A TikToker has estimated Paul Breach’s weekly earnings from social media and it’s wild

Not you lot lining this man’s back pockets ://

You’re lying to yourself if you say you’ve never thought about Paul Breach and his weekly income. Seriously, how does this man make his money? He posts relentlessly on TikTok and gets hounded with abuse. At what point do we question what is it that keeps bringing this man back onto our feeds? Why put yourself through this level of hate to the point where everyone on this silly little island knows about you?

Thankfully another TikToker has done the work for us and worked out the weekly income of Paul Breach and how much he earns from TikTok and it’s mad. Here’s an estimated rundown of what Paul Breach earns doing TikTok.

How much does Paul Breach earn on TikTok and social media?

According to Michael Giblin on TikTok, Paul Breach is in the top ten per cent of British earners on the app from what he earns every week. So getting straight into it, Michael explains Paul earns 112.1k diamonds which are donated from people watching his content and then the diamonds are converted into cash. From going live three times last week, Monday to Wednesday, Paul earned almost £457.

Michael then worked out Paul’s earnings from the creator fund by downloading all of Paul’s TikTok statistics. He’s had around 23 million views in the last week. He put together a table and worked out from the videos he posts, the amounts of views and likes, Paul has earned at least £267.14. Michael says that number will likely be higher given the fact he hasn’t taken into account the views he will get on last week’s videos this week.


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Then Michael looked at Paul Breach’s Cameo profile. So Paul charges £41 per video he makes for Android users and £47.99 per video he makes for Apple users too. Cameo takes 25 per cent and then Apple takes a further 30 per cent so Michael says based on the amount of videos Paul made last week, it is likely he earned around £256 as he had nine reviews. But also not everyone who buys a video leaves a review so this number could be significantly higher, Michael explains.

All in all, Michael says Paul could have earned at least £980 for last week. Meaning in a year, if most weeks for Paul are like this, he could be looking at earning £50k.

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