Here’s the exact drama you can expect from the MAFS Australia season 10 reunion

Cameron makes Adam and Harrison look like saints at this point

The reunion episodes of Married at First Sight Australia season 10 have aired in Australia already and the MAFS cast didn’t hold back. Obviously this is a big spoiler as we haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch the reunion yet but here is every major thing that happens in those final few episodes airing next week.

Harrison and Bronte were cut from the final edit

In terms of giving drama and content, Harrison and Bronte have been MAFS Australia gold so it’s weird not seeing them loads in the reunion episodes. According to reports, this is because the producers wanted to end the show on a more positive note which is fair given their explosive time on the show and the fact they’re no longer together.

Don’t get me wrong, Harrison and Bronte were there for the final dinner party and they got some air time to talk about the ups and downs through their relationships but producers didn’t air their final goodbyes. Savage.

The pocket dial drama is hashed out face-to-face

One major storyline this season was between Dan, Rupert, Evelyn and Sandy. Dan got caught up on a pocket dial drama after Rupert accidentally phoned his wife Evelyn on a boys night out and she overheard the boys and Dan saying some nasty things.

Evelyn told Sandy she had heard Dan insinuating he was too good for Dandy and the experiment. Fast forward to the reunion though and we see a lot go down. Dan was forced to admit what he said and apologise to Sandy. He also took this as a chance to confirm his new relationship with nurse and influencer Samantha Symes, who he has been friends with for years and who was a guest at his wedding with Sandy – pure evil!

Claire and Jesse’s reunion suggested they were maybe dating again

This was confusing. But let’s start from the beginning because Claire and Jesse’s story had a lot of us gripped after she and Adam kissed on a night out. Claire and Adam originally denied cheating claims but she crumbled quicker, admitting the guilt was too much for her to deal with.

Claire took full responsibility for the situation which unfolded between herself and Adam. She apologised loads and Jesse even said he respected how she handled it and was sorry. When they get together at the reunion with the experts it leaves us wondering if they would ever get back together. Claire even says she was going to visit Perth which is Jesse’s home city.

We finally got some texting scandal drama

This scandal had everyone talking. During season ten, Tayla got married to Hugo while Cameron married Lyndall. However, halfway through the season, rumours started going around saying there was a potential sexting scandal between Tayla and Cam brewing. Cam denied the claims and attempted putting it to bed, claiming they were just “friendly” messages. However the truth prevailed and it was far from just friendly chats.

Cameron said: “What happens after final vows should not concern anyone. I have moved on from this experiment. I was never in a relationship, I was in an experiment…If you wanted a fairytale ending, get a job at Disneyland.” Very brutal and his response has everyone saying maybe he was the villain all along and he makes Adam look like a saint.

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