Queen’s University Belfast to implement 11pm curfew on all Holylands student house parties

A leaked email has revealed students could face a £200 fine if they don’t adhere to the curfew

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Imagine being called a smart girl by Olivia Rodrigo

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Fallowfield pulling through

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Rishi kinda quaking right now

Student at £43k a year school found guilty of attempted murder after ‘bloodbath’ attack

He smashed in the heads of two sleeping students with a hammer before trying to kill a teacher

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Applications close on Thursday 27th June

OceanGate Titan sub co-founder is organising a trip to one of the world’s deepest sinkholes

The 663-feet deep Dean’s Blue Hole has never been explored, locals call it ‘a portal to hell’

Another Playbuzz test – are we middle class?

This has actually become the most popular post on my site over the last few years and recently someone was kind enough to point out that the original code works.

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