Bridgerton season quiz

Quiz: Call yourself a Bridgerton fan but can you guess the season from just one screenshot?

Anthony won’t date you unless you get full marks

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been consuming every Bridgerton related piece of media they can get their hands on over the last few weeks. Making us wait a month for part two is CRUEL and unnecessary, Netflix. Let me binge-watch all eight episodes in one sitting as God intended please, I beg of you.

If you’re anything like me and have been annoying everyone you know about this injustice over the past month, here’s a quiz to give you your Bridgerton fix before the second half of season three drops on June 13th (and we finally get to see what goes down after the proposal scene!).

With 20 episodes and three and a half seasons now under the Bridgerton belt, it’s inevitable that the endless sequence of dances, debutantes, dalliances and dresses can all blend into one, so let’s see if you can tell which season each of these screenshots is from in this quiz. From promenades to Pen to the pall-mall, if you think you’re up to it try the quiz below! And if you get full marks you can claim your title as a Certified Bridgerton Expert as decided by me, who has developed an unhealthy relationship with this show after rewatching all of it in the space of about a week so I’m 100 per cent qualified.

If you get stuck you can always look to see if Anthony’s tragic sideburns are there as a clue, and don’t worry, Colin’s traumatic wink is not included – you’re all welcome.


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