31 struggles you’ll only suffer if you’re moving out of an all girls uni house this year

6. Working out whose Estrid razor is whose

It’s officially the end of another academic year. Time has flown by, and you realise that throughout the year you have collected more random decorations than lecture attendance. Now all that lies is the task we all dread as uni students… moving out of your uni house.

This list is for the girlies only, as an all girls uni house is truly a place of womanhood. From bonding over your favourite brand of oat milk to dissecting a text message your situationship sent, that house has seen it all. You will severely miss these small moments.

Once you leave an all girls uni house, you’ll miss all the things you once hated, including the noise, the drama and the difficult decisions on what to wear on nights out. So, here’s a list of all the girly struggles of moving out of your uni house you’ll only relate to if you lived with all women. Speaking from experience…

1. Taking down decorations

moving out uni struggles

Honestly, you could start up your own shop with the number of random trinkets, fairy lights and tapestry each room has.

2. Chucking out the endless amounts of oat milk

Alpro, Oatly, Tesco – come on now, they have been in the fridge since September.

3. Deciding who keeps what

moving out uni struggles

Maybe start an auction – who wants to keep the life-size cutout of Zac Efron?

4. No more fashion advice

One thing you will miss is running into your friend’s room and asking for their opinion on which top you should wear.

5. Realising you can no longer have those hangover debriefs in the morning

moving out uni struggles

All sitting in the bed as you giggle about last night’s antics, now is a distant memory.

6. Working out whose Estrid razor is whose

Is mine the pink one or is yours the pink one? Only girls relate to this struggle when moving out of uni houses.

7. Realising you’ll never get that ‘borrowed’ dress back

moving out uni struggles

Yeah, that PLT black dress – gone.

8. Taking down the fairy lights without damaging the walls

Be careful, you want to get that deposit back.

9. Cleaning up the make-up stains on your drawers, bathroom sinks, desks

You’ve got to really scrub out those foundation and powder stains.

10. Dealing with separation anxiety

Going from being in the room next to one another to then living three hours away from each other, it’s a lot to deal with.

11. Taking down the charts

moving out uni struggles

Those “chun”, “shag”, “kiss”, “locked out” score sheets have got to go – who won in the end?

12. Realising you can no longer rot together

Gone are the days of rotting away with your bestie and scrolling on TikTok.

13. Collecting those empty bottles of flavoured gin and rose wine

One final (and only) trip to the glass collection with the girlies!

14. Throwing out the empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner

moving out uni struggles

They have been there for months, it’s finally time to let go of the empty Aussie.

15. Getting drama withdrawals

When you live in an all girl’s uni house, there are petty arguments nearly every single week. Now that you’ve moved out, you’re going to have to get that gossip from elsewhere.

16. Finally taking out the bins

Someone’s got to do it. This is the easiest job but it’s not a girl job and is definitely a one of the biggest struggles of moving out at uni.

17. Realising how quiet everything will be

moving out uni struggles

What do you mean I can no longer hear my friends screaming Taylor Swift lyrics at the top of their lungs during their pres?

18. Removing the mould

You are literally just a girl, but you also got to address the mould living in the corner of the bathroom.

19. No more spontaneous trips

Gone are the days where you and the girls venture to the beach, the town, the coffee shop, a theme park. What am I meant to do now when I want to go on a spontaneous adventure?

20. Realising you can no longer have girly nights in

You’re going to really miss those wine nights, those spa nights, those movie nights.

21. Having to remove hair from the drain

moving out uni struggles

Disgusting, but it has to be done.

22. Missing the ‘pub?’ texts

Now that your friends live on the other side of the country from you, it’s not so easy to just ask if they’re down to go to the pub tonight. A sad moment for all.

23. Removing fake tan from towels, carpets, sofas, mattresses

Got to get that Bondi Sands out somehow. All the furniture has fallen victim to tanning Thursdays.

24. Dealing with the person who hasn’t paid a bill

I think we ALL know someone who is like this. Someone who hasn’t paid their rent, bills or even paid you back for the Uber.

25. No more sweet treat runs

You are really going to miss knocking on your friend’s door and asking if they want to pop out to the shops to grab your daily sweet treat. It’s going to have to be a solo mission from now on.

26. Selling clothes

You have enough tops, jeans, skirts, dresses and random costumes to start your own shop. You cannot possibly fit them in the car to drive home. Get on Vinted and start selling, girl.

27. Realising you have to make dinner on your own

This is going to be such a mouse moment when you have to make your “girl dinner” all alone.

28. Giving away your leftover food to those who are still yet to move out

Of all the moving out of uni struggles, this has to be one of the most tedious. Who wants the last of my Lurpak and Cheddar cheese?

29. Realising you won’t have anymore girly pres

You’ll miss the getting ready in your rooms, coming downstairs in your club fit and drinking wine spritz as you pre for the night ahead. Sad times.

30. Having to adapt to the real world

moving out uni struggles

This mainly applies to those who are now finished with uni. You are now hit in the face with reality. No more group hugs after a bad day or making drunken snacks at 2AM with your girls.

31. Having to say goodbye

moving out uni struggles

This is the hardest one yet. Having to say goodbye to the girls you have lived with for the past year or the past three years. You can arrange to meet up but, as we all know, this can be so much harder when everyone is busy with jobs, work or travelling. Be sure to make time for your girls, you have been through thick and thin after all.

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