Hermione Blandford

Hermione Blandford
Bournemouth University


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If you see these 16 things you’ve officially road-tripped to a boujee Exeter village

3. The converted phone box library

Avocado toast and white linen trousers: 51 beige flags every posh girl can painfully relate to

8. Ordering a Guinness

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Pimms is just a boozy fruit salad right?

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*Immediately cancels all plans*

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PSA: Pushing open both library double doors is the closest you’ll get to being a Disney princess

If you’ve done 15/17 of these things you’re definitely doing a dissertation

2. You’ve never been more hydrated in your life

We asked ChatGPT the best way to write an 8,000 word dissertation in one week

Don’t pretend you’re reading for a friend

44 things it’s taken me three years of being a uni student to realise

25. You will NEVER figure out how to smoothly operate the library doors

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Who knew Old Timers had an AI fanbase?

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Meet the students behind Exeter’s Shell Out campaign

In case you have no idea what the (S)hell is going on

In defence of Friends: From male nannies to lesbian exes, it was a show ahead of its time

You can’t ignore the fact the show broke so many boundaries

University of Exeter to ban applications from students from Surrey for diversity reasons

Get ready for those Pret sales to drop

I tried TikTok’s candlelight study challenge to see if it *actually* helped me write my diss

I’m down for trying anything at this point

Exeter Uni students visited ChatGPT more than 15,000 times during January exams

Clearly we need all the help we can get

Nominations for The Exeter Tab’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette 2023 are now OPEN

Every BNOC’s official calling

From Forum Library to DH1: We rounded up the best spots on campus to take a nap

Tired and tested by yours truly x

If you have 49/53 of these things you definitely live in an all girls student house

And if you don’t, you can’t sit with us

Take this quiz to find out which winter Love Island girl would be your bestie

Cue everyone praying to get Samie

Exeter Uni rugby player suspended from playing after punching a Cardiff player

Ollie Leatherbarrow has received an eight week suspension

The best places to eat pancakes in Exeter as a student this pancake day

PS, a lot of them are bottomless…

If these 11 things happen, your pancake day is officially more traumatic than wholesome

9. Finding out your pan isn’t actually non-stick

‘Everyone deserves to live as their true self’: Everything that happened at Exeter’s vigil for Brianna Ghey

‘Gatherings like this make me feel like I deserve to live’

11 reasons you should immediately start writing for The Tab Exeter

From a purely objective POV x

Everything you need to know about the Exeter vigil for Brianna Ghey

It will take place Saturday 18th February from 1-3 pm

‘We shouldn’t be caught in the crossfires’: We spoke to Exeter students about the strikes

‘I’m losing 43 hours of learning’

‘He asked for a vape-break mid-way through sex’: Exeter students’ worst dating stories

A Valentine’s Day antidote if you will

These are officially the best 13 date spots in Exeter – just in time for Valentine’s Day

PSA: it still counts if you’re taking yourself out

Crushing on someone who’s in a relationship? We rated the best advice for Exeter students

Seeing if Google’s top advice *actually* works for Exeter Uni students

Strikes are back but they’re not affecting uni VCs – students are the ones struggling

Stop making the uni’s poor working conditions my problem

This is not a drill: Joe from this year’s The Apprentice went to Exeter and was a rugby boy

Penryn finally getting some recognition

The UCU has released all 18 strike dates for Exeter University

Hold onto your horses lads, we’re going in

The first date of the Exeter UCU strikes has been announced

Spoiler alert: it’s in less than two weeks

University staff set to strike for 18 days between February and March

Mamma Mia, here we go again