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A rundown of all the colours with sounds that will actually help you focus on uni work

If you see me listening to pink noise and crying in the library, no you didn’t x

We’re coming to the end of uni now and at this point students are keen to try anything if it means it’ll help them focus for one last push. All over TikTok right now are the different colour sounds and what they mean. So, here’s a rundown of what they all are and which ones will actually help you study and finish your degree. You’re welcome!

White noise


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♬ if u use this sound ur automatically hot – 🎸

White noise is probably the most popular noise. It helps with sleeplessness, tinnitus and background noise blocking. It’s when static appears on the telly.

Pink noise


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♬ Pink Noise (moving 316 Hz bandpass) – Listening Territory

Pink noise has been doing the rounds recently on TikTok. It encompasses an array of natural sounds, including rustling leaves, falling rain and ocean waves. It’s like having a bunch of fans blowing in your ears and it’s apparently very good for studying according to science.

Brown noise

So the deeper version of pink noise is brown noise. It’s good for meditating, relaxation, sleep and helps to drown out distracting noises around you. It includes sounds such as thunder or waterfalls.

Blue noise


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♬ Baby Sleep Blue Noise – Blue Noise For Sleep

Blue noise isn’t massively relaxing for me if I’m honest. It sounds like someone is firing a water hose right near your ear and it’s not a vibe. It can be unpleasant if it’s too loud so be wary of this one.

Grey noise


Gray noise. It’s medically healing. #ear #greynoise #graynoise #soundtherapy #soundtherapyhealing

♬ Grey Noise – Noisy Sound

Grey noise and pink noise sound the same but this one works better with our ears. Medical professionals will use grey noise to treat tinnitus which is increased sensitivity to everyday sounds.

Green noise


How does this “green noise” make you feel? 🎵: “quiet your mind” by Vontmer (listen in the Calm app)

♬ quiet your mind by Vontmer – Calm

Green noise lies in the centre of the frequency spectrum and has a limited frequency range centring around 500 Hz. It has big nature vibes.

Orange noise

Orange noise is clash-y and chaotic. It’s not good for anything than a headache.

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