party hard and have the battle wounds to show it, and are always turning up to lectures with your puffiest coat and a vat of coffee.

Sewing/Knitting Club

You’re a certified Swiftie, and a fan girl in every sense of the phrase. Your shelves are stocked with battered romance books and it’s a miracle you don’t walk into traffic every time you leave the house because you’re daydreaming that much.

Forest Schools

favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You’re the kid who built a worm farm at the edge of the playground, and then tried to bring it back into class. You definitely went missing on more than one school trip, and your flatmates are currently wondering if you even live in your uni city any more because they haven’t seen you in three months. Go sit in the kitchen, they’re about to call the porters for a welfare check.

Art Club

favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You were clumsy as a child and you’re clumsy now, but in the best possible way. Instead of turning into a mess when you’re constantly losing things and walking into doors, you pull it off in the most adorable way and it makes everyone love you. You always get injured in the strangest possible way; think, trying to get some flour out of the cupboard and having a colander fall on your head.

Street Dance

favourite primary school extracurricular activity

Honestly, you’re just chaos. You were probably so hyperactive as a child you got put in street dance to try and calm you down and you ended up loving it. You later became the life of the party; your flat is the one everyone goes to for pres, and you have the most unhinged night out stories that definitely end up on your uni confession page.

Horse riding

favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You’re rich. You go to Exeter Uni and have made it your entire personality.


favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You’ve been an emotional person as a child and an adult, and it doesn’t take much to set off the waterworks. You definitely cried watching the Barbie movie last summer and have What Was I Made For on your revision playlist.


favourite primary school extracurricular activity

Your teachers definitely described you as “a pleasure to teach” but you were always told you needed to get involved more in class discussions. You channelled all of your energy into learning all of the lyrics to the Hamilton soundtrack in lockdown when the recording was released, and you can, and will, start quoting Pitch Perfect at any given moment. Xoxo, a former choir girly.

Martial arts

You’re pretty quiet but loved by everyone, the kind of icon that is known by everyone on campus and stopped every five seconds on their way to a lecture to chat to a friend of a friend. A true BNOC is in our presence.


favourite primary school extracurricular activity

As a child, you were obsessed with Bratz, but now, you love the clean girl trend. Your room is filled with Djerf Avenue dupes and fairy lights. You’re the envy of your friendship group with your work ethic, and are always in the library at 8am with a coffee in hand and a to do list so organised it puts your course mates to shame.


Honestly, nobody really knows what you’re like because you’re asleep most of the time.


favourite primary school extracurricular activity

You brighten up everyone’s day and are the friend that’s always trying to convince her flatmates to go on a night out. Somehow, you’re always successful, and you’re always coming up with detours to random people’s pre drinks who you know through a friend of a friend of a friend.

Baking Club

favourite primary school extracurricular activity

Who needs a trip to Greggs for a sweet treat when you’re around? Your to do list might be chaos but you never turn up to a movie night empty handed, and your house constantly smells of cinnamon.


You’re actually terrifying.

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