Young Sheldon character quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which character from Young Sheldon you are

If I was Sheldon then I would have actually passed GCSE Science

Young Sheldon has come to a devastating end. The seventh and final season of the show unveiled bombs that left fans reeling, offering no respite from the emotional rollercoaster like, at all. From George’s suspected cheating (when did this happen btw?) to his heartbreaking death, the show’s producers left nothing unsaid.

But before our hearts were brutally ripped out, the show’s characters were with us on-screen for many years fulfilling the comfort of our homes and hearts acting as our on screen family. Despite Sheldon being the longest running character within the Cooper Universe, since his appearance in the Big Bang Theory first airing in 2007, he arguably isn’t the most likable or perhaps even the most attainable with his high IQ outsmarting us all. However, the introduction to characters such as Missy and Georgie, Sheldon’s intellectual subordinates, that he countless reminds them throughout the series, have become beloved members in their own right.

Each of the characters in the show have very clear and different personalities. This quiz will tell you which Young Sheldon character you relate to most. Whether you’re Sheldon, a bona fide genius or Georgie, a loveable goof, George a doting king dedicated to his family or Mary an Jesus lover, Missy, a badass rebel or even Meemaw, the youngest at heart – and probably could out drink us all. Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which character from Young Sheldon you really are.

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