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Here are all of the lamest brand attempts at April Fools’ Day 2022

Big Mac Breakfast McMuffin?? Pull the other one Ronald x

99 per cent of the time people on this silly floating rock are cynical and as miserable as sin. But on April 1st, every year like clockwork, we become a thousand times worse. One of life’s most basic tules is to never trust anything you read on the internet, which sometimes can be hard unless you’r reading any of these tragic April Fools’ day 2022 pranks from big brands and publishers.

You’d think all of these huge companies would have the ability to come up with a slightly feasible idea to catch people out. But alas, it seems anyone with a blue tick has completely forgotten about their ability to trick and fool. Here are the absolute lamest attempts by brands and publishers to fool people for this year’s April Fools


Don’t get me wrong, Rylan is an icon but is the best Amazon could do? Basically the prank is that Rylan is the new voice of Alexa and it’s now called “Rylexa”. Quite cringe if you ask me.

Ant and Dec

So we all remember last year when the famous duo swapped their names around to be Dec and Ant. Well now their new prank is that they’ve joined Crypto and launched “Toon Coin”.