Danny Shaw

Danny Shaw
Bournemouth University


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Here are the actual ages of the cast of Derry Girls

The actor who plays Clare is over double her on-screen character’s age

Former Love Island star Sharon Gaffka wants to be an MP

‘I definitely don’t want the standard influencer jobs you see from Love Islanders’

Education minister says there is ‘systemic antisemitism’ within the NUS

The government is considering terminating its relationship with the National Union of Students

National Union of Students to be investigated over antisemitism claims

‘There can be no place for antisemitism within the student movement’

‘You’d have to get fully naked’: Uni rugby players and footballers on hazing at socials

‘As bad as it sounds, it did just get rid of the people that they didn’t necessarily want there’

Student loan interest rate will rise to 12 per cent in England this year

For students starting in 2023 the rate will be capped

These are the 40 universities facing more strike action before the end of the academic year

Not another one

Incoming NUS president ‘harassed’ Jewish students outside talk by former Israeli politician

The UK government is now considering suspending all engagement with the NUS over antisemitism allegations

Revealed: The university degrees that will leave you with the most student loan debt

Some students will be saddled with £100k of debt

A comprehensive guide to all the best festivals happening this summer in the UK and abroad

Festivals are BACK!

These Ukrainian students are struggling to flee the war and secure safe passage to the UK

‘I just want to be safe, to have a chance for better life’

This is where the ‘my money don’t jiggle jiggle’ TikTok audio actually comes from

Louis Theroux just wants to dribble dribble

‘It’s upsetting and disgusting’: Young trans people on the muddled conversion therapy ban

While the government will ban conversion therapy for gay and bisexual people, it will not do the same when it comes to members of the trans community

An Oxford student says she was ‘silenced’ by her college after claiming she was raped

‘I’ve lost count of the members of staff who tried to silence me, scare me, threaten me and undermine me’