Just Graduated? Here are 10 ways to celebrate at the University of Exeter

We gradu-ATE with this degree

Nothing fills the post-degree void quite like a silly little activity. We are officially getting old, growing up and leaving our uni days behind *nervous gulp*. Whether it’s a great excuse to head to the pub, or a convenient reason to spend those last pennies, graduation is the PERFECT time to tick those final things off your “Exetah” bucket list. We only have a few more precious weeks until employment hits and we become boring (not me but you guys stay safe). So, kick back, grab a pen, and take notes whilst I give you some inspo. Graduate to graduate, it’s time to make our final days in “rah” land count.

1. Fancy meal

With our relatives travelling from far and wide to watch us complete our degrees, what better opportunity is there to go out for a nice meal? The only thing getting me through the grad ceremony is the promise of food afterwards. We’ve been walking past those fancy establishments with our heads lowered for three years, but now, it’s our time girlies. Let’s get dolled up, enjoy our fancy meals and then slide the bill across to our relatives at the end (thanks Mum and Dad). After subjecting ourselves to pesto pasta and crisp sandwiches for three years, we finally eating good tonight.

2. PowerPoint night round-up

We’ve all created certain moments during our time here at uni – the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Luckily, we still have some time for you to get those final secrets off your chest. Round up your mates and drop those 2023-2024 season stats in PowerPoint form. You only graduate once, so you may as well celebrate it the right way – by reminding your friends of your TP antics and the boys you should’ve left behind in first year.

3. Bottomless brunch

It’s the digital age and if I have laboured over this degree for three years without the classic Instagram picture, then was it really worth it? I am allowed to be this insufferable and so are you. We earnt this. Print your dissertation off and head to our famous Exeter rock. Strike a few poses and spam the gram so that everybody knows that you DID in fact graduate. No cap.

5. Donkey sanctuary outing

Was your degree a pain in the ass? Well, we recommend visiting a real life one to end your time at Exeter with a bang. There is nothing more wholesome than watching donkeys just being donkeys. The degree was hard, but this visit genuinely made the struggle worthwhile. All of the stress from the past three years disappears when you meet a donkey called Harry Bond, trust me. The donkeys save lives.

6. Beer garden

Self-explanatory. What better way to celebrate academic freedom than to soak up the sun with a cheeky beverage? Exeter has a vast amount of unique beer gardens and scenic bars, so just take your pick and have one on us – you deserve it.

7. Having a BBQ

Simple, but so very effective. Mention it to your nearest aspiring alpha and the rest is history. There really is no thrill quite like staring at some coals for two hours and waiting for the fire to take whilst trying to hide the groans of your stomach. BBQs just scream summer and they’re the perfect way to unwind after graduation.

8. Underground passages

A rogue and moderately thrilling side quest. Now, as somebody who courageously embarked down into the passages for the grand sum of £6, I honestly don’t know what to tell you. It is the side quest of all side quests and feels like an actual fever dream. Fully recommend to all non-claustrophobic graduates for the novelty alone. I mean, could you seriously sleep at night knowing you passed up this golden opportunity to explore Exeter culture?

9. Dance the night away

It’s an oldie but a goodie. There really is no celebration quite like hitting the dance floors of Exeter and letting loose with your friends for the final time. Returning to the scene of the crime and creating final uni memories on the TP dance floor feels like the only appropriate way to celebrate graduation. We’ll see you all there, yeah? I’ll be the emotional one in the corner who is feeling all sentimental about leaving. If you see me, hold me.

10. Have a nap