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Ellie was a student writer for The Edinburgh Tab before becoming their Social Media Editor and eventually Editor in Chief. She then moved to become a Staff Writer for The Tab HQ in 2023 after she graduated.


Ellie graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2023 and studied Ancient History whilst at Edinburgh. Ellie started writing for The Edinburgh Tab whilst studying.


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Tori claims MAFS Australia producers have ‘done her dirty’ by making her look ‘submissive’

Tori says she’s ‘not a victim’ in her relationship with Jack

Omg, resurfaced pictures of Jack from MAFS Australia have emerged and he looks so emo

I’m actually screaming

Omg, Jeramey’s ex-fiancée says she also caught him cheating on her via location sharing

How does this man never learn?!

The shocking real reason why Sara didn’t want Tim to see her phone during MAFS Australia

Only click if you’re happy to read some MAJOR spoilers for the show

Omg, we discovered Collins’ cringe MAFS Australia audition tape and it explains a lot

He compares women’s looks to buying a used car?

Working in government to an acting career, everything you need to know about MAFS’ Collins

He once got friend-zoned and ran away to America for six weeks

MAFS groom Jack has blamed his dodgy moustache on his petty relationship with an ex

There is nothing this man won’t blame women for

When will the explosive Love Is Blind season six reunion we’ve been waiting for take place?

Izzy from season five might be making a surprise appearance!

Jayden reveals that Collins put on a persona whilst on MAFS Australia and was ‘two-faced’

‘He’s completely different to what he seems on TV’

Um, Jimmy actually told Chelsea he didn’t want to get married days before their breakup?!

I feel so deceived

Here’s why there were so many KitKats in last night’s MAFS Australia episode

Really craving one now

MAFS Australia icon Tahnee has just absolutely laid into Jack over his behaviour

She did not hold back

Inside the $530 per night Skye Suites flats where the MAFS Australia cast will be staying

It looks so stunning

This huge MAFS Australia editing error proves Lauren’s narrative is being manipulated

I genuinely cannot believe they did this?!

From a huge dating age gap to his career, everything you need to know about MAFS’ Richard

He’s the oldest groom to ever appear on MAFS Australia

From kickboxing to a shocking past, everything you need to know about MAFS groom Jayden

He has a famous brother too

‘Nightmare’ Jonathan Van Ness accused of exploding into ‘monster rages’ on Queer Eye set

Other cast members felt ‘reluctant’ to film with him

Who was Jack’s ex-girlfriend who he broke up with to be on Married at First Sight Australia?

An insider claims she was invited to crash the reunion

Married at First Sight Australia 2024 bride Lauren used to look so different before fillers

The difference is insane

So, it turns out Collins is actually an actor who was asked to apply for MAFS three times?!

He did an ad for a hair transplant company

There’s an insane Love Is Blind editing error where footage has been completely reversed?!

All is not as it seems

Everything that’s happened between Marcel and his wife so far, after she admitted to cheating

He’s ‘absolutely devastated’ and has moved out of their home

Erm, Jeramey had a huge hole in his shorts on Love Is Blind and I feel physically sick

I’m sorry but this man is a walking ick

Here’s where the cast of MAFS Australia went on their honeymoons and how much they cost

I would be mad if I stayed in Australia tbh

From bad behaviour to a famous ex, everything you need to know about MAFS bride Lauren

She’s the most controversial MAFS bride yet

From stationery to weddings, these are all the side hustles of the Love Is Blind cast

The notebooks are quite iconic ngl

From fringes to braces, these are the biggest Love Is Blind cast transformations

Jimmy in braces is something I never needed to see

Omg, Eva has broken up with Nas after four years together leaving him ‘heartbroken’

She felt the relationship had ‘run its course’

Erica finally explained why she and Jordan were staying at Laura’s house for one month

It all makes so much sense now

A ranking of the Love Island: All Stars 2024 cast by who gained the most Instagram followers

Major brand deals pending

Um, Jessica has just hinted she’s secretly dating someone from the Love Is Blind pods

I need to know who it is immediately

Peggy thinks MAFS UK ex Georges ‘still wants her back’ after sending her numerous gifts

And expects a ‘public apology’ from him

Love Is Blind fans are accusing Netflix of bullying Chelsea with its ‘rude’ billboard

And Chelsea has reacted as you’d expect

Georgia Steel feels ‘like the most hated woman in the country’ amid intense ‘death threats’

And feels like Molly and Tom have ‘kicked her when she’s down’

Everyone thinks they’ve worked out who Jimmy slept with on Love Is Blind

Could it be a familiar face?

MAFS Australia 2024 groom Ben has his own podcast, so what’s it actually about?

I’m sure Ellie’s cousin was looking it up it straight after their wedding

Peggy brands Georges a ‘liar’ over claims he ‘paid for everything’ in their relationship

‘I don’t need a guy to provide for me’

Ella Ding has reacted to Mitch’s reappearance on MAFS Australia saying she ‘doesn’t buy it’

Mitch spoke of his ‘regrets’ during his time on the show

Tom and Molly are official as he asks her to be his girlfriend in romantic proposal

It was probably Callum’s idea

Erica confirms split with Jordan as he says there ‘doesn’t have to be a villain in a breakup’

And there’s no ‘bad blood’ between them

Jess has finally spoken out about rumours she and Callum have split up after Love Island

I still have some questions

Singer Cat Janice, who created viral TikTok song for her son has passed away from cancer

Her viral song Dance You Outta My Head blew up on TikTok

Erica and Jordan have reportedly split after their MAFS UK relationship turned ‘toxic’

Erica is said to have ended the relationship

The organiser behind the Willy Wonka Glasgow experience is ‘truly and utterly sorry’

‘I’m really shocked that the event had fallen short of the expectations of people’

All the evidence Georgia Steel and Toby have called it quits after Love Island: All Stars

Were they even that ‘locked in’ to begin with?

What has Mitch been up to since breaking Ella’s heart on MAFS Australia?

His brother Jayden is currently on the current season of MAFS Australia

Jeremiah Brent is joining the cast of Queer Eye and will be replacing Bobby Berk

Expect lots of white minimalistic interiors

Jess calls out Jimmy for ‘lying’ about her, saying it ‘speaks volumes’ about his character

‘He takes every opportunity to speak poorly of me’

Love Island: All Stars cast in huge row with ITV, demanding ‘more cash’ from bonus episode

‘They already feel the pay was too low to begin with’

Here’s everything you need to know about Cassandra from MAFS Australia 2024

She’s an actual ray of sunshine

Here are the cringiest first-ever Instagram posts of the Love Is Blind cast

The teenage poses are so awkward

Love Is Blind star Chelsea has a big text tattoo, but what exactly does it say?

Spoiler alert, it’s religious themed

Erm, Lucinda Light is actually a completely fake stage name for the MAFS Australia bride?!

What on earth is going on

Tim’s best man has defended his controversial MAFS speech claiming it was ‘badly edited’

‘Sara was tearing up because it was so heartfelt’

Okay, so who exactly is Lucinda Light the MAFS Australia icon we’re all obsessed with?

Protect her at all costs

There are some massive clues Sarah Ann and Jeramey from Love Is Blind are actually together

This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill

Chelsea reached out to Megan Fox to directly apologise to her for those lookalike comments

She told Megan she ‘could never compare’

Omg! MAFS Australia star Ella Ding is engaged to her boyfriend Guy Palmero

The two started dating in April 2023

Umm, it turns out Kenneth appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show two years ago?!

Remarkably he wasn’t on his phone the whole show

Nathanial claims appearing on MAFS UK left him ‘unable to leave bed for two weeks’

Channel 4 has responded to his claims contestants were not ‘safeguarded’

MAFS UK’s Tasha savagely says Katie Price got Ella’s ‘sloppy seconds’

And exposed the DMs Katie and Ella exchanged

Jess takes Chelsea’s side in Megan Fox lookalike debate, declaring she ‘stans her’

We love to see it

A body language expert revealed which Love Island couples are fake and who are genuine

He thinks Anton and Georgia H are ‘disingenuous’

Jess made a revelation about her Love is Blind EpiPen diss that makes it so much more savage

Much like Jimmy, I’m wheezing

Chelsea ‘absolutely regrets’ her ‘silly’ Love is Blind Megan Fox lookalike comments

‘I wasn’t trying to be manipulative’

Peggy suspected Georges of cheating on her with his ex, he SLAMS her claims as ‘slander’

She also revealed she was planning on proposing to him this year

Someone used AI to see what Dex and Emma’s baby in One Day would look like and I can’t cope

I’m bawling all over again

Jessica has just exposed Jimmy for ‘lying’ about sending her a friend request

She’d taken screenshots ofc

Brittany and Kenneth ended their Love is Blind engagement after she stopped ‘craving’ him

But Kenneth saw his ‘forever with Brittany’

Anton says it’ll be nice for him and Georgia H to ‘miss each other,’ sparking split rumours

‘We bicker a lot’

Mitch thinks Georgia H and Anton have ‘already broken up’ after Love Island: All Stars

He really didn’t hold back

Here’s the REAL reason why Love is Blind only uses those wine glass goblets

I can’t believe I never spotted this?!

Georgia H explains the real reason why she looked so sad at the Love Island: All Stars final

‘The last week was really challenging for me’

Tom and Molly have revealed exactly what they’re doing once they get back from the villa

And explained what they both really think of Callum

Scott EXPOSES Mitch for having a ‘secret girlfriend’ as he reignites their messy feud

‘He hasn’t stopped talking about her’

Love Island: All Stars final voting figures revealed in ‘closest ever’ victory

There was just a two per cent difference between two couples

What is Matthew up to now after quitting Love is Blind, and are he and Amber together?

The man is an enigma

It looks like Kaz and Tyler might be dating again after posting flirty TikToks together

You can cut the tension with a knife

Erica ‘can’t move forward’ with Jordan after HUGE feud that sees her storm out of reunion

And tells the camera she’s ‘absolutely furious’ with Jordan

It’s only been a few weeks, but apparently there’s baby chat between Katie Price and JJ

According to sources she’s ‘desperate’ to have another baby

Guys, Matthew is at it again as Sunni says he ‘ghosted’ her on Love is Blind

*Pretends to be shocked*

A look at the TRAGIC Love Island: All Stars final dates that all take place in the villa

Not a single yacht in sight, what is this??

So, how long do the cast of Love is Blind really spend in the pods?

Sounds like heaven tbh

Chelsea from Love is Blind responds to backlash after saying she’s Megan Fox’s lookalike

She’s not having any of it

MAFS UK alumni Johnathan Wileman and his girlfriend have announced they’re having a baby!

They also revealed the baby’s gender

MAFS UK groom Luke goes Instagram official with new girlfriend following split with Jay

And asked JJ if he’d be up for a double date

Fuming Arabella takes BRUTAL swipe at fellow Islanders after being voted out last night

‘I feel like a lot of their reasons were cop-outs’

Matthew SLAMS Love is Blind and accuses the show of trying to ‘smear his character’

He accuses the show of ‘misrepresentation and falsehoods’

One Day author David Nicholls explained where he thinks Dex is now and it’s so cute

This is the emotional closure I needed

Both Toby and Chloe have hinted at each other being unfaithful, what have they said so far?

I can’t keep track of it all

Guys, JJ and Katie Price are on holiday together right now, and here’s the proof

The soft launch is upon us

From fillers to veneers: The biggest post-show transformations of the MAFS UK cast

Thomas is selling tickets to the gun show after last night’s reunion episode

EXPLOSIVE rows and an actual proposal: Here’s what we can expect from the MAFS UK reunion

One cast member has said they’re ‘dreading’ watching it

From breakups to baths: Here’s what every MAFS UK couple did for Valentine’s Day

I can’t believe JJ didn’t send Katie Price any flowers

Thomas tells JJ to ‘have fun’ in new romance whilst Katie Price denies she has a boyfriend

I’m genuinely so confused

Thomas in ‘shock’ that Georges hid his breakup from him despite their ‘close’ friendship

He found out about the split through a screenshot

Georges SLAMS Peggy branding her a ‘calculated manipulator’ revealing real reason for split

Georges thinks Peggy ended the relationship to appear on TOWIE

Bans and declined invites: All the MAFS UK cast members who’ll be missing from the reunion

Sadly we won’t be seeing JJ and Katie Price together

‘She’s not a girl’s girl:’ Here’s everything other Islanders have said about Georgia Steel

They have not held back

All the signs we missed that Georges and Peggy had secretly broken up

It was staring us in the face!

There’s an awkward old clip of Callum saying Jess is his ‘least favourite Islander’

Hopefully he’s changed his mind since then

Chloe speaks out after her ex Toby hinted she had been unfaithful: ‘I would never cheat’

‘Every boy I’ve ever been with has cheated on me’

Here’s when MAFS Australia will be starting on our screens in the UK

Everyone mark your calendars

Peggy and Georges have deleted their joint MAFS UK Instagram account following breakup

Team Geggy, gone but never forgotten

Georges ‘wasn’t expecting’ Peggy to post about their MAFS UK breakup and is ‘heartbroken’

He’s ‘trying to come to terms with life without Peggy’

Omg, Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK have broken up

Peggy is absolutely ‘heartbroken’

Omg, Toby has just claimed his ex-girlfriend cheated on him in SHOCKING confession

Toby will reveal all in tonight’s episode

Ambika Mod ‘struggled’ whilst filming One Day and wanted to quit her role

She felt like she was a ‘f*cking sh*t actor’

This is where the cast of Love Island: All Stars went to university and what they studied

Georgia studied drama obviously

A body language expert thinks Callum and Molly have ‘strong, unbreakable chemistry’ together

This only further feeds my delusions

You can only work out this flippin’ hard Pancake Day brainteaser if you have 20/20 vision

I struggled for so long on this one

The HORRIFIC real reason why Adam and his ex girlfriend broke up after Love Island

Arabella, run girl

Anton’s mum warns him that Georgia Harrison might not be as ‘genuine’ as she seems

Red flags all round

Georges reveals he wants to fight Jordan in the ring and calls him a ‘rat,’ reigniting feud

Jordan slammed Georges for ‘running his mouth’

Curtis reveals the REAL reason he turned down appearing on Love Island: All Stars

And the Islander he would want to couple up with

Georges weighs in on Katie Price and JJ’s relationship, ‘She’ll end up heartbroken’

‘He’ll want a newer, younger model soon enough’

Omg, MAFS UK expert Paul Brunson reveals why he thinks Katie and JJ are a ‘good match’

But also spoke about one aspect of their relationship that could lead to their ‘downfall’

Joanna and Chris’ families are majorly beefing on Instagram after tears in Love Island villa

I cannot deal with the shade

Bronte from MAFS Australia reveals the eye-watering amount of money she makes on OnlyFans

She makes six figures in just three days

Gregg Wallace responds to ‘nasty’ routine backlash saying criticism is ‘cruel and unfair’

He insisted that living with his son is the same as interacting directly with him

John Cena reacted to Drake’s leaked nudes in the most John Cena way possible

Cena knows a big snake when he sees one

Jordan exposes Luke’s ‘embarassing’ behaviour for not being ‘brave enough’ to fight him

Luke thinks Jordan wants to ‘suck his d*ck’ because he keeps talking about him

Here’s everything we know about the newest Sims competitor, Paralives

Free DLC forever? I must be dreaming

These celebs had the top private jet emissions in the last year, and it’s not Taylor Swift

She didn’t even make the top 30

Hannah Elizabeth reveals all the Love Island: All Stars scenes producers made them re-shoot

In case you needed any more evidence it’s all staged

What is Jayden’s shocking confession during MAFS Australia tonight?

I’m on the edge of my seat

Laura is ‘no longer friends’ with JJ after he ghosted her amid Katie Price romance

She had to hear about their relationship ‘through the press’

Griselda’s son slams Netflix series saying it was ’embarrassing’ to watch

Their story wasn’t given the proper ‘respect’ it needed

Sofia Vergara keeps a ‘young and fresh’ nude photo of herself in her closet

The picture is ‘very special’ to her

Sorry to break it to you but *that* Drake story response to his nudes leaking is fake

It’s still iconic though

Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK reveal plans to get married and have kids together soon

Their one year anniversary is on March 1st

Hannah calls out Georgia Steel for her recent behaviour on Love Island: All Stars

Get her back in the villa rn

Meet the insanely iconic cast of Netflix’s live-action Avatar The Last Airbender

Ian Ousley is literally Sokka personified

Who are the two girls in the Love Island: All Stars villa that Joe has a history with?

Fans are convinced he’s already slept with one of them

Katie Price makes vile remark asking who Georgia H ‘hasn’t sh*gged’ in Love Island villa

‘It seems like she has done something with most of them’

Georgia Steel’s family address trolling, reminding viewers Love Island ‘is not real life’

‘These hurtful comments will absolutely devastate her’

‘She’ll eat him alive:’ JJ’s friends warn MAFS UK star about his romance about Katie Price

Katie says JJ gives her ‘belly flutters’

Joe Garratt is revealed as next bombshell to arrive and he’s got a secret history with Molly

He’s going to ‘rip’ one couple apart

Mitch accidentally posted a HUGE spoiler that proves Jayden and Eden are still together

Who knew a dog could reveal so much?!

MAFS Aus groom Jack insists he’s ‘not a f*ckboy’ despite breaking up with gf to be on show

And claims his ex has ‘gone rogue’

Despite Luis calling his exes’ ‘clout chasing rats,’ Demi confirms they’re still dating

But her family disaprove of their relationship

Arabella’s family have spoken out about Toby’s treatment of her on Love Island: All Stars

‘We’re very grateful for all the girls in there’

Guys, Katie Price and JJ from MAFS UK have confirmed they’re in a relationship together

She started messaging him after spotting him on MAFS

Omg, it turns out Jayden from MAFS Australia 2024 is actually Mitch’s little brother

Jayden said he’s ‘very different’ to his brother when it comes to relationships

Mitch and Kady are feuding AGAIN as he reveals she tried to sue him and labels her a ‘liar’

Kady claims Mitch is ‘obsessed’ with her

MAFS producer says it’s ‘bullsh*t’ when cast members ‘blame the edit’ for their bad behaviour

‘We can’t make them do what they didn’t actually do’

TikTok star ‘Pookie’ is slammed by fans after wearing ‘insensitive’ dress on plantation

‘I didn’t fully understand the impact of my actions the way I do now’

Sofia Vergara embraced ‘ugly’ Griselda prosthetics so people would ‘forget Gloria Pritchett’

‘I didn’t want to look like Gloria Pritchett with a fake nose’

Megan Barton-Hanson reveals she will appear on Love Island: All Stars on one condition

We need her back in the villa asap

Omg, Samie from Love Island has confirmed she’s in a new relationship

I’m so happy for her!

Most ‘shocking’ recoupling EVER tonight as boy brutally dumps girl after ‘night of passion’

‘It’s like he just went f*ck it and it’s totally jaw-dropping’

Only a true MAFS fan can spot all the differences between these two pics in under 15 seconds

One of them was so hard to spot!

Kaelynn reveals real reason she wasn’t asked to return for Love on the Spectrum season two

It has to do with her ‘neurotypical’ dating preferences

Here are all the Islanders who have left the Love Island: All Stars villa so far

We’ve lost some good ones

Demi says she and Luis are both ‘definitely definitely single’ after Love Island: All Stars

Demi explained the relationship is ‘difficult’

Okay, so how much money from drug smuggling did Griselda really make in her entire life?

Spoiler alert, it’s an insane amount

Inside Griselda’s son’s cartel-inspired lifestyle and clothing brand Pure Blanco

If you want a hoodie with Griselda’s mugshot on it you’ve hit the jackpot

Wait, Georgia Steel starred in a CBBC show as a teenager and it’s too iconic

Put this in movie night I beg

Omg, Katie Price has a huge crush on Anton from Love Island: All Stars and thinks he’s ‘fit’

Someone get her in as the next bombshell

Shaughna thinks Molly is ‘going to get hurt again’ on Love Island: All Stars

And thinks Callum looks at her ‘like a stranger’

Luis slams back at his exes’ claims he’s a ‘toxic father’ accusing them of ‘clout’ chasing

‘The truth will be told’

Erica from MAFS UK reveals the real ‘p*sstake’ reason why Luke decided to quit the fight

It’s different from what Luke is claiming

One groom didn’t tell his gf he was appearing on MAFS Australia leaving her ‘blindsided’

She claims he told her he was ‘moving to America for work opportunities’

Griselda Blanco’s son slams Sofia Vergara for making his mum look ‘ugly’ in Netflix series

He claims Sofia is being ‘disrespectful’

Melinda from MAFS Australia has finally spoken out about her split from Layton

‘It was not good for either of us’

Tim and Sara’s MAFS Australia ‘staged’ wedding had to be re-filmed three times

Guests were waiting for over two hours

MAFS Australia bride warns she’ll happily cheat on her husband to find her ‘perfect match’

‘Seriously, no one is safe’

Demi reveals what she really thinks about claims that Luis is a ‘toxic and absent’ father

‘I didn’t know all the ins and outs’

Tamara Joy from MAFS Australia claps back after fans say she looks ‘unrecognisable’

‘Your opinion of me is irrelevant!’

Omg, JJ from MAFS UK and Kate Price are ‘growing close’ sparking dating rumours

‘She’s really into him’

All the adorable pictures from Peggy and Georges’ romantic trip to Paris

Imagine if Georges had proposed

Kanye West bans his wife from using any social media accounts for her own ‘protection’

Her friends fear it’s a way to further ‘manipulate and isolate’ her

MAFS Australia 2024 is the most ‘chaotic and craziest’ season yet with ‘worst behaved cast’

The season will feature ‘the most explosive dinner party viewers have seen in years’

Georgia’s mum thinks Callum is the best fit for her in the Love Island: All Stars villa

Callum already has the Steel family seal of approval

Here’s all the beefy drama between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion explained

Megan remains unbothered

Here are all the couples that are still together from Love on the Spectrum season 2

Abbey and David are too cute

Now Bobby has admitted he and Tan are ‘feuding’ here’s what’s happened between them so far

Strap in because it’s a lot

Omg, Luis had a secret girlfriend on the outside whilst in the Love Island: All Stars villa

He told her to ‘pretend he was acting in a movie’

The MAFS UK cast are still fighting as Georges says Luke and Jordan show ‘a lack of class’

It’s been over two months, let it be

Bobby Berk confirms that he and Tan from Queer Eye are ‘feuding’

He’s also revealed the real reason why he quit Queer Eye

Omg, this MAFS Australia star exposed himself to plane full of passengers

I actually can’t believe which groom did this!

From STI to behavioural tests: Inside the ‘insane’ MAFS Australia application process

One applicant said she felt ‘typecast as a villain’

Jake says Liberty had a ‘gameplan’ to make him ‘look like a villain’ in Love Island: All Stars

He called her ‘sour’ and ‘bitter’

Okay, so what actually happens if a Love Island: All Stars cast member gets ill?

They’re banned from kissing the other Islanders

Inside Love Island: All Stars Hannah Elizabeth’s £32k worth of cosmetic surgery procedures

She underwent ‘Bratz doll’ facial surgery

From fellow Islanders to A-list actors: Inside Arabella Chi’s high profile relationships

I’ve erased from my mind that she and Wes dated for nine months

Um, the cast of Love Island: All Stars might all have rancid breath because of their veneers

A dentist on TikTok thinks Luis has gum disease because of them

Channel your inner wheelie bin and be blown away by these 18 Storm Isha memes

I reckon my bin is on one of those re-directed flights at this point

Ranking all the Indiana Jones video games by how much you want to get crushed by a boulder

LEGO games reign supreme, I don’t make the rules

Here’s how to get The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered PS5 upgrade

It’s so easy to do

Zara says she knows ‘people with boyfriends’ are going into Love Island: All Stars villa

I need to know who they are right now

The mums of Luis’ children have been meeting up whilst he’s on Love Island: All Stars

Their friendship is so iconic

You guys, Binky from Made in Chelsea just confirmed a new spin-off show is in the works

I need her back on my screen

Expert Mel says MAFS Australia 2024 cast behaved in an ‘abhorrent and inappropriate’ manner

She was absolutely ‘gobsmacked’ by some of the incidents

Who is Josh Ritchie, the newest Love Island: All Stars bombshell?

Georgia Harrison is his ex girlfriend!

Ekin-Su weighs in on whether Callum and Molly faked their breakup for Love Island: All Stars

This basically confirms everything

All of the rogue and iconic celebrity cameos in the new Mean Girls film

Chris Olsen pops up in the weirdest places

A MAFS Australia groom has dramatically quit the show before he even got married

The show hasn’t even aired yet and there’s already so much drama!

How much do the Islanders get paid for Love Island: All Stars?

I can’t believe how much they get paid

Here’s when Love Island: All Stars ends and we’ll have to say goodbye to our fave Islanders

I’m not emotionally prepared

Everything you need to know about Palworld, the Pokemon-esque game launching in January

Giving cute cartoon creatures weapons of mass destruction won’t end badly right?

Here’s the real reason why Paige was banned from appearing on Love Island: All Stars

I feel like we’ve been robbed!

Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things speaks out against backlash over ‘Zionism is sexy’ stickers

‘My thoughts and beliefs have been so far misconstrued from anything even close to what I believe’

Jake Cornish is getting paid £2k for his three day Love Island: All Stars appearance

That’s almost £30 an hour to be shirtless in a nice villa

Everything Callum from Love Island: All Stars has been up to since his breakup with Molly

His cooking videos are next level

Why fans are convinced Molly and Callum from Love Island: All Stars are still dating

Was their whole breakup a lie?

Meet the mega vibey cast of The Last of Us season two

They’re surviving the apocalypse in style

Over one year on from their Love Island breakup, Jacques is still obsessed with Paige

He commented and quickly deleted a mega petty message on Paige’s Instagram

Okay so, is Barry Keoghan actually in a relationship with Sabrina Carpenter or not?

We need answers

Everyone thinks that Jason Oppenheim is now dating a 29 year old professional tennis player

Where does he keep finding all these stunning women?

There’s an online Traitors video game you can play to test how faithful you are

I’m addicted

Comparing the original vs the current promo pics of the Love Island: All Stars cast

They may have glowed up but the poses will always be awkward

Um, it turns out the cast of The Traitors actually stay in a hotel next to Inverness airport

Not quite the same as staying in a castle let’s be honest

A rundown of all the petty Queer Eye drama between Bobby Berk and Tan France

Imagine beefing over Instagram in your 40s

Who is Jo Koy, the Golden Globes 2024 presenter who made THAT bad joke about Taylor Swift?

He also joked that the Barbie movie was based on a ‘plastic doll with big boobies’

From a fairytale wedding to cute nicknames: Inside Gypsy Rose and Ryan’s relationship

Ryan snuck an engagement ring into prison to propose

From prison to her thoughts on fame: Everything Gypsy Rose has said about her story so far

‘Fame is not what I was looking for’

You guys, Dubai Bling star Kris Fade’s newborn baby is already posting Instagram ads?!

He’s already promoting his dad’s fitness snack company

Okay, so what is actually inside the insane Golden Globes 2024 gift bags worth $500k?

The most expensive item is worth a whopping $193,500

Lululemon founder gets backlash for saying its clothes don’t ‘work for some women’s bodies’

He also described its models as ‘unhealthy’ and ‘sickly’ looking

Gypsy Rose Blanchard has gained over 12 million followers in one week on Instagram and TikTok

When she was released from prison she only had 189k followers

A full rundown of all the ages of the Dubai Bling cast

How is Lojain 46?!

So who actually is Harlan Coben, the author mastermind behind Fool Me Once?

Nine of his books have been adapted into a Netflix show

Inside the real house where Saltburn was filmed, and the boujee family who lives there

The Stopford-Sackville family has owned the house since 1770

Peggy says her MAFS UK cast members made her feel ‘peer pressured’ to have sex with Georges

Georges described the feeling as a ‘looming cloud’ over them

Peggy and Georges doubted if their relationship was going to work after they left MAFS UK

They got into an argument about Peggy spelling Georges name wrong

Um, you can now buy a Saltburn inspired ‘Jacob Elordi bathwater’ scented candle

I really don’t want to know what the ingredients are

Tan France has now unfollowed Bobby Berk after he snubbed him in latest Queer Eye post

I can’t keep up with all the drama

A rundown of Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s relationship history

She has already been engaged once before in prison

Jay knew her relationship with Luke was over when he didn’t message her for ‘four days’

‘I wouldn’t get a reply for hours on end’

Are Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her neighbour Aleah Woodmansee still friends?

Aleah acted as Gypsy’s confidant and knew about her relationship with Nicholas Godejohn

Inside Peggy from MAFS UK’s clothing collection that is a ‘dream come true’ for her

Her new clothing collection focuses on ‘female empowerment’

Peggy from MAFS UK explains what she really thinks of Georges’ daily gaming habit

‘Previously I wouldn’t have dated someone who didn’t have a job’

A festive roundup of the Love Island cast’s Christmas pictures

Matching pyjamas galore

To celebrate the fact that Blackpool Tower was never actually on fire enjoy these 19 memes

Not the entire nation getting catfished by a piece of orange netting

Ranked: The Made in Chelsea stars charging the most for a video on Cameo

I’d pay money not to get one from Sam Prince tbh

Everything Gypsy Rose Blanchard plans to do now that she has been released from jail

She wants to meet Taylor Swift

Omg, Denise Richards from Real Housewives makes over $2 million per month on her OnlyFans

She gets paid roughly $1 million per Real Housewives season

Um, did Cassandra Dawn just confirm she’ll be returning for season eight of Selling Sunset?

I need her back on our screens

Here’s everything we know about the new season of MAFS Australia

The producers wanted to move away from a cast of ‘young wannabe influencers’

Ranked: The Selling Sunset stars charging the most for a video on Cameo

I cannot believe how much Mary is charging

A festive roundup of the MAFS UK cast Christmas pictures

Jordan and Erica look so adorable!

Omg, Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset is being sued for fraud

The owner is claiming the five million dollar home he bought from Jason is ‘faulty’

Inside the actual two schools where Nativity was filmed

Not one of the schools actually being really boujee

Inside Peggy and Georges’ adorable post-MAFS UK relationship

Absolutely obsessed

Expert Mel from MAFS UK shares update on her cancer surgery: ‘It couldn’t have gone better’

She had keyhole surgery to remove her tumour

Laura says her ‘life cannot go back to normal’ after appearing on MAFS UK

She’s ‘relieved the show is over’

I hate to break everyone’s hearts but Twilight’s Robert Pattinson is apparently engaged

He and Suki Waterhouse are expecting their first child together

From models to businessmen: Meet the millionaire partners of the Dubai Bling cast

I need to know whether LJ and Hasnain are engaged or not!

This optical illusion reveals if you have major commitment issues in relationships

I genuinely cannot see one of the images

Here are all the craziest Dubai Bling transformations before they were rich and famous

I can’t believe what Kris Fade’s hair used to look like!

Rozz and Luke from MAFS UK went to Thomas’ graduation ceremony and the pics are so wholesome

The way Thomas is holding Rozz I’m screaming

‘We’re in your corner:’ MAFS cast support Mel Schilling as she shares cancer diagnosis

She started to experience severe stomach cramps whilst filming MAFS Australia

If you can solve this maths brain teaser in under 12 seconds you could have a top IQ

I can’t believe it took me so long to get this!

Guys, Paul from MAFS UK is also going to fight at Luke and Jordan’s boxing match

This is actually insane

Ranked: The eye-wateringly massive net worths of every cast member in Dubai Bling

There’s rich and then there’s Dubai Bling rich

Monzo Wrapped is a menace to modern society and these 16 tweets prove it

I couldn’t be further in denial about my spending if I was in Egypt itself

Jordan reveals why he isn’t friends with any of the other MAFS UK cast members

I didn’t expect his answer to be so dramatic

The gross TikTok accounts that secretly film women whilst they’re on a night out

‘All the girls in the videos are being recorded without their consent’

Luke and Jordan had a violent fight at a Christmas party last night and had to be separated

Luke called Jordan a ‘psychopath’

Netflix is releasing its own Squid Game video game where you compete against other players

And you will be playing iconic games from the series

Georges slams Jordan and Erica’s claims that his relationship is ‘fake’ and calls them ‘rodents’

Georges accused Erica and Jordan of only fighting at dinner to ‘get more screen time’

From celebrities to models: Inside the relationship history of Matt Rife

One of his ex-girlfriends was 43 when they started dating!

Molly-Mae finally addresses the rumours about her and Tommy Fury ending their engagement

‘Things aren’t always going to be sunshine and roses’

Matt Rife compared women’s genitals to looking like chewing gum in podcast

‘I don’t want to look down and feel like god left the tag on you’

Omg, Tahnee and Ollie from MAFS Australia have broken up after 16 months together

‘Our lives are taking us in different directions’

Everything our icon Bianca has been up to since leaving MAFS UK

I’m so obsessed with her life

Here’s all the evidence that Rozz and Thomas from MAFS UK are secretly back together

Please let it be true

Um, some man tried to bite Luke from Married At First Sight’s finger off?

I’m just as confused as you are

A look at the flawless transformations of the stunning High School Musical cast

Zac Efron looks like the dad from Inside Out

Harry Styles’ mum reveals the real reason behind his controversial newly shaved head

He woke up and chose violence

Here are all the intimate relationship questions you’re asked when applying for MAFS UK

‘Tell us why you think you haven’t found the one yet?’

Bre from Selling Sunset reveals she’s ‘taking a break’ from The Oppenheim Group

‘I’m going to take a step back and see how I feel after I have a little time’

Inside the whimsical Narnia-inspired treehouse Adrienne and Matt stayed in on MAFS UK

It can cost up to £650 per night

Arthur met up with ex just weeks before getting married to Laura on MAFS UK

The two hadn’t spoken for a year

An investigation into whether Bre and Cassandra knew each other before Selling Sunset

We have to get to the bottom of this

All the clues about whether Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK are still together or not

Let the man squat in peace

Luke and Jordan from MAFS UK are planning to have a boxing match to finally end their feud

Luke said he ‘can’t think of anything better than putting this pr*ck asleep in the ring’

Ella from MAFS UK reveals what cosmetic surgery she’s already had and her plans for more

‘I know my lips are still quite ducky’

Someone set up a dedicated Georges appreciation society page on Facebook and it’s iconic

The most exclusive page around

Joe Jonas reportedly thinks it’s ‘too soon’ for Sophie Turner ‘to kiss whomever in public’

‘If she is doing this to hurt him, she is not going to hurt him any more than she already has’

A nosy peek into the LinkedIn profiles of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

I can’t believe Georges hasn’t listed his squatting as a skill

Last night’s MAFS UK homestay was pure heartbreak and chaos and these reactions prove why

I’m deeply in denial about Rozz and Thomas

Selena Gomez’s make-up brand Rare Beauty shares a statement about Gaza on its Instagram

Last week Selena was criticised for her response to the situation in Gaza

Thomas thanks Rozz for ‘giving him his confidence back’ and ‘unlocking his soul’ on MAFS UK

‘The luckiest man is the man who you will everntually give your heart to and I hope they give you the world and more’

Here’s how to do that 1940s AI filter trend you keep seeing all over your TikTok FYP

Everyone is making themselves look like such a vintage baddie

Georges from MAFS UK has been squatting again, but this time he’s dressed as a baguette

This is Peggy’s Roman Empire

Expert Paul from MAFS UK reveals the show’s biggest twist is ‘yet to come’

‘If people were blown away by Ella and JJ, there is much more to come’

Thomas reveals his audition tape for Married at First Sight UK 2023 on TikTok

I can’t believe how different he looks!

A look inside the absolutely iconic TikTok accounts of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

You’re not going to want to miss out on watching these

The MAFS UK cast went on a night out to a children’s theme park and the pics are hilarious

Actually looks so fun I won’t lie

You’ll never own a property so enjoy these reactions to The Sims 4 landlord expansion pack

Entering my evil landlord era

From secret tattoos to plans after MAFS UK: Rozz reveals all in Instagram Q&A

I simply need to know everything about this woman

A look into the cringiest first-ever Instagram posts of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

They’ll all be scrubbing their socials after this

Adrienne from MAFS UK lands ‘dream come true’ brand deal with BPerfect Cosmetics

She’s ‘over the moon’

Ella has a Vinted page where she’s selling her MAFS UK wedding dress for £2,500

A portion of the proceeds are going to transgender charities Not A Phase and Mermaids

A look at the transformations of the iconic Brooklyn 99 cast 10 years after it released

Andy Samberg has obviously aged flawlessly

Mitch reveals he ‘mentally couldn’t move on’ after his Love Island management dropped him

‘You need to realise that there are some not really nice people out there’

Inside Adrienne’s vibey Vinted page where you can buy her MAFS UK outfits

Adding everything to my basket

Selena Gomez is being slammed for making what’s happening in Gaza ‘all about herself’

‘I’m sorry if my words will never be enough for everyone or a hashtag’

Taylor and Stacy from Love Is Blind have released their own merch and it’s something

I can’t tell if it’s iconic or awful

Jay describes how she and Luke ‘cried, argued’ and ‘were tested’ on MAFS UK after her exit

‘I’ll never forget these moments for the rest of my life’

Luke admits his exit from MAFS UK was under ‘controversial circumstances’ in leaving post

‘Now let’s go rob that bank and get away with it’

Inside the intimate holiday Luke and Jay went on together after they were axed from MAFS UK

The two jetted off to Cyprus the day after they left the show

Ranking The Real Housewives by their eye-wateringly huge net worths

Lisa Vanderpump made $500,000 per season!

Love Island’s Ron opens up about split from Lana saying it ‘destroyed him’

He thinks Love Island is ‘forced’ and having a public relationship ‘ruins them’

Rozz from MAFS UK has her own flower business and it’s as adorable as you’d expect

Having a flower business is so on brand for her

Expert Paul admits MAFS UK ‘needs to do better’ as fans call the show ‘a sham’

He also defended the show saying ‘MAFS UK delivers more relationships than any other dating show’

Inside the oppulent hotel the MAFS UK cast are staying in on their chaotic retreat

Rooms start from £300 per night

Bianca says she probably wouldn’t return to MAFS UK as she’d be ‘too scared’

She said she ‘wouldn’t want the same situation to happen again’

Bianca reveals ‘a lot’ is edited on MAFS UK and that she doesn’t hold ‘any grudges’

She would have coupled up with either Georges or Paul

Here’s why Luke left the dinner party early on last night’s chaotic MAFS UK episode

He wishes he had been able to stay to ‘protect Jay’

Omg, Luke has confirmed that he slaps Jordan on Monday night’s MAFS UK episode!

He called Jordan a ‘p*ssy’

Nathanial thinks Ella and JJ ‘definitely shouldn’t have been allowed to return’ to MAFS UK

He claimed that Ella ‘begged him to stay’

Luke claims some of the other MAFS UK grooms are acting by pretending to be ‘nice guys’

‘If I was fake I wouldn’t be like Marmite I would be the golden boy’

Erica accuses her MAFS UK co-stars of being ‘full of sh*t’ and acting different on camera

Her co-stars told her ‘not to be an extra’

Peggy from MAFS UK says she’s ‘the least prudish person’ but admits she’s ‘old-fashioned’

‘I want my partner to have a normal job’

Expert Paul tweets ‘we don’t all agree’ on the ‘decision’ for Ella to return to MAFS UK

‘There are many people that make the decision’

JJ from MAFS UK defends cheating on Bianca, saying he ‘only knew her for 12 days’

He felt like a ‘shell of himself’

JJ from MAFS UK defends Ella from ‘transphobic’ abuse, and says he ‘sees her as a woman’

He also confirmed that he is ‘not bisexual’

From Lady Gaga to Liz Truss, which iconic celebrities do the cast of MAFS UK look like?

I genuinely think Thomas has a long lost celebrity brother

Hang on, did Channel 4 forget to edit out JJ in the preview for tonight’s MAFS UK episode?!

Ella and JJ are returning tonight?!

So, when does Spotify Wrapped 2023 come out and when does it stop tracking your music?

There’s still time for me to get into the 0.01 per cent of Taylor Swift listeners

A roundup of the vibiest behind the scenes pictures of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

Rozz and Thomas have my whole heart

Bianca went into MAFS UK with ‘a very open heart’ but says it ‘totally backfired on me’

‘The outcome wasn’t what I wanted to experience’

Georges accuses Jordan of being ‘calculated’ and deliberately ‘argumentative’ on MAFS UK

Georges thought his tactic was to ‘just annoy everyone’

Fans have spotted this huge editing error with Ella’s hair on last week’s MAFS UK episode

Her hair goes completely down to an updo in seconds!

Omg you guys, Arthur from MAFS UK was seen kissing another woman in a London nightclub

I really thought Laura and him were going to last!

Jordan from MAFS UK says Luke’s ‘mask is slipping’ as their social media feud escalates

Why is Luke wearing a mop as a wig??

Bianca reminds viewers ‘no one deserves any form of hate,’ amid MAFS UK cheating drama

She was ‘hurt and disappointed’ that people are using ‘transphobic and homophobic abuse’

Farmer Will from Love Island reveals how many of his castmates he’s still friends with

He described how Tom and Casey are ‘not particularly in his life’

Bianca from MAFS UK reveals she didn’t even know JJ and Ella had met up behind her back

She described last night’s episode as ‘overwhelming’ and a ‘hard watch’

MAFS UK intruder Adrienne calls out the cast for being ‘cliquey’ and acting ‘over the top’

She had to be reminded by producers that she was filming a reality TV show

Good grief, there’s another video of Georges from MAFS squatting in a leopard leotard

Kim K better watch out

Chrishell from Selling Sunset is starring in a movie and her acting is very questionable

It’s giving GCSE drama

Um, the video of Georges squatting has been revealed and you absolutely have to watch it

Give this man all the baguettes

From secret hookups to cheating: All the biggest bombshells from the Love Is Blind reunion

I’m in shock at all of these

MAFS UK star Chanita Stephenson calls out the current cast for being a ‘bit too wild!’

She thinks they’re on the show ‘for fun’ and are not ‘focusing on their marriages’

You guys, Stacy has finally addressed the beef between her and Johnie on Love Is Blind

Stacy claims Johnie ‘bashed me as a person’ and her ‘physical appearance’

MAFS Australia groom Harrison defends Brad’s behaviour on MAFS UK

He claimed Brad’s haters are ‘single overweight women’ or ‘beta male soy boys’

Omg, Brad has gone Instagram official with his new girlfriend after MAFS UK removal

The two look loved up on Instagram

Teddy from Love Island has a new girlfriend, and fans think they’ve figured out who it is!

The FBI has nothing on Love Island fans

Terence has strongly denied accusations that he cheated on Porscha throughout MAFS UK

Porscha posted ‘receipts’ on her story before deleting them

Brad defends his behaviour on MAFS UK, saying he’s been ‘very very misunderstood’

He felt he was ‘portrayed by his worst parts’

Omg, Ella cheats on Nathanial with JJ and then they re-enter MAFS UK as a new couple?!

They kiss each other behind their spouses’ backs

Omg, Luke and Porscha are still feuding on Instagram and even sharing their angry DMs

Luke accused Porscha of ‘trying to get more followers’

Porscha regrets appearing on MAFS UK as she admits she ‘made a huge mistake’

She wanted to leave in the first week but producers encouraged her to stay

Denim shorts and tattoos: Porscha savagely lists all the petty things she hates about Terence

She said his pink shirt was ‘too feminine’

Porscha from MAFS UK accuses Luke of kissing the other grooms ‘with tongue’ during rant

She explained she only kissed Tom and Luke

Meet Erica, MAFS UK’s newest Scottish intruder who owns her own social media company

She’s also a model and professional dancer!

Inside Bianca from MAFS UK’s iconic girlboss life and career

She owns her own business, what a slay

Partying with Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid: Inside the crazy LA life of JJ from MAFS UK

What would Kris Jenner have to say about this?

Omg you guys, MAFS UK JJ’s Victoria’s Secret model ex-girlfriend has been revealed!

I can’t believe she’s actually real

Ella May Ding from MAFS claims Miles ‘manipulated’ her into appearing on Made in Chelsea

She described the experience as ‘harder than MAFS’

Kai from Love Island has spoken out about the ongoing cast feud with farmer Will

Kai described how ‘Will is doing himself’

Ranking the iconic and awful looks of the Love Island cast at the Pride of Britain awards

I love Indiyah but who let her do that to her eyebrows?!

Secret rooms and unlimited alcohol: Inside the explosive MAFS UK dinner parties

They can go on until 3am

Omg, Brad is already in a new relationship after being axed from MAFS UK

The two were seen holding hands and kissing

‘The environment wasn’t working’: Channel 4 responds to Brad’s removal from MAFS UK

The relationships are monitored by a psychologist throughout the show

So, how much do the cast of MAFS UK actually get paid?

They’re not even allowed to work until the show stops airing!

Omg, all these exes are going to be reunited at Love Island Games and I cannot wait

I’ve been waiting for Megan and Eyal to face each other again for years

Inside MAFS UK JJ’s clothing company Fully Blessed, where he sells £65 tees and £40 hats

In 2022 the company had £3k in assets

Hang on, JJ from MAFS UK and Ella B from Love Island dated on and off for three years?!

It’s the crossover we never knew we needed

Shona has spoken out for the first time about Brad’s treatment of her on MAFS UK

‘I’ll never again put up with this behaviour’

Okay, so what do all of Brad from MAFS UK’s face tattoos actually mean?

A lot of them are to do with spirituality

Um, Liv from Made in Chelsea accidentally ate some placenta thinking it was Haribo

I think Liv has been eating different Haribo to the rest of us

They’ve been over for a week?! Everything Jess has said about her breakup with Sammy

She’s an unbothered queen

A roundup of the most iconic and weird Instagram pictures from the cast of MAFS UK

Seeing Luke’s bare bottom was not what I was expecting to see today

Love Island: All Stars Casey and Tom have said Will is ‘no longer a friend’ following ‘rift’

The duo felt they were getting ‘nothing back’ from Will

Luke calls fellow MAFS groom a ‘pr*ck’ and ‘f*cking kn*bhead’ in wild Instagram rant

I need to know who he’s talking about immediately

Every messy thing that’s happened since Love Island’s Sammy and Jess announced their split

Sammy said the breakup ‘came as a total shock’

Right, so which of the season 10 Love Island couples are actually still together?

If Whitney and Lochan split I will weep

Hang on, are Johnie and Chris from Love is Blind in a relationship now?

I can hardly keep up

Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee from Love is Blind make over £1 million as influencers

Natalie earned £50,000 from one post, sign me up!

Guys, there’s convincing evidence that Jess and Sammy could be on the rocks

Sammy reposted a TikTok about men getting jealous of their girlfriend

Love Island’s Mitch announces he’s returning to his day job after being dropped by agency

He previously worked as a gas engineer

Um, this is not a drill! You can now buy Otis’ house from Sex Education for £1.5 million

Is Gillian Anderson included in the asking price??

Omg, Brad from MAFS UK modelled for Shein and the pictures are giving vampire

If Mr Darcy was a goth, he’d be wearing these outfits

Who is Lil Tay? The 14 year old rapper who was involved in a death hoax

She’s back to flexing on all of us

From Love Island to Strictly Come Dancing: Inside Zara McDermott’s rise to fame

Of course the clip of her shouting ‘you can’ on the bench is here

Omg, pics have surfaced of Brad from MAFS on yet another dating show

MAFS UK is his third shot at finding love on TV

Who is Antonia Freya Lydia, the influencer annoyed that tube passengers ruined her TikTok?

She asked why people ‘can’t wait one sec?’

‘This is disgusting,’ Davide angrily responds to cheating allegations against Ekin-Su

The man’s legs are crossed, it’s getting serious

Georges calls out his new MAFS co-stars for being ‘bitter’ and ‘calculated’

He said there are a ‘lot of mind games’

Every explosive detail from Madeline Argy and Central Cee’s relationship on Call Her Daddy

Madeline ended the relationship two months ago

Inside MAFS’ Georges Twitch channel, where he ‘electrocuted his nipples with a flyswatter’

Don’t let Peggy see this!

Omg, Danny Dyer and Jack Fincham are beefing on Instagram right now over… a leg of lamb?

Jack thinks Danny called him a ‘tw*t’

From The Lorax to Cats: All the movies and TV shows Taylor Swift has ever appeared in

How did I forget Taylor was in New Girl?

A roundup of the youngest ever brides and grooms cast on MAFS UK

Imagine getting married at 25

Christian girl autumn is upon us, but who actually is the woman behind the Starbucks cup?

Time to get out the knee high boots

Omg, Paige and Finn are going to be reunited as they’re BOTH appearing on Ex On The Beach

Maybe they’ll get back together!?

From private jets to a £38,000 Birkin, how rich really was everyone in Gilmore Girls?

Who knew Kirk was secretly loaded?

Here’s what the cast of Sex Education looked like in their first versus last episode

They were all so young!

Just 17 tweets that sum up how we’re all feeling about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift rn

She’s finally free from British colonialism

Why are viewers threatening to boycott Strictly over Amanda Abbington’s appearance?

She’s been accused of transphobic tweets

Buckle in, here’s the definitive ranking of every MAFS cheating scandal

It’s getting messy already this season

Who pays for them?! Every burning question you have about MAFS weddings, answered

I have to know if the weddings are real

The complete rundown of everyone that Olivia Rodrigo has written a song about

Even Taylor Swift isn’t safe

All the iconic celebs you completely forgot had a cameo on American Horror Story

I will be seated for Kim Kardashian’s performance

20 years after Peep Show came out here’s what all the cast members have been up to

Big Suze is literally royalty now

From seven kids to bestselling books: Inside the boujee life of Tyson’s wife Paris Fury

She’s just had a baby!

How Taylor Swift’s friendship circle aka The Swift Squad has evolved over the years

Oh to have Taylor as your bestie

From jail to becoming a public speaker, what’s the cast of Educating Yorkshire up to now?

One of them had a musical based on their journey!

A look into Captain Sandy from Below Deck’s adorable relationship with her fiancée Leah

The two just announced their engagement!

A rundown of every controversy Russell Brand has been involved in throughout his career

He dressed up as Osama bin Laden the day after 9/11

Everything the iconic Tube Girl has been up to, from modelling to becoming a MAC partner

The way I need to know her haircare routine

All the celebs who have defended Russell Brand after his sexual assault claims

Elon Musk said that he ‘supports Russell Brand’

From Netflix icons to pop stars: The best dressed celebs at Vogue World 2023

Bury me in Kit Connor’s outfit

From models to musicians: Meet the gorgeous WAGs of the England Rugby World Cup 2023 team

They’re all so stunning

Ranked: Here are the nine most eye wateringly expensive university halls in the country

Who wants to spend £23,000 on one room??

A look inside all the wholesome relationships of your favourite OG British YouTubers

Zoe has just got engaged with a £100k ring!

Here are nine of the most iconic and unhinged university societies you can currently join

I’m sorry but why does a furry society exist?

All the game-changing news we’ve got about The Sims 5 so far

A multiplayer mode and free to download? I need it now

Here’s everything we know about Taylor Swift’s rumoured NFL boyfriend Travis Kelce

WAG – Taylor’s version

Here are all the stunning transformations of the Freaky Friday cast 20 years on

Lindsay Lohan has and always will be an icon

She’s going viral on TikTok rn, so who is Durham grad Sabrina Bahsoon aka Tube Girl?

Social anxiety is scared of her

All the Love Island couples who have gone on to get matching tattoos together

Some of these are very questionable

Omg Chris Evans just got married, but who exactly is his stunning new wife Alba Baptista?

I can already tell their wedding pics looked amazing

Schofield unfollows Holly on Insta as she admits it’s been ‘a difficult year’ at the NTAs

Schofe is getting salty

21 iconic tweets about Kylie Jenner and Timothee that sum up how we’re all feeling

But imagine Timmy being on the next season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

People have a theory that Anna Paul and her ex Glen might be using their breakup for PR and here’s why

I’m really hoping they haven’t really broken up

So what exactly is ‘the boyfriend effect’ that’s all over your TikTok page right now?

I’ve never felt so validated

MAFS’ Melinda Willis signs six figure brand partnership with gym brand Muscle Nation

The partnership will last six months

Knee-deep mud and trench foot: Every hellish thing that happened at Burning Man 2023

Over 70,000 people have been stranded in the Nevada desert

So, is Olivia Rodrigo’s newest hit song Vampire really about her feud with Taylor Swift?

I’m so here for the drama

All the signs we missed that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were headed for divorce

My heart genuinely cannot take this

RIP Riverdale: From time travel to tickle fetishes, here are its most unhinged plot points

And you thought the highs and lows of high school football was bad

Omg, Taylor Swift’s private jets have spent over 166 hours in the air during the Eras tour

She’s spent the equivalent of seven days in her jets

‘Whose breakup?’: Mitch has already posted a completely unbothered video about Ella B split

‘Messy’ Mitch took to Instagram Live to discuss the breakup

From breakups to makeups, the timeline of Stormzy and Maya Jama’s adorable relationship

The pair have been spotted holding hands in Greece

Tom and Samie have broken up yet again, and I’m getting deja vu

The two have unfollowed each other today on their socials

Catherine and Scott both say they’d STILL get back together despite Love Island USA

It was just last week Scott was in the USA, but Catherine said ‘never say never’

The good, the bad and the ugly: All the Love Islanders’ outfits at festivals this weekend

Indiyah served and left absolutely no crumbs

From the oldest ever groom to budding influencers: Meet the cast of MAFS Australia 2024

The newest season starts on January 29th!

Applications to join The Edinburgh Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN

Applications close on Friday 21st April

Uni gift shop to start selling exclusive Edi Uni vapes and you’ll never guess the flavours

Yes, one of them is Big Cheese flavoured

McEwan Hall is to be used as the venue for the UK’s first live major Fortnite tournament

Now you can graduate on the same stage an adult man has done a Fortnite dance on

11 years after the first film you’ll never guess the transformations of The Hunger Games cast

I’m still convinced I’m going to marry Josh Hutcherson

Edi students told us about their wild Hunger Games obsessions from when they were younger

‘I decorated potatoes as Katniss and Peeta’

Edinburgh candlelight vigil to take place in memory of students who took their lives whilst at university

Romy was only 21 when she sadly took her own life whilst at Edinburgh

You’ll never guess how old the cast of Lockwood & Co actually are in real life

I’m feeling really old now

Fourth year Edinburgh Uni students have lost over £2,600 in tuition fees due to strikes

There have been 61 days of strikes since 2019

The doctors will see you now: Meet the medics getting naked for Teenage Cancer Trust

Warning: Reading this article may result in an abnormally fast heart rate

Flatmates not pulling their weight? I asked ChatGPT how to text them to let them know

Did it go to plan? Not really no

Edinburgh strikes confirmed with 11 days taking place in February and seven in March

It will be the largest coordinated series of strikes to hit UK universities

In honour of Atik closing we asked for your wildest stories and wow they’re quite something

‘My friend dropped her phone in the toilet and sucked all the water out of it’

The first day of Edinburgh UCU strikes is only two weeks away

The strikes will begin on February 1st

We went to a puppy yoga class in Edinburgh and it was absolute pawfection

This is what dreams are made of

Edinburgh University staff to strike for 18 days between February and March

Over 70,000 staff at 150 universities will be striking

‘To commit no flatcest’: The 19 most relatable New Year’s resolutions from Edi students

Less than two weeks into the New Year and these have probably all been broken