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Omg! Melissa from MAFS Australia went on a ‘hot and heavy’ date with a younger guy

She said it gave her ‘flutters’ ffs

Well it looks like Married at First Sight Australia’s Melissa Sheppard has finally moved on from Josh White, months after their TV marriage came to an end following her enthusiasm for being intimate with him.

The 41-year-old appeared on Hughesy, Ed and Erin as part of the radio show’s new dating-themed segment, in which single mothers are paired with younger men. Speaking on the programme earlier this week, Melissa admitted she hadn’t been on a single date since going on MAFS Australia and meeting Josh. She has however been receiving loads of Instagram messages from men who are desperate to date her.

Melissa was matched with Dave, a 33-year-old truck driver who was hoping to date an older woman. The couple attended an intimate pottery class for their first date while a camera crew stayed by the capture the intense action.

They were flirting so hard and Melissa even said he made her heart flutter. They reenacted the iconic scene from Ghost, where Patric Swayze leans over Demi Moore as they sculpt wet clay. Melissa described her date with Dave as “hot and heavy.” She said: “He was so great, I was vibing with him. We were getting along. we were laughing. It was actually a really, really good date. Dave is like the perfect gentleman. We left from the clay place and then we went actually to have a drink, and we had a bite to eat together after.”

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