These 11 Young Sheldon production secrets and facts are just as fun as the show

Even I don’t know how to use a dial tone from the 80s if I’m honest

Young Sheldon is known for it’s comedy and the cast apparently have had a good time on the set to match with some of the production secrets highlighting behind the scenes action.

From the amazing acting of the family dynamics on screen to the professionalism of the child actors way back in season one, you just know the cast are being cared for. Especially since some of the cast started as young as eight years old. But what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling shows that this cast work super hard. I would never have guessed that the cast sometimes didn’t know how to use props or even understand their own lines at points. So, here are some of the fun production secrets from Young Sheldon:

Iain Armitage had to memorise a three page monologue for his audition

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It’s one thing being only eight years old when auditioning but Iain Armitage had to learn a very long monologue for the role of Young Sheldon. Jim Parsons told Entertainment Tonight: “We saw his audition on tape, and I don’t know how to put this other than to say it was kind of jaw-dropping.” To play the lead in a show at eight years old, there has to be serious talent there.

The child actors didn’t recognise props from the 1980s

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Walkmans, cassette tapes and dial phones are alien to a millennial and the child actors struggled to understand how to use the props for the show set in the 1980s. Such a hard life for a child actor being separated from your iPhone! Zoe Perry said in an interview for CTV Your Morning: “Iain didn’t understand what a dial tone was”. Whenever Sheldon had to answer the phone Zoe said: “He was dialing first, and then picking up the phone.” It’s safe to say, I wouldn’t have a clue how to use that either so they made it look convincing.

There were 30 takes of the scene with a squeaky chair

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In the episode A Brisket, Voodoo, and Cannonball Run, Lance Barber had to do 30 takes of a scene with a squeaky chair. Did they not think of just getting another chair? Or, they were probably stacking up the blooper reel content.

Young Sheldon didn’t always understand his own lines

Be assured that even Iain Armitage didn’t understand the intelligence of his own character at points. In an interview for Build, he said: “I somehow manage to get these crazy lines into my head and sometimes actually manage to get them out of my mouth.” Clearly, he has impressive memory skills and acting to fool us all.

Kaley Cuoco made a cameo 

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Remember the weird school pool in in season three? That familiar voice was Kaley Cuoco that played Penny in The Big Bang Theory.

Turns out, Zoe Perry did have to audition to play her mother

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Nepotism apparently only goes so far and Zoe Perry did have to audition to play the role of Mary Cooper, whom her mother Laurie Metcalf played on The Big Bang Theory. For real, I would automatically assume I had that part and Zoe Perry had previously played her mother as a cameo on the show Roseanne. Imagine your whole acting career is playing your mum, it’s a wild industry.

Medford, Texas is a made up place

Young Sheldon production secrets

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Well sort of. Medford doesn’t actually exist but fans on Reddit say the place is very similar to what small town Texas is like. A fan on Reddit wrote about the similarities such as: “In our little town of about 4,000 people, everyone gets off of work Friday afternoon, heads to the high school football game and some get dinner or a drink afterward. On Saturday, it’s not uncommon for people to get together to watch the local college football game.” Sounds a lush lifestyle.

The guy from Blue’s Clues wrote the theme song

Someone surely remembers the iconic TV series Blue’s Clues which was on Nickelodeon? It certainly unlocked a memory in my old brain. The show followed the spotted dog Blue that left trails around the house. Well, Steve Burns who hosts Blue’s Clues wrote the theme song for Young Sheldon which is a production secret you definitely didn’t know. I love remembering a forgotten nostalgic show.

Jim Parsons was a mentor for Iain Armitage

When preparing for the role of Young Sheldon, Iain called Jim Parsons an “incredible mentor” on his interview for Ellen. My heart could literally burst.

Meemaw’s appearance was inspired by Dolly Parton

Young Sheldon production secrets

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The sassy, flamboyant outfits of Meemaw had a specific influence. Annie Potts told Gold Derby: “I have to say it was sort of inspiration from Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias.” This makes her character even more iconic to know the fashion was inspired by Dolly Parton.

Raegan Revord wasn’t a fan of her wardrobe

Young Sheldon production secrets

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Apparently Missy’s clothing was uncomfortable for the actress and the pyjamas were itchy to wear. That would be my worst nightmare having to wear itchy clothes for hours on end whilst on set. The costume department would help them out by giving them shirts to wear under the clothes so it wasn’t all bad, thankfully.

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