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This flower personality quiz from TikTok tells you about your dating style

This is so deep

So many TikTok quizzes are flying around lately, the most recent one is the flower test – it tells you your dating personality. Recently we’ve had the love character test, smile test, a test that tells you whether you’re a soldier, poet or a king. But now we’ve got one that tells us what type of flower we are and it’s so wholesome.

It’ll tell you stuff about your love life that you had no idea about. Here’s everything we know about the flower dating test from TikTok and how to take it.

How to take the flower dating test from TikTok

• Head to Ktestone’s website to take the test

• Click the start button

• Answer 12 questions that appear on your screen using the options

• Once you’re done, your answer will appear

The test is on the Korean website but it should be in English automatically. If it’s not then you can just click the US flag and it’ll change for you. But if that doesn’t work then here’s how to change the language on iPhone or Safari.

• In the search bar at the top of the page, you will see a symbol that looks like this ‘AA’

• Tap this and click “translate to English”

flower dating test tiktok

Here are the questions you’ll be asked:

• On a honey-like weekend?

• The start of a new semester! I saw a guy I liked

• Your friend asks you to drag you in front of the opposite sex and have a conversation

• When I think of the person I like, what do I do?

• Me in love, when I look at the world?

• During a date, I was hungry and found a restaurant

• What is my first reaction when I am angry?

• The person I like is in a difficult situation

• When I walk to someone I like, what do I do?

• Suddenly the mood is Jeju Island! I want to go to Jeju Island!

• Which one is closer to me?

• I try to confess to the person you like

When you finish the quiz you’ll be given the type of flower you are, your description and which flowers suit you. You can find the quiz here.

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