Enough is enough. Gaslighters like Adam from MAFS need to stop getting cast in shows

And Harrison being the guy to hold him to account? Give over

We’re a few weeks into the latest season of MAFS Australia and we’re already seeing signs of gaslighting behaviours among the couples. The drama this season has arrived earlier than usual and it feels like we can’t get through one episode without multiple people crying, someone kicking off and a man gaslighting his partner and or another woman.

This group of couples are the most jealous cohort by far and every night we switch the telly on to watch a breeding ground for them to gaslight one another over and over again. It’s clear the producers of the show know this type of content gets views because they’ve planted Adam Seed, a contestant who shows extreme gaslighting tendencies and someone who simply shouldn’t be cast in dating shows.

Adam was accused of gaslighting by his wife in the experiment, Janelle. In recent episodes she listed the signs of gaslighting after Adam did it to her. We watched him try to slip his way out of the situation, diminish his responsibility and make her feel unhinged for doubting him.

MAFS gaslighting Adam Seed

We also learn that Adam kissed Claire and then went home to have sex with Janelle the same night. He is defeated and has no choice but to admit to Janelle’s version of events.

Alyssa asks Adam: “Did you kiss Claire and then go home and have sex with Janelle the same night?” He shakes his head and says: “That’s…100 per cent yes.” A preview for the next episode shows Adam and Janelle falling out and he is making attempts to defend his actions. Adam suggests that he only kissed Claire because he and Janelle were in a bad place at the ti me and hoped Janelle would see this and forgive him.

The only sign of remorse Adam has shown since is opting to leave their relationship. He played the martyr and told Janelle: “I know I’ve hurt you and for that reason I’m also voting to leave.”

Also, as well as Janelle, one of the people holding Adam to account is Harrison. Yes, this is the same man who was called out for gaslighting in the first few episodes for having a secret girlfriend before the show.


Janelle has since posted on Instagram calling out Adam’s behaviour. She said: “I would like to utilise this opportunity to educate. Gaslighting is not just a buzzword, it’s a behaviour. It’s a form of manipulation in which a person attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion into the mind of someone. In this case, the behaviour is DARVO (Denies, attacks, reverses roles of victim and offender). If you ever find yourself in this position…RUN!”

Adam’s only post on the matter was him in their apartment whilst Janelle spoke to Jesse and he captioned it: “Tell me you messed up without telling me you messed up.”


Tell me you don’t care without telling me you don’t care.

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