Erm, someone found this massive Glass Onion plot hole and it’s ruined the whole ending

Baw Gawd! Nothing is sacred anymore

Glass Onion has racked up a load of support since its release last month, however fans of the movie have picked up on a major plot hole that changes the entire film. You’d think with a detective like Benoit Blanc on the case, this film would be seamless and not have a single hole or crumb left out. But unfortunately the Netflix police are hot on it and have picked up on a detail that doesn’t quite sit right within the plot. Here’s a rundown of the plot hole in Glass Onion and a few theories which could cover it up.

Here’s the major plot hole in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

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Okay so given the nature of the film and its characters, this is less of a plot hole and more of a really irritating detail that viewers can’t get past once they realise it. That detail is the fact Miles killed Andi but for some reason he still sends her a puzzle-box invitation knowing she is dead because he killed her.

There are also a few theory defending the plot hole too

One fan theory has come up with a solution to the plot hole saying it’s all to do with a backstory and when you watch the film for a second time, you could say Miles forgot he had sent a box to Andi in the first place.

When we see Andi (who is really Helen pretending to be her twin sister) appear on the beach, Miles looks so surprised because he genuinely thought she was dead. He killed her with drugs and then put her in her car in the garage to die of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

Also to add to the theory, when Miles confided in Benoit how long the whole murder mystery took to put together, it was in the works for ages (fans are arguing it went on for longer than his fall-out with Andi). So Andi’s name would have been on the list for boxes to be sent directly from his puzzle box dealer. After all, these get-togethers of Miles’ were a yearly occurrence and pre-fall out, there would have been no reason to not include Andi on the list.

If you really want to give Miles the benefit of the doubt then another theory is that he sent the box to Andi on purpose. If asked, his cover story would be that the invitation was an attempt to remedy their bad blood and rectify their friendship, which would take him well out of the frame for her murder. Either theory works because either way he would have been shocked to see her alive.

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