This easter egg proves we all saw how Happy Valley was going to end before the big finale

How did we see this SIX times and still not pick it up??

Happy Valley season three ended in the most dramatic way possible. For the last six weeks we have been throwing theories around about who is going to die and if Tommy Lee Royce dies, then who would be the person to do it? But no one could have predicted the ending of season three and how satisfying it truly was. Watching Tommy Lee Royce set himself on fire in front of Catherine was wild and the entire scene leading up to it was some of the best acting telly has seen in a loooooong, long time.

Fans of the show are clasping on to all the remnants of the show, making it last longer. And they’ve found some easter eggs which point toward the fact we all saw how this show was going to end long before it did. Here’s a rundown of every single Happy Valley season three easter eggs.

The opening credits were more than just a catchy and iconic song

Happy Valley season 3 Easter eggs

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After nearly a decade later, the show has drawn to a close. The third and final series ended last weekend and it was exhilarating to say the least. But real fans, and I mean real fans who don’t skip the intro, predicted what happened in the finale over a month ago.

You could have as well. In fact, the important parts in the final episode were part of the opening credits all along and we missed them every single time. Six whole times to be exact.

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Tommy Lee Royce’s getaway bike from court was featured in episode four, as well as the opening titles. The opening titles also gave us a glimpse of his death scene. If you look close enough then you’ll see Tommy’s hand reaching out for a petrol can. This moment only makes sense once you sit through the episode and notice he pours it on himself and sets himself alight in Catherine’s kitchen during the final episode.

Also let’s not forget the end of season one where Tommy Lee Royce poured petrol over himself and Ryan whilst on the boat moments before Cathrine saves her grandson.

But that’s not the last of it either, Tommy’s dramatic fiery moment also mirrored back to how it all began. In season one where Catherine confronts a local boy called Liam who was drunk, high on drugs and threatening to set himself on fire in the middle of a playground. So many fans of the show saw this as a fitting end to Catherine’s police career.

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