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The roles the Bridgerton cast originally auditioned for versus the ones they actually got

As long as Jonathan Bailey plays Anthony Bridgerton then all is right in the world

It appears Bridgerton could have looked very different from the one we know, with many of the cast originally auditioning for various other roles. The casting directors were not constrained with bringing in certain “names”, providing them lots of freedom in casting and choosing the best fit for each role. The directorial choices have been majorly applauded so far, particularly with changing Kate Sheffield from the books to Kate Sharma, contributing heavily to the incredible success of season two.

Despite some of the cast, such as Nicola Coughlan, having felt unprepared not having time to read all of the books before auditioning, and Hannah Dodd not knowing what she was auditioning for when it got to her season three casting – they all found their perfect roles. So, here are the roles the Bridgerton cast originally applied for:

Luke Newton

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The prospect of Luke Newton playing Simon alongside Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne is a disturbing thought now that we know him so well as her brother – but this could’ve been the case as he auditioned for this role originally. Any chemistry between Luke and Phoebe is hard to imagine for sure. Nothing like Regé-Jean Page’s performance as Simon alongside Phoebe  in season one before disappearing from the show entirely.

The casting directors, and Luke himself were quick to see that Colin was a much better fit, noting it “worked out massively in my favour at the end” in an interview with The Independent.

The wait was worth it for Luke, with season three focusing on Penelope and Colin’s relationship, he is having his moment. Unlike his popularity with the girls during courting season in the show, the character of Colin has faced some unpopularity with the audience in the first half of season three. But perhaps with the steamier second half of the season being teased, Colin will become even half as beloved as the fan favourite Anthony Bridgerton.

Jonathan Bailey

Bridgerton cast roles

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Another Bridgerton brother who auditioned for the role of the Duke of Hastings was Jonathan Bailey, the actor who now portrays Anthony Bridgerton. It was the creator Chris Van Dusen and the production team who proposed he read for Anthony instead. Jonathan truly flourishes in this role, especially in his sensational romance with Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley.

“Ultimately, it’s really exciting when you’re told the character you should be thinking about,” Bailey commented to Oprah Daily. “They saw something in me, and they were like, ‘Go on—you can do it.’” This casting choice proved to be one of the best, with Jonathan’s portrayal of Anthony’s yearning and romantic side in season two.

Phoebe Dyvenor

Bridgerton cast roles

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Phoebe stole the show as Daphne Bridgerton in season one, both setting up a respectable introduction into society and a high standard to compare to for each of the Bridgerton children to follow. Phoebe revealed that she submitted two audition tapes for different roles than the one she ended up with, but kept which roles to herself. Left in the dark for three months, before receiving an unexpected call about a meeting with Van Dusen and executive producer Betty Beers. After a chemistry read with Rege-Jean only a few days later, the role of Daphne was hers!

“Shonda Rhimes was in the room, which was very daunting and exciting. And the director and Chris Van Dusen, our showrunner, were in the room,” Phoebe said. “And it felt good, and there was something exciting about that. In acting, sometimes, there’s something quite intangible. You can feel the chemistry, and I felt that.”

Phoebe faced many rejections, starting her acting career at 11, but preaches persistence, taking on directorial notes and learning to deal with rejection as essential. Her hard work has culminated in her wonderful and truly fitting performance as Daphne Bridgerton, turned Basset.

Hannah Dodd

Bridgerton cast roles

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Now playing the lovely Francesca in season three, taking on the role from Ruby Stokes who left the show due to scheduling conflicts with another Netflix show Lockwood and Co. However, Hannah Dodd not only initially auditioned for the role of Daphne but also made it to the final rounds of auditions. Fated to be a Bridgerton, Hannah joins the show at the perfect time. Francesca plays a more prominent role in season three with her introduction into society and the entanglements of courting season.

Hannah revealed in an interview with Vulture that she didn’t know what she was auditioning for when it came to Francesca. “It was a secret project and nothing was attached to it”, she disclosed, only finding out the news when meeting the team. “They told me just before the audition what it was. It was quite a weird way to know about it,” she added.

Although there have been some audience criticisms on TikTok that Hannah has iPhone face – the phenomenon attributed to many current actors who people find difficult to picture in the past, as they look like they have been around to see an iPhone. Many have risen to her defence and found Hannah undoubtedly has a sweeping beauty and elegance in her role playing pianoforte, even as the most introverted Bridgerton member.

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