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Travelling the world and working retail: Inside Jess’s life outside of the Love Island villa

She absolutely gives retail manager energy

But what is she like outside of the show? Well, it seems like she lives it up at home, too. From travelling the world to hanging out with her pals and loving a night out – Harriett is thriving.

Here’s everything you need to know about Love Island 2024 cast member Jess White, and her life outside the villa.

Before entering the villa, Jess was working in retail

Jess White on Love Island UK 2024 is 25 years old and is originally from Stockport. Before entering the villa, she worked as a retail manager at M&S.

Apparently, she walked away from a giant promotion when she got the call to go on Love Island and didn’t tell her bosses the reason why she quite. I bet they got a shock when she suddenly appeared as the OG cast for this year’s villa.

It’s been reported to tabloids that her work are actually really annoyed she quit because she was an “exemplary worker” and the news came as a “kick in the teeth.” She better not get kicked out too early then to avoid this drama when she gets home.

On her reasoning for signing up for Love Island Jess said: “”I think I’m single because I don’t underestimate the fact that I’m hard work. I know what I want and I’m not easily pleased.” To be fair, she has been chasing Ronnie for three weeks now, claiming she’s not bothered when she definitely is.

Her Instagram is full of all her worldwide travels

Two of her photos are captioned talking about the bank holidays that she has enjoyed, its giving relatable and down to earth. I wonder if she’s going to have to ask producers specifically to celebrate the next bank holiday if she’s still in the villa.

‘I’m quite bubbly and outgoing and I think I can make most people feel quite comfortable’

In her intro, she describes herself as “quite bubbly and outgoing” which comes across in her ability to not care too much. The scene where she was the only one who laughed at Joey standing by himself proved that she doesn’t take everything super seriously. I would of laughed with her, it’s a game show!

Reality TV runs in the family already

So her mum has already been on TV very briefly. Jess said in her intro: “So my mum went on – when she was younger – she went on the knockoff version of Blind Date with someone called Bruce something.” Apparently her family have been very supportive of her going on the show so being on camera is in the DNA.

She had to go panic shopping before entering the villa with her mum

Apparently before entering the Villa, she had to go buy some new outfits with her mum. She told The Mirror: “My mum said I needed to get some sexy underwear as mine wasn’t great, so we went shopping. It was wild. Who does that with their mum?! She was saying, ‘That’s a showstopper, that’s the one. That’s a Hideaway outfit’.” I mean her outfits are slaying so far so maybe it did the trick.

She had a lifestyle change after going through a heartbreak

Jess went through a big heartbreak previously and this spurred her to change up her lifestyle and got her into fitness. She told The Mirror: “I’m not going to do an Ekin-Su when she says she’s in the gym and didn’t even know how to do an arm raise, that was hilarious!” Maybe her meaner side that is receiving some backlash is actually hiding a girl that just went through a hard time. I could see a character development moment happening here and the public actually end up loving her.

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