Inside the two successful businesses Grace runs when she’s not in the Love Island 2024 villa

Ok girl boss!

When she’s not causing a stir with Joey Essex on Love Island 2024, bombshell Grace Jackson has two businesses to run. She’s doing alright for herself, let’s put it that way.

When Grace was introduced as part of the Love Island 2024 cast, it was said she is a model and co-owner of a social media agency. She was actually sold a little short there, as she has two businesses to her name at the moment.

So, what does Grace do for work in the real world? Let’s take a look.

Outside the villa, Grace Jackson is the owner of two businesses

Grace keeps busy, that’s for sure. As well as modelling, she has two major business ventures. She owns a social management agency called Social Clubhouse, and also runs an events company called Vamos.

Social Clubhouse, founded in 2021, has just over 2k followers on Instagram, where it states that the company focuses on “elevating your brand’s digital presence” through social management, influencer marketing and content creation. Grace runs the brand alongside fellow influencer, Gabbi Migas.

Speaking on socials, the company added: “We offer full management of your business’ platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. We also specialise in influencers! Working closely with them to push your business through promotion.”

Among the brand’s clients is Dr Rosh, who has gone viral before showing off his aesthetics and cosmetic work on Islanders and other reality stars.

It looks as though Vamos is a Manchester-based events company, that has hosted some dates at Kitten in Manchester. Introducing what the brand does on Instagram, it posted: “Experience a night of freedom expressed through the fusion of electronic, Afrobeat and house melodies.”

The bio for the page added: “Immerse yourself into the soul, freedom and liberation that is Vamos.”

Before the show, Grace said she’s single because the lifestyle of modelling and owning a business can put guys off. “I like to go out and go abroad a lot,” Grace said. “They can’t keep up with my lifestyle! It’s the life that I want, and it helps with my business. To sit in and be single, I can’t understand why I would do that in my peak and my mid-20s.”

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