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The Dolan twins posted online for the first time in three years and I’m losing my mind

The boys are back and I’m going to throw up with excitement

MAFS Australia’s Melinda and Layton had a big row on their honeymoon which didn’t get aired

‘He said I wasn’t his type’

Omg! Ollie Locke has officially quit Made in Chelsea to do YouTube full time with his husband

It’s the end of an era

MAFS Australia’s Ella Ding forced to apologise after saying you can cure cancer with positivity


‘I wanted to die’: Everything James Charles has said about his grooming allegations from 2021

James and his brother haven’t spoken since the grooming allegations surfaced

Debunked: Has Corn Kid actually died and where have these rumours come from?

This isn’t the first time people claimed he was killed

Calling time on these annoying British TikTokers and their embarassing brand of influencing

Max Balegde trying to ruin Ekin-Su’s red carpet moment was so cringey

Erm, you can fully live in the original Dumping Ground and Tracy Beaker’s bedroom


Everything that’s happened to Colleen Ballinger, five weeks into the biggest scandal of her career

Imagine your legal team denying posting your 10 minute apology song to iTunes loool

In the last month, Colleen Ballinger has lost over 110,000 subscribers on YouTube

The release date for Toxic Gossip Train was a dark day for her sub count

CLA’s death hoax and Elphaba’s 48 hour boyfriend: This week proves British TikTok is at its peak

I love all of them so much

Everything that’s emerged in the last 24 hours of the BBC presenter sex photo scandal

The mystery presenter is said to be ‘extremely angry’ about the allegations

Barbification of TikTok: Inside the milkshake trend that’s turning people into gorgeous Barbies

Erm, hi Ken!

Debunked: Inside TikTok’s latest theory about having longer hair and being more girly

Short hair girlies are punching walls rn

He’s back! And this time Eamonn Holmes is coming for the BBC and the mystery presenter

He dragged Phillip Schofield and he’s ready to drag again

‘Baby girl, go home’: Amber proves the fact 19 is way too young to be going onto Love Island

She’s giving emotionally immature

Inside Molly Marsh’s British YouTuber heavy friendship group she has outside Love Island

The girl’s got connections

YouTuber babies: Your childhood favourite British YouTubers who now have kids of their own

I can’t get over Baby Glitter being 12

Right, here’s exactly how much Amber Wise and her dad Dennis Wise are worth

She’s got an older brother with a net worth of £4 million omg

‘She doesn’t exist to me anymore’: Trisha Paytas responds to Colleen Ballinger’s scandal

Colleen Ballinger allegedly shared and mocked Trisha’s explicit photos

Someone made a website telling you the colour of your name, here’s how to find it

Why do I have SO much yellow??

Here’s how to beat rule 24 in the viral Password Game taking over TikTok right now

The hardest bit is genuinely keeping Paul alive

Explained: This savage TikTok filter tells you when you and your partner are going to break up

Not some of you taking this seriously

Piers sticks up for Phillip Schofield AGAIN as Holly leaves life’s worries behind her at Glasto

Every time I blink there is more goss

All the signs we’ve had for months telling us Davide and Ekin-Su split up before he announced it

How did we miss any of these??

Jump on the toxic gossip train and enjoy these memes of Colleen Ballinger’s cringe apology

I’ve got the ick soooo bad

‘The mask has slipped’: YouTuber who accused Colleen Ballinger reacts to her apology song

‘I’m glad her video showed you all exactly the type of evil woman she is’

‘The toxic gossip train’: All the allegations Colleen Ballinger addresses in her weird apology song

‘I won’t survive in the crash but hey, at least you’re having fun’

This is the best season of Love Island we’ve had in years and these 38 chaotic memes prove it

Whoever said Sammy’s hair looks like a disguise is going to JAIL

What is the McDonald’s Grimace milkshake death trend and can I buy one in the UK?

His birthday milkshake is Griminal!

Order a McDonald’s and we’ll tell you which MAFS Australia season 10 groom you’d marry

Dan is soooo Filet-O-Fish to me

MAFS Australia’s Harrison made a vile comment about Bronte’s OnlyFans and she’s dragging him

‘Why would I pay to see something I didn’t want when it was free?’

Colleen Ballinger is back touring and she’s addressed the allegations, here’s what she said

‘The last few years have been crazy’

‘He’s giving a bit of both’: Love Island Aftersun guest speculates Mehdi’s sexuality live on TV

‘Homophobia and biphobia during Pride month? Simply wild scenes’

Phillip Schofield puffing his vape and Kendall in the wind: The best flags at Glastonbury 2023

‘It’s Rachel Adedeji’

Erm, Phillip Schofield is apparently a ‘changed man’ and Holly took a pop at Eamonn this week


TikTokers are pouring beer over themselves to get a better tan and it’s the dumbest trend ever

The only thing you’ll be attracting this hot girl summer is wasps!

TikToker Alex Warren says Thomas Petrou was the only one earning money from Hype House

What a mess

Wait, will Taylor Swift actually be at Glastonbury Festival in 2024?

Imagine she brings out Denise as a support act

Glastonbury 2023 theories: All the secret sets and rumoured performing artists at the festival

Manifesting a bit of Harry Styles and Britney this weekend

Erm, the missing submarine is steered by a literal video game controller

The sub weighs over 10,000kg

Here’s everything you need to know about Colleen Ballinger’s strange and very perky family

Why are they all best mates with JoJo Siwa??

Gino D’Acampo dropped this indirect about Phillip Schofield’s scandal and Holly was gagged

This is so on brand from Gino

Joey Graceffa has footage of him and Colleen Ballinger inappropriately joking taken down

‘His silence is deafening’

Jeffree Star calls Colleen Ballinger ‘sick’ and admits he doesn’t speak to her

Not Eugenia Cooney piping up! Are we back in 2011?

How to do the Scandi hairline trend just in time for your hot girl sun kissed summer

Millie Bobby Brown does it so you already know it slays

Where is JoshuaDTV now? Colleen Ballinger’s ex-husband who just celebrated three years sober

Their divorce was WILD

Eamonn Holmes has once again ripped into Phillip Schofield branding him as a ‘liar’ on live TV

‘He’s admitted he’s lied to everyone and yet people are deaf to this’

Erm, someone called a SWAT team to Jeffree Star’s Wyoming yak ranch as he was on TikTok live

The SWAT team was stood outside his ranch waiting for him ffs

Trisha Paytas shared a very cryptic quote about forgiveness amid Colleen Ballinger controversy

The pair have been friends for years

A complete history of Colleen Ballinger’s past controversies and big scandals

Never forget the fake coming out tweets

The tampon video and Kory deleting his Twitter: All of the Colleen Ballinger scandal updates

He shared a video Colleen sent her fans of putting a tampon into her mouth

After 19 days, ITV bosses have finally spoken directly about Phillip Schofield’s scandal

ITV bosses claimed Phillip Schofield was ‘deeply inappropriate’

Someone made a TikTok wrapped feature and it’s the best thing ever, here’s how to use it

It’s putting Spotify wrapped to shame x

Debunking Tahnee and Evelyn’s rumoured feud after Married at First Sight Australia

MAFS fans are something else

Can you find the hidden number? The optical illusion that’s wrecking everyone’s eyes right now

My brain hurts

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger has lost 30k subscribers following the grooming allegations

Colleen is yet to speak about her controversy

Is it a canon event or is it just trauma? TikTok’s latest trend explained

Creating the world’s worst Snapchat username is a canon event x

Inside Tom Clare and Casey O’Gorman’s London lad pad with a huge balcony and green sofas

They’ve done a TK Maxx shop and everything

Tommy Fury played horrendously in Soccer Aid yesterday and these clips from Twitter prove it

I’m not convinced he’s ever kicked a football in his life

A full timeline of Amanda Holden’s rumoured ongoing catty beef with Phillip and Holly

This has been going on since 2018 lol

The Baby Gronk meme on TikTok: Inside his origin story and how he become the new rizz king

He’s been rizzed up

A rundown of all the accusations Colleen Ballinger is facing in this three year-long drama

‘No, I should have never sent a fan underwear’

Where are all The Ultimatum: Queer Love couples now and are any of them actually still together?

Not Yoly and Xander meeting up at Coachella ffs

Ok, here are all the MAFS Australia season 10 stars who are officially back on dating apps

Imagine a MAFS icon swiping right on you omg

‘A two-faced b****’: Here’s what celebs have had to say against Holly Willoughby

Kim Woodburn is out for blood

MAFS Australia’s Ollie Skelton is launching a podcast and it actually doesn’t sound awful

I’m just surprised it took this long for one of them to start one lol

‘I thought it was obvious’: MAFS Australia’s Lyndall reveals she’s bisexual and on dating apps

I am shaking

How Phillip Schofield can make a comeback to TV and save his career, according to an expert

‘Just look at Jeremy Kyle’

MAFS Australia star Evelyn Ellis has clapped back at the fake relationship rumours

Not Melinda saying they started out for the ‘hype’ looool

Melinda has revealed who she still speaks to and a juicy ‘secret divide’ in the MAFS Australia cast


MAFS Australia’s Melinda Willis has exposed which couple started dating for the ‘hype’

This is so shady looool

‘He hasn’t committed a crime’: The celebs supporting Phillip Schofield and what they’ve said

Caroline Flack’s mum has asked Phillip to not do ‘anything silly’

Holly Willoughby’s speech on This Morning deserves a BAFTA Award and so do these memes

Holly’s speech 🤝 Matt Hancock fake crying on GMB

Holly Willoughby’s dramatic speech about Phillip Schofield on today’s This Morning in full

She admits being ‘let down’ by Phillip ‘not telling the truth’

Viewers can expect an ’emotional’ speech about Phillip from Holly as she returns to This Morning

She apparently ‘will be kind about Phillip Schofield’

A timeline of how Phillip Schofield went from the king of daytime TV to a ‘national disgrace’

He has had a catastrophic three years

The seven most shocking revelations to come from Phillip Schofield’s BBC interview

He believes homophobia played a major part in public outrage

A rundown of everything Phillip Schofield said about his scandal in the explosive BBC interview

He denied all claims of grooming and said he and his lover were ‘just mates’

Phillip Schofield compares himself to Caroline Flack, admitting he ‘understands how she felt’

‘Do you want me to die? Because that’s where I am’

‘He’s now a national disgrace’: What celebrities have said about Phillip Schofield’s scandal

Katie Hopkins went in so hard on him

Avocado toast and white linen trousers: 51 beige flags every posh girl can painfully relate to

8. Ordering a Guinness

A rundown of every single brand to drop Phillip Schofield since his scandal

Big yikes

MAFS Australia’s Melissa files a police report after man turns up at her work demanding sex

He asked to meet the ‘freak in the sheets’

We’re about to get our annual Strawberry Moon and it will affect you, here’s how

Manifestation is for the girlies who like to slay

Omg! Melissa from MAFS Australia went on a ‘hot and heavy’ date with a younger guy

She said it gave her ‘flutters’ ffs

Oh dear, everyone thinks MAFS Australia’s Josh and Tayla are dating – here’s the evidence

Not Tayla calling Josh ‘big daddy’

MAFS Australia’s Evelyn Ellis has been tipped to star in Celebrity Apprentice and I’m shaking

Can you actually imagine??

New Love Island contestants have recorded self-descriptions and the outcome is so cursed

I cba with Ella describing herself as having ‘really long legs and arms’

From Rylan to Amanda Holden: Here’s what the ITV celebs have said about Phillip Schofield

Dr Ranj has had a lot to say

Eamonn Holmes has been dragging Phillip Schofield non-stop, so here’s everything he has said

I need to know why he calls him Pip

This British TikTok group are everywhere rn, so here’s a brief history of all their controversies

Max Balegde carrying this group’s drama on his back I see

Here are The Ultimatum: Queer Love original couples because we’ve all lost track at this point

The drama on this show is giving Love Is Blind season two

Someone has discovered how to turn yourself into a Sim from Sims 4 and I’m dying

Sul sul hotties!

Erm, Selling Sunset’s Amanza and Chrishell are beefing right now, here’s what we know

Not Amanza calling Chrishell by her real name

Everything you need to know about Marie-Lou Nuerk: Jason Oppenheim’s new girlfriend

She has four iconic inches on him

Sophie Habboo was forced to invite ‘B-list’ friends to her wedding after ‘rude’ guests pulled out

Imagine being a B-list in the eye of Sophie Habboo? I’d sob

MAFS Australia’s Tayla Winter has dropped some bombshells about her edit on the show

‘I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment’

Erm, Harry Styles’ house features in Selling Sunset season six and I am shook

Harry Styles’ bedroom is nothing like how I pictured Harry Styles’ bedroom

This TikToker found her ‘drama sofa’ on the pavement in NYC and now it’s become a viral meme

If I see this blue sofa one more time I’ll scream

A rundown of the drug accusation drama between Selling Sunset’s Chrishell and Nicole

Nicole threatened to sue Chrishell omg

Everything Dermot and Allison said in the 30 second tribute to Phillip Schofield on This Morning

‘He is one of the best TV broadcasters this country has ever had’

Take this quiz to find out if Duncan from MAFS Australia season 10 would date you


Love Island’s Samie looks stunning whilst Tom is papped nibbling toes in Ibiza post-breakup

Now I know who is winning here and it’s not Tom x

Inside Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s alleged fall out and everything we know so far

A lot has happened over the weekend

This is what MAFS Australia’s Lyndall has said about the rumours saying she’s dating Jesse

Jesse is a MAFS bride magnet at this point

Explained: Why Vanessa Villela left Selling Sunset and who she still speaks to from the cast

Apparently she’s got her eyes on joining Beverly Hills loool

People won’t stop thirsting over Antoni Porowski during his shower scene in Queer Eye

‘He is the reason I keep watching’

It’s official! MAFS Australia’s Bronte is in her hot girl breakup era and she’s slaying

I am shaking at her transformation

A rundown of all the colours with sounds that will actually help you focus on uni work

If you see me listening to pink noise and crying in the library, no you didn’t x

Every friendship group has these seven types of friend, here’s which one you are

I fear I am the friend who doesn’t message for months x

A fitness influencer is getting dragged for giving guests laxatives at her sugar-free wedding

The bride filmed what she ate on her wedding day

This is what Speedy from Queer Eye has been up to since filming with the Fab Five

Karamo scouted Speedy on TikTok!

Steph Williams was the real icon from Queer Eye season seven, this is what she’s up to now

I’m obsessed

Who was Jemell M Nelson? Who episode seven of Queer Eye season seven was dedicated to

He had a very important role in Queer Eye

Every The Legend of Zelda Nintendo game ranked, according to Metacritic

There are so many games but let’s be honest, only a few are actually good

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has finally dropped! Here’s what the critics are saying about it

The game is available on Nintendo Switch today omg

Predicting who from MAFS Australia season 10 will thrive and who will flop now it’s over

Janelle is about to pop off and I know it

Dan is getting absolutely rinsed for the death stares he pulled on MAFS Australia

He is looking right into my soul

Jesse says the editing of him and Claire at the MAFS Australia reunion was ‘crafty’

Ngl I kind of wish things worked out for them

Omg! MAFS Australia’s Janelle says she and Jesse would have worked out if they got married

‘He’s been pretty vocal that I am his type as well’

MAFS Australia’s Alyssa has spoken out after Duncan confirms new relationship with Evelyn

‘The editing almost gave me more doubts about the entire relationship’

Someone claiming to be a MAFS producer has dropped juicy production gossip on Reddit

Oooookay I am listening

This TikTok filter gives you your top three celebrity lookalikes and it’s scarily accurate

Not TikTok making me feel good about myself

Gogglebox star and TikToker George Baggs has a vape advert banned due to his young age

His Instagram has since disappeared as well

The first rumoured Love Island 2023 contestant is here and he’s a really fit economics grad

I’m in love x

MAFS star Ryan Gallagher could lose thousands after his OnlyFans nudes were leaked

He only set his account up last week

Free Bulla: TikTok sensation Hasbulla has been arrested for driving recklessly in Russia

Mini Khabib was inside a car doing donuts in traffic

British TikToker pleads guilty after being arrested in an Asda car park for suspected drink driving

She live streamed her arrest to her followers

Millie and Liam have been spotted together on holiday and Liam has moved back to Essex

He’s admitted to there being someone in his life!!

Erm, Netflix’s Queen Charlotte created these two plot holes for Bridgerton within seconds

Lady Whistledown literally broke her own rules

Adam Collard has just admitted he chose Paige on Love Island as a game plan

Nah he is another level of evil

This Brimsley and Reynolds deleted scene would have changed everything in Queen Charlotte

Their ending is the most tragic Bridgerton love story yet

Everything you need to know about Tom Parker Bowles and his beef with Prince Harry

He is the son of the Queen and stepson to King Charles

Here’s why people think William made a dig at Harry and Meghan in his Coronation speech

The new Prince of Wales threw some heavy shade

All the secret royal conversations from the King’s Coronation, revealed by a lip reader

Charles was fuming as per

All the conspiracy theories and rumoured feuds between royals from the Coronation

You lot who think Meghan wore prosthetics and a disguise are a new level of thick

Love Is Blind’s Nick and Danielle have sparked relationship rumours with this coupley selfie

They better make it work because I cba to relive that divorce

Debunked: The creepy and real identity of the mystery Grim Reaper at the Coronation

Sadly it wasn’t Ar Di x

Inside the I’m A Celeb South Africa camp beef between Janice Dickinson and Andy Whyment

‘If Andy can’t weave then he can’t weave’

A thoughtful ranking of MAFS Australia season 10 couples based on who gave the most drama

This was hard because they’re all so evil

Here’s how to turn yourself into a beautiful bride with this TikTok wedding dress filter

POV: Me walking down the aisle to see Harry Styles

Here’s the exact drama you can expect from the MAFS Australia season 10 reunion

Cameron makes Adam and Harrison look like saints at this point

Every single major sign we missed this year saying Taylor Swift was dating Matty Healy

Waking up in a Taylor Swift and Matty dating era hits different

A deep dive into the MAFS Australia season 10 cast’s cringey first Instagram posts

I can’t deal with Jesse’s short hair

A considered ranking of every single Race Across the World duo from evil to iconic

I think we all know where Claudia and Kevin are going x

Two TikTokers offered Sam from Love Actually a date but didn’t realise who he was

I’d simply want the ground to swallow me whole

Young Sheldon just created a plot hole in The Big Bang Theory by skipping this big storyline

I need George to do something bad so it justifies how much I hate him

This TikToker’s phone was hacked and someone leaked all her nudes onto Twitter and Reddit

Overtime Megan had over 2.5 million TikTok followers before deleting her account

Here are the shocking ages of the I’m A Celebrity All Stars cast

Carol Vorderman looks about 14

The chilling true story behind The Nurse, Netflix’s new Danish crime drama series

Patients were being given lethal doses of morphine and diazepam

A rundown of British university students who went viral for being a Tory

Is there anything more annoying than a Tory uni student? I fear not x

This AI phone scam made this influencer believe her younger brother died in a car crash

The scammer used AI to mimic her brother’s voice

A brief history inside Maisie Smith and Max George’s cringe relationship

The names in their bio and his pout both terrify me

Here’s how to make your LinkedIn photo professional when all you have are night out pics

The corporate girlbosses have my back

Um, this My AI feature on Snapchat is actually wild, here’s everything it can do

It’s already given me the introduction for my diss loool

Love Is Blind’s Alexa has come for people after they relentlessly comment on her weight

‘I’m tired of people guessing if I’m pregnant or not’

Err, if I now post my boring BeReal on time then I apparently get another two posts

⚠️It’s time to BeRealer⚠️

So, who are General G and Hstikkytokky and why are they beefing right now?

‘And they call me the general, hopped out the Lambo feeling incredible’

These 23 UK emergency alert memes and reactions prove just how silly everything is to us

My emergency alert says it’s time to slay!

Lalala or okokok: This TikTok test tells you which type of Tyler, the Creator fan you are

Lalala and okokok friendships are unmatched

Erm, Greg O’Shea from Love Island says Millie Bobby Brown slid into his DMs after he won

Sorry, wasn’t she about four at the time??

Jeffree Star says James Charles ‘should be behind bars’ during a podcast appearance

The beauty community drama lives in my mind rent free

There’s a high likelihood you’ll never see these Liam and Tommy boxing memes again

I am roaring

Dylan Mulvaney doesn’t deserve your transphobic abuse

Being this obsessed with someone’s body and gender identity is weird

Geocaching explained: What even is geocaching and can I play it in the UK?

You lot have too much time on your hands😭

The start date for Love Island 2023 has been revealed and it is just weeks away

I’m so ready for this

Love Is Blind’s Jackie ‘speaks the truth’ about the dating timeline between Marshall and Josh

She also said why she’s not giving the ring back to Marshall loool

A student launched a personalised monthly Spotify pie chart, here’s how to access yours

Finally something to keep me going until Spotify Wrapped

Bartise shocked us all by revealing he’s now a dad, so meet the mum of his new baby

His son was born in December omg?

Omg guys! Millie Bobby Brown is engaged aged 19 to her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi

Her nails looked too good for her not to know it was happening

Setlist changes and breakup date clues: Every time Taylor Swift hinted at her split with Joe

The Swiftie sleuths haven’t slept in DAYS

Debunked: Why everyone is posting codes onto Insta and TikTok and what they each mean

The millennial pause I had to take reading these is ridiculous

Here’s how to get the old age filter going around on TikTok and making everyone look hot

Some of you are going to slay with age

Erm, Jake Cornish from Love Island is taking a wild career turn and breaking into acting

I hear he’s got his eyes on playing Jenny in 2:22 A Ghost Story

Married at First Sight Australia: The biggest on and off-screen scandals from season 10

Not Shannon wishing Caitlin was prettier so he could forget his ex

The UK gov is sending out emergency alerts on 23rd April to your phone, here’s how it’ll sound

It’ll last ten seconds but you can turn it off

Inside the Jackie, Marshall and Josh love triangle drama happening on Love Is Blind season four

I need justice for Marshall

Love Island’s Chloe reveals Toby dumped her causing the ‘saddest time’ in her life

‘I had no serotonin in my body’

TikTok manifestation girlies reckon saying ‘I’m dead’ at a joke is low-key ruining our lives

I literally have no personality left at this point

Zombieing is the more savage version of ghosting, here’s what it means in dating terms

Dating is hell

This personality test from TikTok will tell you which one of the 15 personality types you have

I feel so violated

Explained: What is the April theory from TikTok and is it an actual thing?

The first three months of the year are essentially a trial shift

Saffron Barker upset after fans ask for selfies after she drove into the back of a bus

I need to see these pics now

Here’s the actual reason Doge has replaced the Twitter logo on your timeline

I hope he stays

Students who get caught smoking Elf Bars on their university campus to be fined £500

What am I meant to do with my emotional support library vape now??

Hair theory explained: According to the TikTok girlies this hair hack will make you more hot

It’s dumb but it’s also science and you can’t argue with science

According to Love Is Blind fans, this is the identity of Raven Ross’ new mystery boyfriend

Love Is Blind fans work HARD

Omg! Jesse from MAFS Australia has been papped kissing last season’s villain in a club

A truly cursed combo

MAFS Aus fans are fuming after Janelle revealed Adam slept with her after kissing Claire

Did they find this MAFS cast in hell??

Enough is enough. Gaslighters like Adam from MAFS need to stop getting cast in shows

And Harrison being the guy to hold him to account? Give over

A juicy glimpse inside JoJo Siwa’s very messy dating history since coming out

Not JoJo Siwa announcing a break up during an Instagram Live ffs

RIP John Pork: The human pig meme on TikTok who always calls people and might be dead

Shame on all of you who didn’t answer

Erm, you can buy real TikTok likes and become famous on the app – here’s how

Perfect timing with the final student loan drop

This is the context behind the ‘ludicrously capacious bag’ meme all over your Twitter right now

‘The ludicrously capacious bag has been found dead in a ditch’

Meet Shou Zi Chew: The UCL graduate and TikTok CEO who is slaying Congress right now

People are hardcore thirsting over him

Being ‘fizzled’ is the new ghosting, here’s what it means and the difference between them

It’s more savage, obviously

Millie T went to a celebrity weight loss retreat and fans are slamming her saying it’s toxic

‘Starving someone and giving them loads of liquid isn’t healthy’

Olivia Neill says her fans have told her she ‘deserves’ to have skin cancer following diagnosis

Last night the 21-year-old posted a video saying she’s just been diagnosed

Now you’ve stopped crying, here’s the Daisy Jones & The Six shock twist and ending explained

I will never recover from this

Victoria Pedretti posts nude to hit back at famous actor who told her he objectified her

‘Sometimes I enjoy modesty, sometimes I don’t’

No, Emma Chamberlain was never charging $10k for an Instagram DM, here’s what she’s said

One tweet spiralled into something much bigger

Young people on TikTok are sharing what it means to be a glass child and their experiences

‘Did you get enough love, my little love?’

If you relate to these things then you’re upper class and have old money, according to Reddit

9. Not having a job whilst at uni 

This audio sounds like two birds arguing and now people won’t stop lip syncing to it on TikTok

I have approximately two brain cells left after hearing this

Inside the disturbing trend behind the catchphrase ‘Wow, that’s awesome’ from TikTok

This is traumatic

Explained: This is the true story behind the Serbian dancing lady all over your TikTok right now

The video has been viewed millions of times but it’s not new

A definitive judgement on which Russell Group Uni these iconic Glee characters would go to

Will Schuester’s tight curls stink of Oxbridge reject

Casey has just confirmed he and Rosie aren’t together anymore and are just friends

Today was meant to be their first date but instead he dropped a breakup post ffs

Drama explained: Wait, why are people destroying their Florence by Mills products?

People will really rip into Millie Bobby Brown at any given chance

Here’s how to get the TikTok haircut filter that is currently doing everyone so, so dirty

This is literally how I picture cutting my own hair going

Lydia Millen is bragging again! But this time she’s swapped The Savoy for a new Range Rover

‘Meanwhile I can barely afford to put petrol in my car in this cost of living crisis’

People are saying Google sends you a trophy if you search something for the first time

Me trying to Google something really niche👁👄👁

Explained: This is how the government emergency alert is going to work on 23rd April

It’ll sound like a siren and last for ten seconds

The bar is truly in hell if you think an all-female The Apprentice final is ‘woke sexism’

All the men taking offence to this are so embarrassing

Everyone is buying these Crocs dupes from TikTok shop, this is how you can buy yours

Take my money rn

Jeffree Star claims to be team Selena Gomez after dragging Hailey Bieber’s skincare range

‘In this house we are team Selena and we are not bullying anyone’

Omg! Will just confirmed Jessie is moving to the UK to move in with him and work on his farm


TikTok is convinced Luca Bish and Gemma Owen are back together, so here’s the evidence

The Lemma stans are spiralling again!!

Yee-haw! Meet the Coastal Cowgirl who is taking over TikTok and every single uni BNOC ever

She’s so cool I might scream

This AI attractiveness test tells you if you’re hot or not and gives a score from one to 10

Erm did AI just call me ugly??

Debunking the rumour saying KFC offers free chicken refills if you finish a bucket within an hour

Don’t play with me like this

It’s official! Being delusional is actually a good way of manifesting and here’s the proof

Ignorance is bliss and the key to being a girlboss apparently

Meet Yan Yan Chan: Harry Styles’ new rumoured girlfriend and Australian model

Our chance will come soon, girlies x

Erm, Hugo Hammond is dating a girl from Love Island Australia season four

Ever since he’s got that mullet he’s become a womanizer

Your essays are about to be next level because ChatGPT just launched a brand new model

Turnitin is shaking rn

17 memes backing the theory Olivia is seething over Kai winning winter Love Island

I know she’s somewhere foaming at the mouth

The Bouba-Kiki effect from TikTok explained using basic science and hot celebs

It’s not mean, it’s just based on vibes

Kim! Here are 39 memes from the winter Love Island 2023 final that aired last night

Not Tom calling Samie fit in four different fonts

Friends transformations then and now: What the cast look like 29 years after the first episode

Jennifer Aniston is so glitz and glamour

These are the biggest unanswered questions I have after finishing YOU season four

I won’t know peace until I have the answers

Everyone is morphing their face with their celebrity lookalike on TikTok, here’s how

This is too accurate

How to get the TikTok filter that is making everyone go viral for running away from the police

‘Never listen to Taylor Swift again or go to prison’

Here’s the origin story behind Jasper the Doll from TikTok and her raspy voice

She’s unhinged but we love her x

Cluttercore explained: Inside the noughties inspired fashion trend taking over TikTok

Marie Kondo is shaking

Every single time Miley Cyrus hints at the breakup with Liam Hemsworth in her new album


Spotify has launched a TikTok swipe feed for your music and no one likes it

‘No one wants a TikTok 2.0’

The Fab Five pay tribute to Queer Eye favourite Tom Jackson after he died earlier this month

Tom said appearing on Queer Eye was the highlight of his life

Explained: The money drama between MAFS Australia’s Janelle and Adam, and the jobs they do

She was fuming when he even whispered the word ‘podcast’

Say hello to Mae Muller, the UK’s coolest and vibiest Eurovision entrant of all time

Of course she’s a North London girly

A brief history of Cole Sprouse’s past relationships and the famous women he’s dated

How did I forget he dated Victoria Justice?

TikTok videos are full of ‘beekeeping age’ comments and it’s actually a nice compliment

Pedro Pascal is the king of beekeeping age x

Left, right, left, right might be TikTok’s hardest dance and these TikToks prove it

It kind of sounds like RuPaul singing as well

Here’s the origin story of the bonita TikTok audio that is all over your For You Page right now

Do you or do you not feel bonita?

Explained: What is the worm moon from TikTok and how did it get its name?

Get scrubbing that rose quartz

Debunked: What is the Shmunguss category on Netflix and is it actually real?

The Shmunguss King deserved a second season

Shawn Mendes voiced an animated crocodile and accidentally became an iconic TikTok meme

I’m screaming

Erm, Sophia Grace who performed Super Bass on Ellen 11 years ago has just given birth

‘Welcome to the world, Nicki Minaj the 3rd’

This moon phase TikTok trend will tell you if your partner is your actual soulmate or not

This is so cute

A brief history of influencer and YouTuber boxing matches

Never forget when Ed Matthews knocked out Simple Simon in 48 seconds flat

Everyone is obsessed with this popular Cheese Tax song currently dominating TikTok

‘When the cheese comes out this puppy comes looking’

‘I am Madeleine McCann’ Instagram account is deleted after reaching over one million followers

The account no longer exists

These are all the celebrities who have supported Selena Gomez amid all the drama

They’ve all been keeping an eye out for Selena x

Meet Ms Rachel, the wholesome influencer everyone is talking about right now

She’s announced a social media hiatus following mean comments

Fans are convinced this Taylor Swift song is all about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

‘Did you wish you put up more of a fight?’🤔

Spotify’s new AI-powered DJ builds you a custom playlist and will make your pres next level

We are living in the future

A savage and definitive rundown of what your New Balance 530 colour says about you

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Debunking rumours claiming Miley Cyrus is being sued by Liam Hemsworth over Flowers

Fans have leaked ‘official’ documents

Ranked: Does Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber or Selena Gomez have more fake Insta followers?

This is tight

Love Is Blind’s SK accuses Raven of speaking to another man whilst they were filming and dating

Raven has denied everything

According to this TikTok, all you need is a water bottle to find out if your partner is cheating

I’m scared to try this!!

Cockroaches and dingy bedrooms: Inside Alix Earle’s humbling university house tour

This is a traumatic but relatable watch

Snapchat has launched a version of ChatGPT inside the app and it’s wild

Users have specifically been asked not to reveal their secrets looool

From his attitude on Perfect Match, it’s clear Bartise learnt nothing from Love Is Blind

He’s being called out for repeating toxic behaviour

This is exactly how many millions Tommy Fury is bringing home after beating Jake Paul

Bambi is the ultimate nepo baby

This is how to delete a TikTok story when you’ve accidentally posted one

Posting a story on TikTok is mortifying

Here’s how to get the bold glamour filter that’s leaving everyone on TikTok looking snatched

And that’s on shattering my self-confidence!

Sunday scaries are dead! Corporate TikTok girlies have just given us ‘bare minimum Monday’

It’s your soft launch into officially Quiet Quitting x

This ‘she lives inside of me’ TikTok trend is way too wholesome and will make you sob

If a dad features in the video then I am gone

Facebook Messenger is launching its own version of BeReal and it’s called Roll Call

Nothing will ever beat BeReal soz x

Smashing up cabs and harassing Dan Wooton: The Apprentice candidates with criminal records

This is truly wild

Explained: Here’s the reason why people are saying they are deleting TikTok on 3rd March

Tempted to join them tbh

Here’s how you can take the TikTok Loveprint Test that will tell you how you love

This is so wholesome

Tell us your shower habits and we’ll you how much of a filthy wrong’un you really are

4. Where do you stand on washing your legs?

What killed Mickey Mouse? Explaining the TikTok trend that you literally cannot escape

My childhood just got smashed to smithereens x

TikTok just released a new nudge button and it’s weirding people out – here’s why

It’s giving poke from Facebook

It’s happening again – people think 24th Feb is the vile ‘national rape day’ TikTok trend

This is the third year in a row

TikToker Mikayla Nogueria is getting backlash AGAIN but this time it’s for a foundation review

Rumour has it she won’t stop until she’s reviewed a full face

Day dumping is the trend taking over TikTok right now and it’s taken us straight back to 2014

Who knew posting your breakfast could be wholesome and not annoying?

Explained: What is nerd neck on TikTok and is it actually reversible?

Hot people have major nerd neck

Here’s how to get the teenage filter everyone is posting all over TikTok right now

Paul Breach used it the other day and I’m traumatised

‘I knew it was all true’: The Tinder Swindler’s ex-girlfriend on why she stayed with him

She claims he persuaded her to defend him when the show dropped

This British TikToker accidentally ate a crisp worth £100k and now Walkers isn’t paying up

‘It took me six days to process it’

Raven says SK asked her to lie about their relationship timeline during his cheating scandal

And SK allegedly went on a couples’ trip with another woman right after Raven’s birthday

Jeffree Star responds to backlash from his comments about trans and nonbinary people

‘How are you a ‘they?’ What the f*** does that mean? It’s stupid’

Raven says one of the girls SK cheated with tried to extort them out of $300k

So THIS explains what they meant by having ongoing legal proceedings

Perfect Match dating web: A rundown of who has dated who outside of the show

This is a mess

Dear online ‘detectives’, Nicola Bulley’s disappearance isn’t your chance at going viral

An influencer was arrested last week for travelling to film the location Nicola went missing

Prepare to be humbled, here’s how to see how many one star ratings you have on Uber

Looks like asking your driver if they’ve been busy today isn’t going down so well

These YOU season four behind the scenes pics prove how much of a vibe the cast are

This is Tilly Keeper and Lukas Gage’s world and we’re just living in it

Laura Anderson is pregnant! Ex-Islander reveals she’s expecting her first baby with Gary Lucy

The couple broke up earlier this year after meeting on Celebs Go Dating

Omg! Amber Gill seems to confirm her relationship with Jen Beattie on Valentine’s Day

I am obsessed with these two

Perfect Match just dropped, so here’s all the carnage the cast caused on their original shows

Let’s hope this show is chaos x

Two teenagers have been arrested and charged with the murder of Brianna Ghey

The two teenagers have been held in custody since Monday

All of the unanswered questions I have after watching YOU season four part one

I need to know how this man is a university professor

Explained: The girlies on TikTok have come up with this February theory all about love

TikTok girlies make the best love advisors

Raven from Love Is Blind has revealed the savage way she found out SK cheated on her

‘There were many times I had a gut feeling and didn’t ask questions’

A ranking of Joe Goldberg’s love interests from who was a bore to who slayed the hardest

Beck wasn’t even close to being top dog

All the shocking revelations to come from Love Is Blind: After the Altar season three

Cole confirmed he was dating again!!

This wild theory about YOU season four says Love is alive and coming back in part two

I need Love Quinn back in my life

Cole branded Zanab as a ‘liar’ during season three’s Love Is Blind: After the Altar, here’s why

Uh oh

These 33 YOU season four memes are almost as memorable as Joe Goldberg’s hot dad beard

The Cardi B scene was iconic

Guys, the stalker text app in YOU is a real thing and here’s how you can use it

This is so creepy

This is exactly how much it would cost to live in Joe Goldberg’s gorgeous London flat

Sorry but that Smeg fridge is wasted on him

Here’s a rundown of everyone who dies in YOU season four and how

This season’s death toll is wild

Everything Raven says about the SK cheating allegations on Love Is Blind: After the Altar

‘It’s a blessing in disguise’

Love Is Blind fans say Cole Barnett is rumoured to be dating an old Bachelor contestant

Two worlds colliding

Explained: Here’s how YOU season four part one ended after the killer’s identity was exposed

So much happened!!!

Here’s how ridiculously long it would have taken Joe to walk around London in episode one

Let’s not forget the detour through Shoreditch

Here are all the London-based filming locations you recognise in YOU season four

I can’t believe Costa made an appearance

Omg guys, season four of YOU drops on Netflix TOMORROW!


Debunked: Sorry to break it you but Rihanna is not booked for Brighton Pride

You idiots!

YOU season four drops this week, here’s a recap of how Joe Goldberg left things last season

I forgot about the existence of Henry ngl

This easter egg proves we all saw how Happy Valley was going to end before the big finale

How did we see this SIX times and still not pick it up??

£3 million houses and marrying best friends: Inside the love lives of the Happy Valley cast

Sarah Lancashire and her husband are extremely cute

Debunked: Why is everybody ‘deinfluencing’ on TikTok right now and what does it even mean?

Welcome to ✨recession-core✨

Here’s everything you need to know about Kathleen from The Last of Us episode four

She’s head of the Hunters

Only Sergeant Catherine Cawood could score full marks in this Happy Valley trivia quiz

Do you even know why Tommy Lee Royce went to prison in the first place??

Every single time Happy Valley’s Catherine Cawood was a savage girlboss

She has looked camp directly in the eye so many times

‘I made her lick a slug’: Girls are sharing their sister trauma and it’s too real

‘She blackmailed me into going up to mum and asking if she was a virgin’

Everything the director of Happy Valley has said about the ‘rollercoaster’ season finale

‘The ending is really satisfying’

This TikToker was arrested for scamming over $37,000 with her fake cancer diagnosis

Over 430 people donated to her fake GoFundMe page

‘I’m going to sue you’: QTCinerella and Atrioc deepfake porn scandal explained

Other female Twitch streamers have spoken out about the AI videos made of them

Deepfake explained: Everything you need to know about the AI fake media taking over

Also some clues which point at if you’re watching one

All the LGBTQ+ influencers you should be following to make your feed even better

This is exactly what we need rn

Happy Valley fans have a harrowing theory about why Poppy doesn’t take her coat off

I won’t know peace until I have answers

Influencer says if you don’t own a Lambo in your 20s, you need a serious talk with yourself

I’m getting the words: Small man syndrome

TikTok has realised The Gen Z shake is the latest equivalent to the Millennial pause

I dread to think what the boomers do

TikTok says this guy has the ‘Hiccup Effect’ so here’s a rundown of what it actually means

I need answers now

Soft living explained: The new, gorgeous way of living that is good for your soul

It sounds like a dream

Lashlighting and finishing at 5pm: Here’s Mikayla Nogueira’s history of TikTok controversies

Of course Jeffree Star has piped up

This flower personality quiz from TikTok tells you about your dating style

This is so deep

Here’s everything we know about Jeffree Star’s rumoured NFL boyfriend

That one private jet pic has opened an entire can of worms

MrBeast is facing backlash after paying for blind people to see again in latest YouTube video

‘There is something so demonic about this’

Explained: What is the Perky Dance move taking over TikTok and how do I do it myself?

Bring on the TikTok fame x

People on TikTok found a quiz that tells you which type of girl you are and it’s everything

I want star girl or nothing at all

Emily Canham is being dragged after showing off her ‘cheapest outfit’ including a £95 bag

‘It’s giving Alfie Deyes £1 challenge’

Meet Nell Mescal: Paul Mescal’s younger sister who quit school to move to North London

Of course a Mescal sibling is a North London girly

These BBL shorts are all over TikTok because they do absolute bits for your bum

I’m about to dominate the smoking area with these hips

Two years on, HIV charity says It’s A Sin had ‘immeasurable impact on public perceptions’

‘Never before in my lifetime has a TV show had such a profound effect on people from all walks of life’

Sigma face explained: Here’s the meaning behind TikTok’s new favourite facial expression

😙💨 Slay

This viral test tells you which iconic Greek tragic figure you are spiritually aligned to

I want Icarus or nothing

People on TikTok have worked out how to turn themselves into a cartoon dog and it’s so cute

This is so wholesome

These TikToks of Lucien Laviscount swishing around Paris all week gave me the ick

‘Who is it?’

Here’s where you’ve seen the cast of It’s A Sin two years after the show dropped

I love them all so much

A TikToker has estimated Paul Breach’s weekly earnings from social media and it’s wild

Not you lot lining this man’s back pockets ://

Erm, this love character TikTok test tells you your dating personality and why is it so true?

I’m shaking and how well it knows me

People on TikTok are sharing whether they’re a soldier, a poet or a king, take the quiz here

Finally I’m in my regal era

Commenting ‘girly pop’ on Noah Schnapp’s TikTok isn’t funny, it’s homophobia repackaged

People are so weird

A rundown of all the juicy easter eggs you missed in Miley Cyrus’ Flowers music video

Liam Hemsworth is the Jake Gyllenhaal of 2023

Hype House landlord is suing the members $300,000 for damages to his property

‘The Hype House is going to end up in court’

Refuge charity has dumped 1,071 ‘bad apples’ right outside Met Police HQ

‘The police need to understand we are not going to accept it anymore’

This Happy Valley theory about who Tommy Lee Royce’s real dad is has changed my life

I can’t watch the show in the same way ever again

Debunking the Flowers drama between Miley and a Hollywood actress over Liam Hemsworth

The Flowers music video has given nothing but sexy vibes and drama

Guys, influencer Millie T was scouted for Love Island but then rejected by producers

‘I’m no Addison Rae but I’ve got 1.4 million subscribers’

Explained: The origin story of the Finn Wolfhard snapping meme and how to make it

His little smirk kills me

Here’s a rundown on how the TikTok subscribing feature actually works

People are paying money every month to comment on Paul Breach’s live streams

A rundown of all the LGBTQ+ shows Netflix cancelled after only a few seasons

Yes, Heartstopper is a work of art but so are these shows

Omg guys, Tesco has launched its own Clubcard wrapped and it’s iconic

I fear how many of us bought an unhealthy amount of Diet Coke last year

Here’s how the smile dating test from TikTok determines your dating style

RIP if you get ‘fickle lover’

From farts to lip biting: Hi, here are all of Paul Breach’s biggest icks from TikTok live streams

Another excruciating watch from Paul

You’re probably seeing the ‘Waffle House has a new host’ meme everywhere, here’s why


All of the iconic Happy Valley season three filming locations

Imagine your local cafe being where Catherine hunted down Clare

Erm, Carole Baskin’s husband was found alive and well and we all just missed this major news

No because I was convinced this man was done for

Here’s the real reason why Shannon decided to walk out of The Apprentice last night

I was so shook at last night’s double exit

TikToker with 1.8 million followers dies aged 33 after a suspected heart attack

He posted his final video hours before his death

Meet Reece: The Apprentice candidate and ex-Waterloo Road actor hoping to stun Lord Sugar

Not to mention the fact his brother is a convicted murderer

Say hello to the famous cast of the The Traitors US that’s dropping on the BBC

Obsessed with our Hannah walking the same corridors as a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills

‘The most boomer solution I’ve ever heard’: Ex-Love Islanders on ITV’s new social media rule

‘I think it’s going to be leave the contestants a little bit frustrated’

This BeReal theory explains the science behind what time the notifications go off

This makes so much sense now

Erm, someone found this massive Glass Onion plot hole and it’s ruined the whole ending

Baw Gawd! Nothing is sacred anymore

Spotify has launched a Playlist in a Bottle, here’s how to create yours

Once you lock it in and save it, you can’t access your playlist again until Jan 2024

Right, here is a clear breakdown of how long Emily has *actually* been in Paris for

No, Madeline hasn’t been pregnant for 18 months

A deep dive into Millie Court and Chloe Burrows’ messy girls’ holiday to Dubai

My FOMO is so bad rn

A rundown of all the unsuspecting celebrities who vape

Kylie Jenner blowing vape rings on her Snapchat story is a core memory

Topher is all over TikTok right now, here’s everything you need to know about his rise to fame


Are you more like Jessica, Shaina or Alexis? Take this messy blonde quiz to find out

Can’t I be all three minus Shaina when she squints?

Just 36 memes about Derry Girls and that wee English fella who dressed up as Posh Spice

I will never be over seeing Jenny Joyce emerge out of a coffin

A few juicy behind the scenes facts about how The Ultimatum on Netflix is made

Apparently the cast had no idea they’d be dating each other’s partners loool

Here’s everything you need to know about the green line test from TikTok and how to do it

Brb, just going through the photos of every single couple I know

Guys, Simone Ashley just confirmed which Bridgerton sibling season three will focus on

I think I might die if I don’t get season three within a year

Omg! Netflix has announced a reunion episode for Selling Sunset season five

They’re filming it two days after the season drops!!!

Here’s what happened during The Ultimatum reunion and a rundown of who’s still dating

Zay stormed out after a screaming match with Rae

The Ultimatum is Netflix’s most unhinged show by far and these moments prove it

I hate how much I love it

Guys!! This couple from Netflix’s The Ultimatum have confirmed they’re having a baby

I am so shook because I thought they all hated each other loooool

Enough is enough, it’s time for Boris Johnson to go

Whilst we were unable to grieve the loss of dying family members, Boris Johnson partied

The creator of The Ultimatum has finally addressed those silver wine glasses on the show

Just when I thought Love Is Blind overused the gold glasses!!

Fans think Eloise and Jimbo have split after she posted this TikTok about dumping a boy

Why is everyone breaking up???

Here’s how to do the new Rotoscope filter, TikTok’s coolest trend to date

Sorry but this filter screams Leeds Uni

Um, so apparently The Ultimatum lied about Alexis and Lauren’s ages in the show

‘So it’s okay for a man on TV to be 30, but we have to lie about age if the woman is?’

A breakdown of who got with who in The Ultimatum’s marriage experiment

I care about this way more than I should

An American YouTube family has compared abortion to the Holocaust in a pro-life doc

People are calling for the video to be taken down

A deep dive into The Ultimatum cast Instagram accounts

Of course Alexis has a photo with James Charles loool

BREAKING: Koci Selamaj sentenced to whole life for the murder of Sabina Nessa

Sabina Nessa’s parents described their daughter’s killer as an ‘animal’

Just 19 memes all laughing at how unhinged Netflix’s The Ultimatum truly is

It’s scary how similar Alexis is to Shaina and Jessica from Love Is Blind

Jason Oppenheim admits he’s thought about Chrishell every day since their break up

My heart cannot take this

What is the new ‘Never let them know your next move’ TikTok trend everyone’s doing?

People are so quirky x

Meet the six couples risking it all for marriage on Netflix’s new dating show The Ultimatum

I am already hooked

Bridgerton has a queer baiting problem and we need to talk about it

Queer coding characters isn’t representation – it’s cruel

‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ is the first Grammy-winning album to come from TikTok

And it SLAPS!

Peaky Blinders season six ending explained: What actually happened to Thomas Shelby?


What is the BeReal app and why is everyone suddenly using it?

This is perfect if you’re nosey x

Before his Bridgerton fame Luke Newton was in a cringe boy band that flopped so hard

I’ve just streamed their album and my ears are burning

Here are all of the lamest brand attempts at April Fools’ Day 2022

Big Mac Breakfast McMuffin?? Pull the other one Ronald x

Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley confirms Kate and Anthony will be retuning for season three

For a hot minute I thought we had another Regé-Jean Page on our hands