From farts to lip biting: Hi, here are all of Paul Breach’s biggest icks from TikTok live streams

Another excruciating watch from Paul

Paul Breach has had a wild few months on TikTok. I would say he has catapulted into stardom but it’s not stardom is it? I mean, he has embedded himself firmly into British culture but for all the wrong reasons. The man is a TikTok pest and we cannot escape him!!

It all started when Paul uploaded his Jack Grealish video onto TikTok in 2021. He went viral and he’s never looked back and neither have we. In case you can’t remember the song from his now-deleted viral video it went like this: “Do you remember before the Euros there was a footballer that the girls didn’t know? He was Jack Grealish. Oh my God he was, he was Jack Grealish and now everyone knows it’s on my bubba. It’s on my boo boo boo boo, it’s on my bubba. His name is Jack Jack, Jack Jack Jack Grealish. If I hear one more time, ‘Jack Grealish he’s a bit of me, oh yeah Jack Grealish he could breed me and I wouldn’t say no. Jack Grealish bonjourno you’re my daddy. You are my daddy.”

Since his first viral video, people haven’t stopped reposting videos, commenting and engaging with this man. I fear he is now the British face of TikTok. There are people going in and not only choosing to watch his live streams but also share snippets of Paul and is it hell. So here’s a rundown of Paul Breach’s biggest icks from TikTok live streams.

Paul admitting to doing accents in the most bizarre way possible

Paul Breach did a Peaky Blinders accent on TikTok Live and it is hell on earth.

His poor dad has made so many attempts to use his own bathroom


this happened on live 💀 #paul #beatuybeyondthe_eye #5paidebine #fyp #misiuneatiktok #pridetogether #foryoupage

♬ original sound – capcut

Why does Paul shut the door like this may I ask? He was so embarrassed but also what do you expect???

‘Ahhh there’s a plane crash in Tanzania, corr blimey’


This man just exudes empathy doesn’t he 🥰🥹 #PaulBreach #PaulBreachGoesLive #beautybeyondthe_eye

♬ original sound – PaulBreachGoesLive (Mav)

A very, very normal reaction.

That time Paul Breach farted on a TikTok live stream

This has got to be one of the biggest icks ever. The way he plays it out as well and the noise genuinely shocks him. I swear you can even see him trying to hold it in as it leads up to the far as well – his eyes literally tear up. Not to mention when he mimicked the sound as well after as if it was his mouth doing the first time. This edit for it is so good.


💀 #beautybeyondthe_eye #fart #snapshoteye #paulbreach #zyxcba #fypシ #snapshot #paul #breach #live #candycrush10

♬ Lol – Stepz & JTA

What makes it worse is since then, he’s sometimes been making fart noises with his mouth. Just let it GO. We all need to break wind, Pool, it’s not just you.

Whenever he bites his lip and says he’s been in a cheeky mood all day


#pool#paulbreach #beautybeyondthe_eye #beautybeyondtheeye #snapshoteyepaul #paulfartsonlive

♬ Originalton – magda


Anytime he attempts ASMR


♬ original sound – edits and stuff

These edits are literally too much. He really thought he was doing something with this one.

Pretending not to like his snack and then eating the whole thing

Isn’t this the sort of thing we all did in Year 8? Why is Paul like this?

You can follow Paul Breach on his new TikTok account @beautybeyondtheyeheyhey here.

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