All the shows to watch next that will fill the Young Sheldon shaped hole in your heart

Because we’re all going through withdrawal right now

Got the post-Young Sheldon blues? We’ve all been there. The final episode of Young Sheldon hit us all right in the feels. The heartbreaking funeral scene, with its raw emotions left many of us reaching for the tissues. It’s no wonder you’ve found yourself re-watching the series multiple times and have shed a tear or two at the end.

If you’ve found yourself at a loss for what to watch next then here’s a list of shows like Young Sheldon that will fill the Sheldon-shaped hole in your heart and bring back that warm fuzzy feeling:

Modern family

Shows like Young Sheldon

via Netflix

No list of feel-good TV shows is complete without Modern Family at the top. It is a perfect blend of humour, quirkiness, emotion, and just the right amount of complexity. Follow the lives of three contemporary families from California as they navigate the ups and downs of parenthood, marriage, and work in the most hilariously relatable ways. It makes you laugh, cry, and feel all the feels. Watch on Channel 4/Disney plus/Apple TV/ Prime Video.

Kim’s convenience

Shows like Young Sheldon

via Netflix

With its sharp wit, touching moments, and authentic portrayal of a Korean-Canadian family, this series is a refreshing take on everyday life. Kim’s Convenience stands out with its own unique charm and cultural richness. Watch on Netflix/Prime Video.

The Middle

Shows like Young Sheldon

via ABC

Balancing humour, heart, and the everyday chaos of family life, The Middle offers a heart-warming look at the Heck family’s journey through the ups and downs of middle-class America. With its relatable storylines and strong ensemble cast, you’ll be surprised this gem doesn’t share creators with Young Sheldon. If you’re looking to watch shows like Young Sheldon, catch The Middle on Prime Video/Apple TV.

Abbott Elementary

via Disney+

This mockumentary-style sitcom follows the lives of teachers at an underfunded public school in Philadelphia. With its clever humor, heartfelt moments, and endearing characters, Abbott Elementary shines a light on the everyday challenges and triumphs of educators. It’s a delightful mix of wit and warmth that will remind you of why you fell in love with Young Sheldon.Watch on Disney plus.

Schitt’s Creek

Shows like Young Sheldon

via Netflix

No list is complete without mentioning Schitt’s Creek. This riches-to-rags story with deadpan humour will have you in stitches. With subtle jokes, lovable characters, and touching moments, it’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best comedies of all time. Watch on Netflix, Apple TV, or Prime Video.

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