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These 27 memes about Justin Timberlake’s arrest are definitely going to ruin his tour

JT might have to say bye bye bye to his driving license

Justin Timberlake was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday in New York for driving while intoxicated and naturally the internet flooded when hundreds of memes about it.

When the Sag Harbour officer arrested him, Justin allegedly said to the officer that “this is going to ruin the tour” but the officer had no idea what he was on about, not even knowing who Justin Timberlake was.

As soon as the news of the event started circulating online, along with the mugshot, the inevitable happened and the memes took over, so here are the 27 best Justin Timberlake memes reacting to his arrest:

1. ‘Officer, it’s me, Justin Timberlake’

2. Ruining the tour is a life threatening catastrophe

3. That’s one way to get them to admit to DWI

4. Maybe they ruined the world tour to get a reunion tour?


The boys are on their way 😂 #nsync #justintimberlake #reuniontour #fypシ゚viral #foryou #foryoupage #trend #Meme #MemeCut

♬ original sound – Almond Joys Are Nasty

5. Please do not drink and drive


Justin timberlake…its gonne be meme’d. #justintimberlake

♬ original sound – CoachKap

6. Revenge is sweet

7. Poor guy isn’t down with the kids

8. You can see the emotion in their eyes

9. Just call an UBER


9. Just call an UBER


♬ original sound – B0nita_tina

10. He should have listened to his own advice

11. Maybe he was talking about a different tour

12. Art imitates life

13. Leaving a meaningful impact

14. He was never going to escape

15. Oh, I’d be worried

16. Is this what losing relevancy looks like?

17. Janet Jackson is loving the news right now

18. The day has finally come for our training to pay off

19. Patiently waiting

20. He needs to take some responsibility

21. Got us in a frenzy on X

22. He can’t keep letting his drunk thoughts win

23. The world is rejoicing

24. Is the world healing?

25. Somebody said it went to voicemail

26. An accommodating police force

27. Could Timberlake be as evil as Darth Vader?

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