All the best ways to celebrate the end of exam season as a Bournemouth student

Stuck on what to do now you’re not longer revising? Here’s some inspo on how to celebrate the end of exams

When I joined Bournemouth uni in September, my second and third year friends were seriously not joking when they said how quickly time goes at university. It seems like only yesterday when I was pacing around Bournemouth for an hour in the pouring rain, trying to find the beach – which funnily enough, was only a 10 minute walk from my accommodation. For the record, it took me another week to find the beach…

Before I even blinked, the end of coursework and exams is now here. Whether you’re a silly little fresher like me or have just finished your Master’s degree, the end of exams calls for celebration.

So, here is a list of the best ways to celebrate in Bournemouth.

1. Clubbing 

This one is a given but you cannot go wrong. In my opinion, TOFS (The Old Fire Station) is where it’s at. They play quality music and there’s just a great atmosphere. The fact that only students are allowed is also a plus. My friends and I emotionally said goodbye last week to the Friday night event Lollipop, which has now stopped until September. Perhaps it is time to give PopWorld another shot…

2. The SUBU Summer Ball 

Arguably the best event of the year, SUBU’s iconic Summer Ball on the 1st of June is fast approaching. The day festival is open to both Bournemouth students and their guests. There will be plenty to do, such as free funfair rides and 12 hours of live music and performances – including, most importantly, a Taylor Swift tribute act. What better way to celebrate the end of exams than to attend a festival in the comfort of your own town, and not forgetting one that has student-friendly prices! Reading Fest – you better take notes…

Photo via Lily Coldstream

3. Beach Days 

I know this is basic, but honestly, what are you doing if you haven’t yet had a beach day? Touch wood, we are in for a warm, sunny few weeks. Get your group down to the beach and swim or sunbathe to your heart’s content. From 6pm you are also allowed to start fires, so bring a disposable BBQ. Bonus points if you try to make your own Pimm’s. Toasted marshmallows are also a MUST!

4. Pub Nights 

Going straight to Spoons once you’ve finished exams is a right of passage. Get the gang together and take it in turns for rounds, but remember that pitchers are very deceiving… Oh, and the Mary Shelley toilets provide the perfect scenery to regret your life choices. I’ve honestly never seen nicer toilets!

5. All-nighters 

If you’re prepared to mess up your sleep schedule for a week, then pull an all-nighter. Tried and tested by my group, it has made for one of our core First Year memories. From 5am, the sun begins to rise, so slowly make your way down to the beach to see the gorgeous view. Afterwards, treat yourself to a Maccie’s breakfast, and then prepare to sleep for the rest of the day. Then repeat. Actually, don’t do that…

6. Flat nights 

Sometimes the best way to celebrate all your hard work is to have a relaxed night in. My flat and I had a great time one evening casually drinking and playing board games. We then hit the karaoke and honestly, I’m surprised we didn’t get a noise complaint!

7. Bottomless drinks 

I have yet to try the infamous Turtle Bay bottomless brunch, but it is certainly on my post-exam to do list.  From £35 per person, you can enjoy two hours of unlimited drinks, and any brunch dish, burger or wrap. From 9pm, students can also have four cocktails and two small plates for just £22. This deal can be accessed through the Turtle Bay app and is valid until 31st June. What a bargain!

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