TikTok is convinced Luca Bish and Gemma Owen are back together, so here’s the evidence

The Lemma stans are spiralling again!!

Love Island 2022 finalists Gemma Owen and Luca Bish split at the end of last year after they both shared Instagram stories revealing they were going separate ways.

Fans of the couple quickly latched on to believe Luca was the one who was dumped rather than it being an amicable split. But fast forward to two weeks ago and Luca claims he’s a better person since the breakup. However, TikTok is now convinced Gemma Owen and Luca Bish are reigniting their flame and are back together. Here’s a rundown of all the supporting evidence we have:

Gemma posted a five second TikTok and fans are spiralling

Last night Gemma unknowingly added fuel to a burning fire of Lemma stans. She posted a clip of her in a car lip-syncing to: “I like this man so much now we got me working on my attitude. What?” Gemma can be seen back in her Bentley alongside someone driving her around. The related search on TikTok was “Luca Bish Bentley,” classic.


Followers were in the comments trying to work out who this man was and if it was about Luca Bish.

Fans were flooding the comment section with wild claims about the pair being back together – they were so invested it’s wild.

Apparently Luca and Gemma were recently photographed together

This whole thing started on TikTok with someone saying the pair were photographed together but if you try to find the photo then you won’t find anything because it doesn’t exist.


♬ –

People have started making their own TikTok videos about Gemma and Luca being back together which is just spinning an even bigger web of lies.

Are Gemma Owen and Luca Bish actually back together?


Gemma shut down all rumours last night replying to one comment with “Sorry….this is not true!” So there we have it from the horse’s own mouth. They are not back together and Gemma Owen is just living her very normal and humble life which involves her being driven around in her Bentley thinking about boys. Now will the Lemma die hard fans please relax?

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