Panic Master’s to travelling: What to do now you’ve graduated from Liverpool University

Breathe in, breathe out – you’ve got this

You’ve just finished your final year, and the hangovers from post-exam celebrations have worn away. Now you’ve got to face the reality of finishing uni.

Firstly, well done! Give yourself some credit, you’ve earnt yourself a degree, and hopefully met some amazing people and experienced great things along the way. Whilst it can seem daunting, the options really are endless with what to do post-uni.

(Not So) Panic Master’s

It’s only a panic if you make it. Master’s courses are a great way to specialise in a certain area of your undergraduate course, or to switch it up entirely and gain knowledge in a new area. Choose to maximise studying in Liverpool for another year or two, or why not try a different uni? Other than gaining a whole other degree, Master’s gives you the chance to continue living the student life, if you’re just not quite ready to give up the Wednesday nights out, library study sessions and student deals.

Grad job

The scary one for many (including me). However, you’ve been gaining a whole lot of transferable skills whilst at uni and you may not even realise it, from presenting, to teamwork, to research skills. You’re more ready for a big girl/boy job than you’d think! Get yourself on LinkedIn and see what’s around – loads of companies want graduates, and doing a grad scheme is a great way to work alongside other graduates to make it a little less intimidating. The major perk of this one is the earning potential too – no more student scrimping.

Bar / retail job

You know that part-time job you’ve been working whilst at uni? Why not stretch it out further? Whilst a lot of people like to snub this option, it’s a great way to work flexible hours, earn a better wage and save up for holidays and seeing friends. Most companies will offer growth opportunities too, into management or head office. It’s also comfortable to continue doing something you’re familiar with to soften the major transition of finishing uni.


Didn’t take a gap year when you were 18? Do it now! This option works especially well with the previous; why not work for 6 months to save, then travel? Experience new cultures, meet people from all walks of life, and get out of the UK for a bit (or forever). Master’s and grad jobs will still be there when you get back. Opportunities to work abroad also provide a great way to earn whilst you’re travelling – the best of both worlds.

Whilst the opportunities are endless, remind yourself to ease off on trying to get it all figured out – you’re young, and there is time. You don’t need your 10-year plan written up and set in stone the moment you graduate – let yourself be flexible, and don’t be afraid to try out new roles and places.

Finishing uni is bittersweet; you’re leaving a routine of years behind, but there’s so much more on offer. Most importantly – celebrate it!

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