All evidence sweet Sean is actually the biggest game player in the Love Island 2024 villa

Is he the new Messy Mitch?

Sean has been working hard in the Love Island 2024 villa since being part of the OG cast this year however, some fans are starting to think that he is one of the biggest game players.

So far, Sean has tried hard to swoon Jess (which failed) and now Matilda is his latest coupling in which he even makes her heart shaped avocado toast for in the morning and raises her heart the most in the heart race challenge. Some people on twitter think that Matilda could be playing the game as she is a recent bombshell who may see this coupling as her way to stay there longer.

However, here is some evidence that Sean is the real game player in the Love Island 2024 villa:

Wanting his best friend Omar to get dumped

Sean Love Island 2024 game

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Omar had been racing against Sean every morning to make a coffee for Matilda so I’m not surprised Sean thought he was a threat to him winning her over. Just before Omar was dumped, Sean said to the other boys: “I want him out of the equation.” This was supposed to be his best friend in the villa, ouch.

Previously, Omar had pulled Sean up on breaking apart his conversation with Matilda and that it went against “bro code.” One user on Twitter wrote: “Nah Omar going home literally makes no sense whatsoever and Sean is fake asf, he knew what he was doing.”

Another tweeted: “Sean should have just made up some fake reason why he wants Omar gone but he was too blunt. It’s like he has zero awareness of how that comes across. like he even repeated that to Matilda? ooff.” Movie night should be interesting.

Being really intense with Matilda

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Every girl Sean has been coupled up with feels like it is on the brink of an engagement due to his persistence. We’ve all been there when a guy swoops you off your feet only to find his intentions are not genuine.

After Sean made a huge deal that Matilda finally kissed him, one user tweeted: “Sean‘s not even giving Matilda the option to really like him on her own… Just peer pressure and vibes. How you send home the competition and then shout from the rooftops so everyone can clap for you after a kiss.” He seems very all or nothing, which in the past leads to couples getting further in the game if they seem super cute together.

Dumped islanders said he was really quiet initially

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I don’t think quiet is how I would ever describe Sean so far on this series. Samantha in her interview for Cosmopolitan said: “He was so quiet on the first day. He’s really really come out of his shell.” To me this sounds like he could be putting on a bit of a showman act for the other Islanders and trying to get some air time perhaps.

Spreading some messy gossip

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Last night Sean told Grace that Konnor was still willing to explore the connection with her, after she had already told him her eyes were only on Joey. One user on Twitter wrote: “Sean is the new Messy Mitch in the way he gossips” and another said “Sean moving like Lady Whistledown.” This chat led to Grace taking Konnor off for an awkward conversation so Sean is definitely stirring the pot and messing with the other Islanders relationships to cause chaos.

The heart rate challenge

Sean Love Island 2024 game

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The results of the heart rate challenge showed his heart was raised the most by Jess, not his girl Matilda. Also, in his challenge he picked up Harriet, with someone tweeting: “Okay, that was weird of Sean to pick up Harriet.” He has a close friendship with her so maybe he’s trying to stay in the villa by keeping other girls close as well? 

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