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From CBBC to Hollywood: All the unexpected shows you can watch the Bridgerton cast

Anthony’s been a rockstar, a painter and a… scarecrow?

If you know anything about regency dramas, you’re bound to have seen the iconic Bridgerton cast on your screens at some point in the past few years and are in desperate need of something to watch next. They’ve been gracing the ‘Ton with their presence for four seasons now, but before that, a lot of people didn’t know anything about them.

While some more famous names like Nicola Coughlan and Julie Andrews are more familiar (like any of us could forget Nicola’s iconic performance as Claire in Derry Girls), for many of the cast, Bridgerton was one of their first big roles, or at least their first part with such a large audience. But, despite that, a lot of fans will have seen the cast before whether they realise it or not, as their screen credits are so wide-ranging that between them they’ve covered every genre. From CBBC roles to soap operas and music videos, we’ve rounded up the most unexpected places you can watch the Bridgerton cast next while you wait impatiently for part two of season three to drop.

Simone Ashley

via BBC

While most people will know Simone as Olivia in Sex Education, perhaps even more unexpected are her supporting roles, which have insane variety. She had a small role in The Little Mermaid’s live-action movie, where she played Ariel’s sister Indira. She also entered the Pokémon universe when she played Girlfriend in the 2019 film Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, and entered into the Broadchurch universe when she played Dana in season three of Broadchurch in 2017 (although she didn’t work there at the same time as Jonathan).

One of her most unexpected roles, however, is probably her part as news reporter Zuhra in CBBC’s Wolfblood. While she only appeared in two episodes in 2016, they were some of the most memorable ones as it was during Simone’s scenes that the wolves revealed themselves to the public.

Luke Thompson

via BBC

Benedict Bridgerton has less acting credits than his co-stars but what he does have are massively different to playing a Viscount’s son. He swapped his coattails for a war uniform as a Warrant Officer in Dunkirk, where he acted alongside Harry Styles. He also played Simon in the 2014 comedy series In The Club (about a pre-natal club), and became Peter Hain in 2020’s comedy movie Misbehaviour.

Jonathan Bailey

via Disney Channel

Jonathan Bailey probably has one of the most high profile CVs in the Bridgerton cast, but it’s also one of the most random, and his roles are almost completely different to each other.

He’s been in loads of our fave children’s shows and films playing an icon every time; he was Cyril in the 2004 movie Five Children and It when he was 15, before going on to play famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci in CBBC’s Leonardo from 2011-2012 and teenage rock musician, Tom, in part animation, part live-action series Groove High in 2012.

He has serious acting range and fans can also find him in an episode of Chewing Gum as Ash, in St Trinian’s as a Bedales boy and even in Broadchurch, where he played Olly in seasons one and two.

Perhaps his most random role so far, though, is him playing Cynthia Erivo’s love interest Fiyero Tigelaar (spoiler alert: The scarecrow) in the upcoming 2024 Wicked musical movie. He’s then swapping the horseback riding of Bridgerton for dinosaur taming in his upcoming leading role in Jurassic World Four. Anthony Bridgerton has clearly got a lot of past lives.

Luke Newton

It seems Colin isn’t the only one person who decided to play a heartthrob this season because his actor Luke Newton has been playing teen heartthrobs since he was a teen himself.

He took on the leading role of Ben in Disney Channel’s 2016 to 2017 series The Lodge and played Luke Atwood in BBC’s teen drama The Cut. His minor role in the iconic teen series Sadie J as Brad shocked everyone, but what shocked fans even more is the YouTube videos he stars in with his ex-band mates.

That’s right, you can watch videos of “Sussex’s answer to One Direction,” otherwise known as South 4, on YouTube, where the band starring Luke Newton posted music and dance videos. It’s possibly the cringiest thing ever seen but is actually hysterical – Lady Whistledown would be screaming.

Nicola Coughlan

via Channel 4

Speaking of Lady Whistledown, the gossip girl of the 1800s has her fair share of secrets in the form of Nicola’s past roles. Nobody was expecting her to turn up as Diplomat Barbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, or in Legends of Valhalla: Thor where she was the voice actress for Edda in 2011. Most recently, she played Maggie in Big Mood, where her “manic” attitude was a far cry from the quiet Penelope Featherington fans know from earlier Bridgerton seasons.

Ruth Gemmell

Bridgerton cast watch next

via BBC

Ruth plays a leading mum both in and outside of Bridgerton, but fans might be shocked at her other motherly performance. Ruth actually has a past life as Tracy Beaker’s mum in Tracy Beaker’s The Movie of Me, and was part of the iconic moment where Tracy throws a cup of water on her face.

Golda Rosheuvel

Bridgerton cast watch next

via BBC

Bridgerton’s Queen also has some impressive range, as she played Shadout Mapes in Dune: Part One, a vicar in season two of Threesome, a coffee shop server in children’s movie Mr Stink in 2012, and Midwife Jenni in a 2015 episode of EastEnders. Most hysterical is her role as Castle Clock in cartoon series Rhyme Time Town in 2019. She’s also been in a lot of soap operas, taking on supporting roles in Coronation Street, Casualty and Holby City on top of her other work.

Claudia Jessie

Bridgerton cast watch next

via BBC

When Eloise Bridgerton came onto Netflix accounts everywhere, viewers weren’t expecting to recognise her from British teenagers’ favourite childhood shows. Those who were obsessed with CBBC might remember her from their online interactive series Dixi, where she played Shari from 2014 to 2016. If you left CBBC to the mortals while you were lucky enough to have a Sky membership, you also might know her from the mystery series House of Anubis, where she played Sophia Danae for two episodes in 2013.

Her other acting credits are as chaotic as Eloise; she was in a 2017 episode of Father Brown as Joan Vanderlande, and was also in an episode of Doctor Who in 2018, playing Kira Arlo. For a more unexpected glance of Eloise Bridgerton, you can watch the sitcom Biscuitland, where she played Jess’ sunny personal assistant Izzy, or you can keep an eye out for detective constable Jodie Taylor in season four of Line of Duty.

Hannah Dodd

Bridgerton cast watch next

via Netflix

Hannah Dodd was recently introduced to the Bridgerton cast as Francesca Bridgerton, but surprisingly this isn’t the first time she’s been in a Netflix film – she actually acted alongside Milly Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes Two in 2022, when she played Sarah Chapman. She also played Young Sophie in Anatomy of a Scandal season one and Corrine Foxworth in season one of Flowers in the Attic: The Origin.

The most shocking role that Hannah has taken on in comparison to the quiet, composed Francesca is her role as Townie Two in Fighting With My Family which is completely hysterical.

Adjoa Andoh

Bridgerton cast watch next

via BBC

Lady Danbury might be rivalling Lady Whistledown with her voiceover credits. If you remember the classic children’s Mog books, you might recognise her voice from the narration of the animation Mog’s Christmas in 2023. She also voiced Grandmother Smoo in The Smeds and The Smoos in 2022.

Adjoa is an icon in and outside of Bridgerton, and played two different roles in Casualty from 1993 to 2003; Collette Griffiths and Maggie, as well as playing Francine Jones and Sister Jatt in Doctor Who seasons two, three and four. Most surprising are her transformations in teen shows – Adjoa voiced Colonel Casey and a biker in Thunderbirds Are Go, was the Neverside Witch Old Bethesda in Wizards vs Aliens AND she was the head of M.I.9 in M.I.High. Honestly, if you need Halloween costume inspo, just look to Adjoa’s past children’s TV roles.

Hugh Sachs

Bridgerton cast watch next

via BBC

Bridgerton fans have recently become obsessed with Hugh Sach’s character Brimsley after Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story revealed a past secret romance between him and King George’s right-hand man, Reynolds. Well, Brimsley has some less well-kept secrets off-screen as well, which come in the form of his past roles.

Fans might be surprised to know that Hugh has had single-episode roles in Holby City, Father Brown and The Catherine Tate Show which are wildly different to his more reserved role in Bridgerton. He also played Gavin Ramsbottom in Benidorm from 2007 to 2012 and Tinker in the 2010 movie The Nutcracker: The Untold Story.

Kathryn Drysdale

Bridgerton cast watch next

via BBC

Madame Delacroix has possibly the most iconic TV credits of the cast; she acted alongside her co-star Jonathan in St Trinian’s where she played Taylor. Like Hugh, she was in Benidorm where she played Natalie Jones, and she’s also voiced Kate in a season two episode of Thunderbirds Are Go – although not at the same time as co-star, Adjoa. Bridgerton’s fashion expert has also had her time playing royalty, as she became Meghan Markle for seven years in The Windsors from 2016 to 2023.

Like many of her co-stars, she’s also found her place on children’s TV; she voiced JJ in Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed! and played Cleopatra in a 2015 episode of Horrible Histories.

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