People are saying Google sends you a trophy if you search something for the first time

Me trying to Google something really niche👁👄👁

The Google First Search Award or the First Person to Google the Phrase Award is doing the rounds again on TikTok. Basically, it’s a trend that implies if you are the first person to Google something ever then you’ll be sent a glass trophy from Google with your search printed on it. People are in a chokehold and are Googling all sorts. Here’s everything we know about the Google First Search Award including the most obvious question, is it even real?

Is the Google First Search Award real?

No, it’s not. The fake trophy was created by Instagram user @Legbootlegit and it’s an award that’s supposedly sent out to people for searching phrases on Google for the first time ever.

Where did the original joke come from?

In September 2022, @Legbootlegit posted several videos on TikTok and instagram in which it looks like he received multiple awards for specific Google searches about pigeons. The content went viral and some people believed it was genuinely real, inspiring Google to officially debunk the hoax in January earlier this year.

Then earlier this year in January the same Instagram user who started this joke posted a TikTok showing him Googling something for the first time then followed by a fake prompt appearing under the search bar telling him he’ll receive an award.


Replying to @tinduckaroo yeah it should look like this when you get one #awards #googlemaps #google #tipsandtricks

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Obviously this has encouraged people to try their luck at getting an award and god, they’re Googling weird stuff.

On 25th January this year, a communication manager for Search at Google officially said: “15 per cent of the searches we see every day are new.” But sadly no awards have been sent out and it has been confirmed this is just a very convincing prank and we’re all idiots!

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