Shine bright like a Featherington: All the costume colour symbolism in Bridgerton, explained

Being green with envy is so last season

Grace testing. Bridgerton is known for its dazzling dresses, glittery heels and historically inaccurate hairstyles, but its colour schemes actually hold vital information about each of the characters. The series, set in the Regency era, uses colour theory to foreshadow important plot points in subtle ways that you’d probably miss on a first watch. So from the citrus frocks of the Featheringtons to the cool blues of the Bridgertons, here’s a rundown of the hidden symbolism behind the Bridgerton clothes colour schemes.

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Thanks to her season three glow-up, Penelope dazzled the ton in a beautiful teal dress, just a few shades away from matching the family she loves so dearly. People think this new colour symbols a welcome stability of life with Lord Debling, or much more likely, a foreshadow of a Polin marriage in the second part season three.

You may have already noticed in season three that Pen seems to cling to these shades of green. While they definitely enhance her natural beauty, viewers have already made the connection between Colin’s blue and Penelope’s yellow merging to become green. Even their clothes know that they’re meant to be. The Bridgerton clothes colour schemes have a subtle way of foreshadowing what’s to come, if you look closely enough.

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