This BeReal theory explains the science behind what time the notifications go off

This makes so much sense now

Most of us have learnt to accept the time BeReal goes off with the exception of a few who simply cannot rest without knowing. The official BeReal website claims there’s no set time and it changes every day, which is true but people still have their own theory about when the notification gets sent out.

Every single day, after BeReal goes off, the website updates with the time the notification dropped but with the West Asia timezone. You can change your timezone within the app but it won’t do anything based on the theory people have about the significance of every time it goes off.

Here’s a rundown of the BeReal notification time theory everyone is talking about

In case you didn’t already know, BeReal is a French app so any time the notification drops, if you’re in the UK, it’s an hour ahead. This was obvious on New Year’s Eve when the notification went off at 10:59pm but everyone else in Europe had it at 11:59pm. There were a few exceptions like when Liz Truss won the race to be Prime Minister and BeReal went off then and then when it was announced the Queen was dying, but apart from those times there hasn’t been any other coincidences.


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So the actual theory is that the app goes off at any time the social media guy is doing something fun. If you look at the BeReal TikTok account, the majority of videos are of him sharing his own posts.

He’s had two or three BeReals when he’s been skiing which is no coincidence. There are also several BeReal’s of him out with mates for drinks and when France scored the first goal in the World Cup Final.

Also if you ever find BeReal goes off too early (ie before 9am, just remember it’s because France are ahead of us). The UK sucks!!

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