Fans think they know the real reason Penelope wore her hair down in Bridgerton season three

And it’s not because it’s French

Avid viewers of Bridgerton are well accustomed to the hidden symbolism buried in the first three seasons of show so far. We know that every little detail in the show is considered, from Lady Danbury’s cane, right down to the colour symbolism of the frills and frocks donned by the ton. So, whilst we were all wowing at Penelope’s new look she debuts in the first part of the newest season, there’s actually a lot more behind her makeover than initially suspected. Let’s take a look at why Penelope changed her hair in Bridgerton season three.

We see Pen grow brave in the first episode of the new season, trying out not only a new colour, but a new hairstyle too. At first glance, it seems that this new look is simply an attempt to incorporate some French themes into her appearance, after hearing about Colin’s travels through Paris and beyond. Showing both her trusty dressmaker, Madame Delacroix, and her maid this new inspiration, Lady Whistledown turns heads when she arrives at the ball in not only a deep teal dress, but with a brand new hairstyle too.

bridgerton penelope hair

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However, viewers were quick to suggest that this new barnet symbolises more than just Pen’s new style. After accepting this is her third season out, Pen frequently labels herself as a spinster and this is also reflected physically in her more relaxed hairdo.

Some fans believe that this change is symbolic of her newfound freedom, unconventionality and simplicity. Her striking look in episode one showed her red locks tumbling down one shoulder, with some suggesting this is a reference to her double life, as well as her own uncertainty regarding her looks.

Others think that Pen carefully calculated her hair to be most appealing to Colin. One Reddit user reminded viewers that influencer Cat Quinn pointed out that having one’s hair down in this era is a symbol of being ready to love and let go. We know this is true from Penelope’s demeanour change where she all but classes herself ineligible.

Regardless of its hidden meaning, Penelope’s new hair is a breath of fresh air after the ridiculous pin ups she suffered throughout season one and two.

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