The bar is truly in hell if you think an all-female The Apprentice final is ‘woke sexism’

All the men taking offence to this are so embarrassing

Fans of The Apprentice are outraged because this is now the sixth time in a row where it is an all-female final. Yes, men are kicking off about it and I’ve got some serious second-hand embarrassment seeing their angry tweets.

For the sixth year in a row, the show has unveiled its all-female final. The last man standing was Simba Rwambiwa and we then had Dani Donovan, Marnie Swindells, Megan Hornby, Rochelle Anthony and Victoria Goulbourne who were all very close to the £250,000 investment. But ultimately the interviews saw through Rochelle and Marine and god, male fans are pissed off.

One person on Twitter said the worst part about watching TV these days is how scripted it all can be. They said: “Firing your best candidates to fit in with International Women’s Day and have an all female final.” Someone else called the show out for being “too woke and PC,” claiming “if five men had been left at the end, there would have been uproar from feminists.” Let me say this now, the bar is truly in hell if The Apprentice fans think it’s ticking boxes to have women in the final.

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I can guarantee you there wouldn’t be “uproar” from women if it was a final full of men because, and I cannot stress this enough, we wouldn’t care. At what point do we accept women winning The Apprentice isn’t tick box and they’re actually the better and more suited candidate?

Also is this basically people coming out and saying they think Lord Sugar is woke? The same man who thought HIV positive men could pass it onto their unborn children? This has got to be a joke surely?

Another male fan of the show called it “a sexist woke agenda.” Whilst someone else claimed Karren Brady had the final say in getting Simba out to make sure it was an all-female final. A stupid claim given the fact last week Karren essentially reduced two of the women to tears during the interview process.

If you can’t see the female contestants were better then you’re an idiot and your thoughts only prove exactly why we need female winners on our TV screens.

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