‘He’s gonna mess up in Casa Amor’: What ex Islanders have said about Love Island 2024 cast

The tea is piping hot already

Of course ex Love Islanders always have something to say about the new Love Island 2024 contestants and usually their predictions are right since they were once in the Islanders shoes themselves. And they do just love a gossip!

This year’s season has been off to a chaotic start with reality stars entering as bombshells, exes turning up in the villa and blatant a lack of girl code. Opinions are constantly changing about Islanders such as Sean and there are many theories on Grace and Joey. Although, there’s set to be more drama happening soon in the villa.

But what do previous contestants think? Here’s everything ex Islanders have been gossiping about this year’s current Love Island 2024 cast:

‘He’s gonna mess up in Casa Amor’


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Iconic couple Andrew and Tasha that met on season eight of Love Island regularly post a TikTok debrief of this year’s season on their joint account. Tasha said in the latest video: “I actually love Harriet” and “she’s really funny,” which shows this villa member could be becoming a public favourite. Andrew also had a prediction for Ciaran and Nicole: “They’re great together but from what I can see of Ciaran, he’s gonna mess up in Casa Amor 1,000 per cent.” Sounds a little close to home coming from Andrew who was once in that position himself.

‘It does feel very Ex on The Beach vibes’

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Ex-Love Island twins Jess and Eve Gale disagree with how exes are being put into the show. I hate to break the news to you but sounds like there are more exes as bombshells coming. Speaking to The Sun, Jess said: “When you go in, it’s the worst possible thing when a bombshell comes in already and when they have added history – especially with Samantha, she was put at a disadvantage and was one step behind.”

Then Eve said: “I’ve seen a lot of comments saying that they’re ruined the format by copying Ex On The Beach…I think they do it to spice it up but it does feel like very Ex On The Beach vibes. I like how it’s normal people going in there and people who don’t know each other, it makes it more authentic.” I’m sure Jess would not appreciate if her ex went into the villa this year if she was in there.

‘It will keep the lads on their toes’

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Of course, Tom Clare who came third on the ninth series with ex Samie, backs Joey Essex entering the villa – bro code clearly. Speaking to The Sun, he said: “Joey’s entrance was crazy – I think it’s great though, it adds a bit of a different element. But it will be a good change, it will keep the lads on their toes and the girls seem excited when he walked in.”

‘He’s going to be rattled’

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When asked if Joey and Grace’s relationship was secure after Omar tried to chat with Grace, Indiyah Polack said on Love Island After Sun: “No. Understandably he’s going to be rattled.” Only time will tell and who knows maybe Grace will end up being rattled by Joey instead.

‘Six months down the line, it’s like big T-shirt, messy bun’


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The other co host Amy Hart talked about how Sean may be too romantic and this could just be a honeymoon phase, not a real relationship. On The Morning After podcast, she said: “When you start seeing someone, and they stay around your house, you got like nice little pyjamas. And then like, six months down the line, it’s like, big T-shirt, messy bun.”

‘He knows what he’s doing’

Love Island 2024 ex islanders

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If anyone knows good relationship drama, it’s Millie Court who has been in an on and off relationship with ex Islander Liam. Speaking to Mail Online, Millie said: “It’s Joey Essex, he’s been in lots of reality TV shows before, so I feel like he knows what he’s doing.

“He’s putting on a good show. It’s what we all want to see. Drama at the end of the day is what keeps people watching Love Island, isn’t it. So as long as he keeps bringing that, then he’ll stay in.”

‘I found my wife within two days’

Love Island 2024 ex islanders

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Will Young on Love Island After Sun was shocked that this year’s cast kept saying it was early days he said: “Everyone’s going ‘It’s early days’ I was like, I found my wife within like two days.” He said in two weeks he though there would be “set in stone couples.” This is wise words coming from Will and Jessie who received a lot of doubt in their compatibility but are still together.

‘I definitely think viewership may start to dwindle in the coming weeks’

Love Island 2024 ex islanders

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The Euros is now pushing some episodes back to 10pm, yawn, and ex Islander Frankie Foster thinks that why the ITV bosses are sending celebrities in for the drama. Speaking to Betfred he said: “I think going forward they’re really going to rely on influencers, celebrities, and people with a large following because social media is more important than ever now.”

“With the Euros just around the corner, people will most likely be out in the pubs watching football instead of staying home to watch Love Island. So, I definitely think viewership may start to dwindle in the coming weeks.”

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