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Pieter Snepvangers
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Inside the unspoken pest problem at Russell Group universities

‘People expect us to put up with this because we are students’

Victoria Derbyshire makes huge blunder on Newsnight discussing the unnamed BBC presenter

She quickly attempted to correct herself

From resits to failing your entire module: What happens if you get caught using ChatGPT

Good luck telling your parents

A quarter of Russell Group unis are investigating students for using ChatGPT in assessments

York has already found five students guilty

Revealed: These are the universities where the most students are using ChatGPT to cheat

Almost 400 students have been investigated so far

Venue cleared of three out of four charges over ‘senseless and avoidable’ Olivia Burt death

The jury has now begun its deliberations

Russell Group universities to teach students how to use ChatGPT as part of their studies

‘We know that students are already utilising this technology’

Over 40 per cent of universities are investigating students for using ChatGPT to cheat

Hundreds have been investigated for using AI chatbots in their assessments

Bristol University offers students £18.85 to mark first and second year exams

‘It’s pedagogically and ethically questionable’

Revealed: The Russell Group unis where students are least satisfied with their teaching

Edinburgh students are not happy

These are the best universities for every individual subject in 2023

And it’s not just Oxford and Cambridge

Revealed: These are the 50 best UK universities in the world right now

However, almost 60 per cent of UK unis have fallen in the world rankings

Ranked: Where to go to university to get the best jobs when you graduate

I really, really don’t want to go back to living with my parents…

Former Oxford University professor on trial accused of multiple counts of rape

Tariq Ramadan took a leave of absence from Oxford in 2017 following the emergence of multiple rape allegations

First known student caught using ChatGPT at UK university – here’s how they were exposed

Rule one: Don’t cite a book about leadership in witches and wizards

Tricia hasn’t spent Race Across the World prize money as her husband becomes double amputee

Mattie’s kidney transplant failed after 16 years while Tricia was in Canada

‘We knew we would win’: Tricia and Cathie spill all after Race Across the World

‘When we got the ferry across, I thought ooh, okay we’ve actually clinched this’

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how long you would last on this year’s Race Across the World

If you aren’t willing to hitch-hike from a petrol station, it’s pretty much done for you

You’ll never guess the ages of the Race Across the World series three cast

Claudia definitely acts more childish than your average 27-year-old

A very, very serious investigation into why King Charles has sausage fingers

Wait til you see the state of his feet

79 per cent of university students say they won’t watch King Charles’ coronation

In Glasgow, just 10 per cent are going to be tuning in

Durham says final years will graduate even if only half of exams are marked amid strike chaos

Students say they feel ‘left in the dark’ as Durham attempts to claim it can’t resolve the dispute

University of Manchester spent £38,000 on private bailiffs to ‘violently’ evict rent strikers

‘This is the amount the university deemed appropriate to scare, frighten and silence their own students’

Emma Watson is going to Oxford University in September to study a Master’s

This is the second time the Harry Potter star has studied at Oxford

The majority of students are currently living with mould or damp in their uni homes

The system is broken

Modelling for Vogue to a pub landlord: These are the Race Across the World contestants’ day jobs

Here’s what they do when they aren’t trekking across Canada

TikToker who judged people’s food shops has senior student welfare job at Bristol Uni

Her role as Chief Resident involves being ‘approachable and non-judgemental’

Who exactly is Olympia Anley? The ‘tone deaf’ Bristol student shaming people’s food shops

The TikToker has a senior student welfare job at Bristol Uni, The Tab can reveal

These are the Russell Group universities where you are most likely to get a first

The lesson learnt here is don’t go to Cardiff

A brand new VK-only club is opening in Southampton later this month

No, you aren’t dreaming

Coventry Uni becomes the first uni to allow students to use ChatGPT in exams

The university has said students should harness the potential of the software

644-year-old New College to be renamed Old College as Oxford says name is misleading

The university board of governors voted overwhelmingly to change the name

NUS says it’s ‘disgusted’ with University of Manchester after ‘violent’ eviction of rent strikers

Students were dragged out by private bailiffs this morning at 5:21 am

There were more than 1 million visits to ChatGPT website at universities in last exam season

As universities continue to review their assessment policies, our investigation suggests they may already be playing catch up

Do you want a fast-track into journalism? The Oxford Tab is looking for new writers!

Training from professional journalists with no experience needed

First year Oxford University student died in Hinksey Park 15 minute walk from his college

The Christ Church student died in the early hours of 23rd February

McDonald’s bouncer filmed shoving numerous people leaving Leeds Beckett fresher with bruised eye

The fast-food chain said videos shared on social media show ‘only a small portion of a protracted incident’

No more cups or placemats: Balliol slams its own students for endlessly stealing from Hall

Oxford students forced to turn out their pockets as catering staff crack down on thievery

Oxford University hits students with more than £180,000 in library fines in past five years

This was almost double what Cambridge students were fined

Russell Group unis are waiting over 30 years for some books to be returned to the library

Cambridge is waiting for a book to be returned by someone who is now at least 48 years old

Ranked: The biggest individual library fines given to students at Russell Group universities

Cambridge once fined a student £1,000 for an overdue book

Students at Russell Group universities billed £7 million in library fines over past decade

King’s have charged students over £850,000 since 2012

These are the Russell Group universities where staff get paid the most

Seven weeks of scheduled strikes finally end this week

Less than 30 per cent of staff earning over £63k-a-year at Russell Group unis are women

At Imperial, just 22 per cent of the top earning bracket are women

Here’s how much you’ll earn from your grad job whether you get a first, 2:1 or 2:2

And we’ve got the data as well in case you fail your degree

Number of students cheating at Russell Group universities has more than doubled since 2019

Plagiarism cases at Glasgow Uni have skyrocketed by over 500 per cent since before the pandemic

We’ve built the equivalent of Twitter for Oxford University students, say Oxfess admins

The new app is billed as an ‘ongoing anonymous chat in real-time’

We’ve built the equivalent of Twitter for Oxford University students, say Oxfess admins

The new app is billed as an ‘ongoing anonymous chat in real-time’

EXCLUSIVE: We spoke to the Oxfess admins to answer all your burning questions

How do I become an admin!!

Manchester Rent Strike have taken the university’s whole senior management building

Security have tried to break into the building from the outside

‘Who do we report to when the rapists are police?’: Protestors gather outside David Carrick’s sentencing

More than 1,000 Met Police officers are still working despite being accused of sexual or domestic abuse

I got ChatGPT to write my essay to see if I could get a 2:1 from a Russell Group uni

‘I’ve read students’ essays which are worse’

These are the unis you need to go to if you want to land a job at a Big Four firm

Show me the money!!

Manchester doesn’t believe students are withholding rent. So we’re getting the screenshots

This list is constantly being updated

Manchester offers £2k cost of living bursary but a student on highest loan gets just £300

‘I’ve got two regular part time jobs as well as occasional shift work and still struggle to make ends meet’

Manchester Uni students told if they see silverfish in halls, ‘politely tell it to leave’

The member of staff also admitted the silverfish ‘problem’ has been ongoing for years

Since you were born, Manchester Uni has raised halls rent 40 per cent above inflation

And yet the university has attempted to defend this…

All Leeds Uni strike dates confirmed, with 11 days in February and seven in March

Leeds students are set to miss more than 40 per cent of scheduled teaching in the next two months

Revealed: These are all the upcoming dates Oxford Uni lecturers are striking this term

UCU members are striking for 18 days across February and March

Glasgow students left without water as police and fire service attempt to fix burst pipe

Students have been left without water since 4pm

Manchester Uni accuses student rent strikers of guesswork and reporting false numbers

Manchester Rent Strike told the uni to get on with supporting students rather than attacking them

Uni students should have loans paid off if they’re less woke, says Tory politician

‘Any support given must tackle the high level of woke indoctrination students face at university’

Right, so now someone has come forward and is claiming to be the Oxford Uni poo culprit

‘The cleaners have seen worse, it’s their job to clean it’

Oxford students threatened with £1,000 fine after student leaves ‘repulsive’ poo on floor

‘This behaviour goes beyond any bounds that could be considered reasonable’

Revealed: The Russell Group unis that have up to 25 per cent fewer freshers this year

22 out of the 24 Russell Group have cut their intake of students

Oxford Uni offers students support but no update on any action against Professor Bostrom

The philosophy faculty will also host a racial equity meeting with students later this term

Oxford Uni lecturers to strike for more than 40 per cent of teaching in next two months

UCU members will strike for 18 days in February and March

Senior Oxford Uni academic argues ‘blacks are more stupid than whites’ in unearthed emails

Professor Nick Bostrom has apologised on his website in a bid to ‘get ahead’ of ‘smear campaigns’ against him

Fossil fuel funding is key to tackling climate change, says Oxford University Vice-Chancellor

Oxford University received more than £11 million from fossil fuel companies between 2015 and 2020

Wakey Wines owner selling £100 Prime cans used to be a ‘near-industrial scale’ drug dealer

From selling Coke to Prime

OxShag account deleted after Oxford students’ fury at privacy of ‘casual shag’ site

The site allows students to select up to 20 people they’d like to ‘casually shag’

Police appeal for information after burglary in Bristol city-centre student accommodation

CCTV shows two men stealing packages from the reception