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Your Honor was savagely cancelled after season two, but now Netflix could save it

I’m listening!

With new arrivals and dates, TWO Love Island couples question splitting up tonight

Oh that villa is in a MESS

Casa Amor starts THIS WEEK and the Islanders’ exes are going to be there!

Oh my GOD

Petitions and statements: All the biggest drama that has come since Bridgerton season three

The Bridgerton universe is shaking!

Um, what exactly is going on with Ronnie from Love Island 2024’s thumb?

I need answers

Chris from Perfect Match is claiming the season two cast had a ‘treaty’ to rig the final vote

‘Did Nigel and Christine deserve to win? Absolutely not’

Casa Amor is back! Plus two bombshells hit the villa for the heart race challenge TONIGHT

It’s kicking off!

The first Love Island 2024 brand deal is already here – and it’s with Samantha!

She was dumped just days ago

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal share why their Perfect Match relationship didn’t work out

‘It was probably just infatuation, but I thought it was love’

Who smokes and who vapes in the Love Island 2024 villa has been revealed

The Islanders apparently spent one night chain smoking

From career changes to a baby: Inside Emily and Cam’s amazing life since Too Hot To Handle

They are thriving!

Bridgerton creator finally reveals real reason Gregory was wearing a sling the whole season

I was wondering about this for so long

Samantha goes IN on ‘slimy’ and ‘not nice’ Grace during first interview after Love Island

She said she wouldn’t be allowed to say on national TV the words she has for Grace

Joey and Omar fight escalated much more with the boys ‘pulling them apart’ after huge row

It seems as though a lot of the drama was cut from the show

All the Love Island 2024 cast who spent big bucks on cosmetic procedures before the villa

Some spent well into the thousands

It turns out the Bridgerton opening credits have loads of hidden easter eggs in them

Now I’m going to have to watch EVERY episode again :'(

Old pictures of Nicole before Love Island 2024 have emerged and her glow up is real

Now this is a transformation

Francesca foreshadowed her later heartbreaking story at the start of Bridgerton season three

I’m not ready for this!

Harry Jowsey says he was drunk and ‘doesn’t remember’ Perfect Match after breaking sobriety

‘I look like I’ve got problems, and I did have a lot of problems’

It’s vital, so here are the Bridgerton season three sex scenes ranked from worst to best

The mirror scene didn’t hit! Sue me!

Inside Sweet Delivery: The fancy sweets business owned by Sean from Love Island 2024

I’ve bought three bags x

So, what did Penelope previously say about Colin and Eloise Bridgerton in Lady Whistledown?

No wonder they were so upset when they found out it was her

All the previous and current Islanders Ronnie secretly already knew before Love Island 2024

Is there anyone this man doesn’t know?

The six huge Bridgerton season three easter eggs that hint Benedict’s story will be next

Was it written in a Lady Whistledown column all along?

15 years on, this is what the kids from the iconic Cadbury eyebrows advert are up to now

They’re still in touch!

Inside Grace from Love Island 2024’s incredibly boujie Manchester penthouse home

Ummm, I’m jealous?!

All the Bridgerton cast members who have confirmed they’ll be back in season four

The day Anthony Bridgerton quits the show is the day I do the same

The mirror scene took Bridgerton three whole days to film and it sounds wild

No wonder they broke the chaise lounge it was filmed on!

‘I would’ve done things differently’: Samantha speaks out after Love Island 2024 dumping

She wishes she’d coupled up with Ronnie instead

Lip and cheek fillers to muscle toning: Harriett’s £4,500 pre Love Island 2024 transformation

Oh she spent the big bucks

‘It’s a travesty’: Furious Bridgerton petition demands Netflix reverses huge book change

‘If you are not keeping the essence of the stories, please do not continue to call the show Bridgerton’

We found old pictures of Love Island 2024 bombshell Grace and her transformation is wild

Find me who does her hair NOW

Um, there was a version of the Bridgerton season three script with The Duke and Daphne in!

I need this!

Um, *that* Bridgerton mirror scene with Penelope and Colin was very different in the book

Thank the lord for Netflix

All of Harriett’s wild and random attempts at fame before the Love Island 2024 villa

She’s been moving in the right circles for YEARS

It’s Polin season! 27 memes about Bridgerton season three part two that’ll make you cry again

Lady Whistledown will always be famous

Doctor savagely guesses the ages of the Love Island 2024 girls and what work they’ve had

The plastic surgeon thought one of the girls was in her 40s

There was a really cute easter egg in Colin and Penelope’s Bridgerton wedding scene

I couldn’t love their story any more if I tried

Grace and Joey scenes got so x-rated Love Island producers cut them from the show


Bridgerton filmed an alternate end for Cressida in season three and it was totally different

Oh what could have been!

So, who is Michaela Stirling? Francesca’s love interest in first Bridgerton queer storyline

The books give us a lot of insight into what’s going to happen

All the details of how Joey Essex and Love Island bombshell Grace already know each other

Ohhh she’s not happy

Say hello to the three new bombshells ready to stir it up in the Love Island 2024 villa

This is EXACTLY what we needed

The Perfect Match season two rich list: The huge net worths of the Netflix reality stars

No surprises for who is number one

He’s moved on! Callum has a new girlfriend after Molly split, and she’s a stunning model

Ofc she is

Ranked: The 2024 Islanders done the most dirty by the Love Island photographer

Ok but why did they not just tell Ronnie to stand up straight?

Bridgerton creator reveals how long we have to wait until season four and now I’m crying

She’s said it’s ‘some of her best work’, though

‘Cut them out, get rid’: Inside the shock end to Lucinda and Timothy’s MAFS friendship

‘Don’t let anyone waste one minute of your life’

The staggeringly high net worths of the Big Bang Theory cast, ranked from lowest to highest

Imagine a list where having tens of millions puts you at the bottom

Aus influencer Tammy Hembrow is asking for donations to her wedding despite $50m net worth

Tammy – who has featured on official rich lists twice – is marrying a Love Island Australia star later this year

Famous pals and fancy trips: Inside Harriett’s life when not stirring up drama on Love Island

In the real world she described herself as ‘confident’ and ‘a really good friend’

MAFS’ Melinda talks shock split from Layton and admits she thinks about getting back together

‘Some days I’ll catch myself thinking about Layton’

Who she loves and who needs to be dumped: Georgia Steel dishes the dirt on Love Island 2024

Ofc she’s defending Harriett

MAFS exes Sara and Tim are still fighting and now Lauren’s got involved in the mess

It’s been months you guys

This viral maths riddle has sent my brain into orbit – can you solve it?

Help x

The fallout from Omar and Mimii’s decision plus the first Love Island 2024 challenge tonight!

One Islander storms off from the firepit when the decision is revealed

So, Love Island’s Harriett’s brother isn’t a Premiership footballer – that was a complete lie

Before the show started a video circulated of her claiming her brother played in the Premier League

A rundown of what actually went down with Georgia and Dom after winning Perfect Match

Did she cheat with Harry Jowsey? Where does Tyga come into this?

Rozz goes Instagram official with new boyfriend following split from MAFS UK groom Thomas

I’m so happy for her!

From celeb pals to TV parents: All the rogue claims to fame the Love Island 2024 cast have

Ummm, new boy Omar is mates with Stormzy?

Three months on, this is what all the Love Is Blind season six cast members are up to now

From new relationships to failed business ventures

So, what is actually happening between Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey after Perfect Match?

Are they? Aren’t they?

Netflix may have to pay £132mill Baby Reindeer lawsuit after line in first episode, says lawyer

The ‘real Martha’ has filed the huge defamation claim

This wild theory explains why George attended his own funeral at the end of Young Sheldon

This would make so much sense

Actually good gift ideas for every type of dad this Father’s Day

Not a ‘#1 Dad’ mug in sight

All the hidden meanings behind the jewellery the characters in Bridgerton each wear

Absolutely nothing in this show is done by accident

Tonight the Love Island girls are divided in bitter row and one is at risk of being DUMPED

The episode has been called the ‘most dramatic ever’ with TWO huge arguments

All the details of Monster season two have been revealed and it drops on Netflix this year

I need more of this!

Two months on, everything Jack and Tori have been up to since MAFS Australia 2024

I really didn’t think they’d still be together, but what do I know?

Everything you need to know about Uma, the model causing waves on Love Island 2024

‘When people first see me they think I’m going to be horrible’

A video of Harriett way before Love Island has emerged and she looks so different it’s wild

She’s casually vlogging with Saffron Barker

There were TWO editing errors on Love Island last night so, surprise! This series is staged

We’re not even one week in!

An Islander exposed for cheating! Plus which Islander used to date a Love Island winner?!

The show might have just begun, but the tea is already hot as hell

A huge row rocks the villa tonight and the first Love Island 2024 girl bombshell arrives!

We’re in for a treat later!

Girls’ nights and influencing: Inside Samantha’s glam life outside the Love Island 2024 villa

She had Botox and fillers ahead of the villa

Go on then, just how mega rich is Joey Essex? Here’s his exact net worth ahead of Love Island

Let’s just say he’s not in the villa to boost his bank balance

An Islander has already been axed and quit the villa with ‘tears around the firepit’ TONIGHT

How is Love Island 2024 providing so much drama already?!

From reality stars to models: Inside Joey Essex’s celeb-filled dating history

It doesn’t look like he needs the Love Island villa tbh

Joey Essex took a ferry to the villa as Love Island desperately tried to keep his entry secret

Inside the ‘military operation’ of how the show managed to get reality TV royalty to the villa

This is how old all the Love Island 2024 cast members are, from youngest to oldest

The boys are just babies!

It’s time! First look at Love Island 2024 tonight reveals huge twist that shocks the villa

The chaos has already started!

His huge house to who he’s dating: Inside Buying London boss Daniel Daggers’ fancy life

He lives in a £1.2million home and hangs out at celeb hotspots

Love Island 2024’s first girl bombshell revealed and she enters the villa tonight!

She’s mates with Samie from the 2023 series

There’s actually a really cute reason Pitbull was used as the Bridgerton carriage scene song

Who knew the lyrics could be so romantic?

Jack from MAFS Australia 2024 is now being paid a silly high amount in sex toy brand deal

Ummm, he promotes them under a different name?

Ranked: The best and worst seasons of Bridgerton on Netflix, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Nobody show Anthony and Kate this!

Who’s dating and who’s hating: The Love Island All Stars couples nearly six months on

There’s a lot of hating x

In full: The Instagram statement 7M released when it was accused of being a TikTok ‘cult’

The statement is briefly brushed over in the Netflix series

So, where is TikTok ‘cult’ 7M founder Robert Shinn now and what has he said about the claims?

The case against him is set to go on trial next year

Dancing for the Devil on Netflix: Where is Miranda Wilking from 7M TikTok ‘cult’ now?

‘I am not held against my will’

Ranked: The Buying London agents by their mega huge net worths

Sending my job application in NOW

Bridgerton viewer breaks down the importance of Colin’s gift to Violet and now I’m crying

When he returned from travelling he had a very special present for his mum

A Cooper family member not being at George’s funeral makes Young Sheldon even more tragic

I have no tears left to cry

Villa changes and spin-off shows: The juicy details we know about Love Island 2024

Bosses are planning to ‘turn up the heat’ with new formats

Inside the secretive life of Luke Thompson when he’s not playing Benedict in Bridgerton

Of course he went to Bristol uni

‘I’m the it girl of Brighton’: What the new Islanders have said in their cringe show bios

‘I don’t really like being outside too much, I’ve been outside recently and it’s not fun outside’

Inside Claudia Jessie’s life off-screen when she’s not playing our fav Bridgerton girl Eloise

She lives on a boat and is a practising Buddhist

Buying London star Juliana was homeless before the show but is now a millionaire

‘I lost everything – I was trusting the wrong people’

Nicola Coughlan was once an extra on Made in Chelsea and called the show out for being fake

This is such a wild crossover?!

Regé-Jean Page quit Bridgerton to pursue other things, so what has he actually been up to?

No Duke… for this?

Netflix’s next true crime is about TikTokers lured into a cult by fake management company

Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult is out next week

This footballer is ‘signed up’ for Love Island 2024 and he went to Olivia Attwood’s wedding!

Ronnie Vint is set to be entering the villa in the next few days

Before Bridgerton, Luke Newton was in a cringe boy band backed as the ‘next One Direction’

Um, they had a £1million record deal?!

MAFS Australia to make ‘huge’ casting changes to be more like UK series as filming starts again

‘Producers are now under immense pressure to raise the bar on our version to keep the format fresh’

Would Colin Bridgerton marry you? Take this quiz to find out

No recreations of the carriage scene, please

Fake nails to false eyelashes: The annoying historical beauty errors in Bridgerton season three

Seriously though, why does Colin looks so airbrushed?

This is how old all the cast members of Buying London on Netflix are

Some of them are so young!

Makeup artists and influencers: All the girls rumoured to be going on Love Island 2024

I’m ready for that villa!

Revealed: The eye-wateringly huge salaries the Bridgerton cast were paid for the show

We’re talking hundreds of thousands

Inside the real life dating lives of the Bridgerton cast and who is dating who outside the show

Benedict is dating a Featherington sister in real life!

Love Island 2024 signs influencer who uses platform to talk about her disability for the villa

‘Patsy will definitely bring good vibes and positive energy’

Nicola Coughlan reveals she and Luke Newton made awkward error during *that* carriage scene

A producer ran up to the carriage door and had to tell them to stop what they were doing

Every cast member who has left Bridgerton on Netflix, and each of their reasons why

‘It’s not going to happen – I’ve done my bit’

The incredible glow ups the Bridgerton characters have had from season one to now

Thanking my lucky stars every day since the Bridgerton brothers shaved their side burns

Love Island has ‘signed up’ this stunning makeup artist for the 2024 summer series

It’s exactly two weeks until we head back to the villa!

These 31 Bridgerton season three memes are so good Lady Whistledown has mentioned them

Am I going to stop talking about the carriage scene? No x

Bridgerton confirms queer romance in future seasons and people think it’s Cressida and Eloise

‘We are exploring queer love stories across the next couple of seasons’

Claudia Jessie reveals serious but hilarious reason Eloise was wearing huge cuffs in Bridgerton

It’s the summer muff!

Meet all the rumoured Islanders for the Love Island 2024 villa

We’re in for a treat

Meet Hannah Dodd: The vibey actress who now plays Francesca in Bridgerton season three

She was rumoured to be dating Sam Fender?!

All the vibey orchestra covers in the Bridgerton season three part one soundtrack

Pitbull and Taylor Swift in the same episode? I’m listening

The reason Bridgerton changed the book order and Colin and Penelope’s story is now

In the Julia Quinn books the show is based on, Benedict’s love story is told next

New romances and actual fights: Made in Chelsea is off to Mauritius next week!

Oh it kicks off big style

Love Island 2024 ‘first contestant revealed’ as Welsh rugby player is set to enter the villa

The Islanders will be flying to Mallorca in the next week or so!

Love Is Blind’s Clay pictured with *another* OnlyFans star after going official with model

I can’t keep up

Netflix has new true crime series about data hack that exposed millions of cheating partners

Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal is out now

In pictures: The Bridgerton cast wowing at the season three premiere this week

They are all perfection

Ranked: The most successful Selling The OC agents, by how much money they’ve earned

It’s dog eat dog out there

Chrishell from Selling Sunset is going to be in a Netflix Christmas rom-com and it sounds awful

She’s starring alongside Janis from Mean Girls, whose character falls in love with a snowman

Clay from Love Is Blind is now dating an OnlyFans model with 3.2million followers

After his engagement to AD failed, Clay has said he now wants to focus on ‘the physical’ in his relationship

Anton and Georgia had a huge row at the BAFTAs after he brought model he’s now dating

Georgia told him to ‘f**k off’ lmao

Um, apparently Love Island winner Ekin-Su is now dating TOWIE’s James Argent?!

They’ve been ‘passionately kissing’ on ‘cosy dates’

There’s a theory of how Joe will reach his end in YOU season five and it is WILD

Prison just isn’t enough!

The MAFS Australia 2024 cast who gained the least Instagram followers from the show

Basically, there was no point

Yas from Made in Chelsea was on an episode of Rich Kids Go Skint and it’s eye opening

Yas told her new family, who ‘lose sleep’ over money, that she spends hundreds on ‘all my creams’

MAFS Australia 2024’s Sara confirms she’s ‘no longer friends’ with Eden following row


All the Selling The OC cast members who have spent thousands on cosmetic surgery

They all look so perfect!

A week before it comes back, take this quiz to see if you remember Bridgerton season two

Kate and Anthony haven’t left my mind since tbh

‘It was jokey banter’: The bombshell claims Fiona Harvey made in Piers Morgan interview

It was a lot to take in

Romances and trips together: What the Emily in Paris cast have been up to ahead of season four

Desperate to be invited on their group holidays

Richard Gadd says the Baby Reindeer crew was reduced to tears filming harrowing scenes

‘The team felt it with me in a lot of ways’

Book deals and becoming millionaires: The major career moves from the MAFS Australia cast

They really are cashing in on their fame

Suing Netflix to Piers Morgan’s show: Everything real Martha has said after Baby Reindeer

She’s determined to ‘set the record straight’

You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the bee in this irritating brainteaser in 26 seconds

Summer is here, and so are the flowery puzzles

Just five minutes into Selling The OC is an editing error – so yes, season three is staged

I give up

Only a MAFS Australia 2024 addict can get full marks in this trivia quiz about the show

Challenge accepted!

The ‘select few’ MAFS Australia 2024 cast invited to Fashion Week and who is blacklisted

Some have been deemed ‘too fame hungry’ to attend the event

Love Island 2023’s Molly and Zach confirm they’re back together in cute statement

They’re off travelling together for two months!

All the Selling The OC cast who’ve left The Oppenheim Group and their dramatic reasons why

The company culture gets blamed a LOT

Yikes, Love Is Blind’s Jeramey and Sarah-Ann have already split up?!

They announced they were together at the season six reunion

Jack and Tori reveal the real savage reason they stormed out the MAFS Australia reunion

They’re still not happy!

Ranked: Who from MAFS Australia 2024 gained the most Instagram followers on the show

This is what they really came for

So after all the drama, who from MAFS Australia 2024 is actually still mates?

Lucinda is a common feature, of course

Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd is a secret millionaire raking in even more from Netflix

Umm, he has a whole other name he makes money under?

A rundown of all the drama between Selling The OC’s Tyler and Alex Hall and Brittany Snow

Brittany hinted Tyler was unfaithful during their marriage but Alex has snapped back

Three MAFS Australia 2024 cast members wanted to quit but stayed until the end of the show

Producers persuaded some to stay whilst others have said they still regret not leaving

Omg, Lauren is being lined up to have her own TV show following MAFS Australia!

It’s what she deserves!

A full breakdown of how many emails, letters, voicemails and tweets Richard Gadd’s stalker sent

‘You’ll never believe the hell one cup of tea can cause’

Um, it turns out Sara requested DAYS OFF filming MAFS Australia to meet with her ex?!

The plot thickens!!

MAFS Australia 2024’s Tim spills all on ‘horrible’ relationship with Sara that ‘scarred’ him

He’s said she had ‘scary eyes’ and a ‘face of fury’

Selling Sunset’s Bre sued for over $12million by previous employees over ‘vulgar behaviour’

In the lawsuit she’s been accused of homophobia and threatening violence

The MAFS Australia 2024 cast members who are still beefing, even now the show is over

They really won’t ever rest

Tears and walk outs: All the dramatic scenes cut from the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

We were robbed of SO much chaos

Meet the full glam cast of Buying London, Netflix’s new UK Selling Sunset style show

It’s coming later this month!

‘It’s wrecked my week’: Real life Martha ‘targeted by cult’ following Baby Reindeer on Netflix

‘They are determined to stalk me the same way I am stalking them’

Um, Jayden made Lauren cry and she stormed out the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion?!

Production had to step in and have a word with Jayden, but all of this was cut from the show

20 years on, these 15 Mean Girls production secrets and facts are still as fetch as the film

Rachel McAdams wanted to play Cady, but ‘intimidated’ Lindsay Lohan in script readings so they made her Regina

Woman believed to be real life Martha says she’s suing Netflix over Baby Reindeer

‘I’m a highly competent lawyer’

There was a very serious reason Jack and Tori didn’t feature at MAFS reunion dinner party

Jack and another groom ‘lost it’ with one another and Channel Nine was forced to change the show

Which MAFS Australia 2024 groom would you marry? Take this quiz to find out

Anyone but Jack, PLEASE

Reality nepo babies and familiar faces: Meet the five new cast members of Made in Chelsea

Ummm, James Taylor’s brother is now an official cast member?!

‘Never lower to their level’: Anton makes very deep and salty posts after split from Georgia H

‘If someone truly loves you distance is not a problem’

Inside the very specific and intense application form for MAFS Australia cast members

‘Would you describe yourself as lonely? Do you have any skeletons in your closet?’

Jack shares which reality shows he wants to go on next with his MAFS Australia fame

He wants a show to help his ‘personal growth’

Ranking Jayden’s terrible MAFS Australia 2024 dinner party looks, from awful to even worse

They are truly unforgivable

Uh-oh! Love Island: All Stars couple Georgia H and Anton have split up!

Another one bites the dust

After a stressful time on MAFS Australia 2024, what are Andrea and Richard up to now?

Wholesome alert!

Sara and Tim scene was cut from the MAFS Australia dinner party and it changes everything

Things didn’t end at all how it was shown on-screen

What happened to Daniel Wong and the latest on Jennifer Pan’s boyfriend now

The case is currently being explored in What Jennifer Did on Netflix

All the famous and celebrity exes of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members

From footballers to international DJs

They’ve been messy since MAFS Australia, so here’s if Jade and Ridge are still together

Will any of the couples have a smooth run?

Jack and Tori had a huge row with producers and stormed out the reunion TWICE

‘They went ballistic – it was so intense’

Revealed: The full juicy letter Timothy and Lucinda wrote to Jack and Tori on MAFS Australia

Oh there’s a very good reason this was blurred on the show

What Jennifer Did: Where is Jennifer Pan’s father Huei Hann Pan now?

He survived the shocking ordeal

Three MAFS Australia 2024 couples have shockingly split since the reunion was filmed

It’s all falling apart!

Even more pictures of Eden before MAFS Australia 2024 have emerged and her change is wild

Who is SHE?

What Jennifer Did: Jennifer Pan is now in prison and aggressively appealing her sentence

‘Her fight is not over’

MAFS Australia addresses Timothy’s casting and admits his criminal past was missed

Background checks failed to pick up that he was previously a multi-million dollar drug smuggler

Lauren claps back in fiery DMs to MAFS Australia 2024 meme page that shaded Sara

‘Pick on what you see her do on the show, but this is just too far’

MAFS Australia’s Timothy speaks out about drug and prison past that made him millions

He chose to keep his dark past a secret from MAFS Australia producers

What Jennifer Did: Netflix true crime tells story of student who hired hitmen to kill parents

The chilling doc is out now

Love Island’s Paige speaks out about Finn’s ‘fling with MAFS star’ and it’s getting salty

‘The last I heard he was getting to know someone else pretty well’

Ben calls Ellie ‘a cold-hearted woman’ who was ‘made to look like a hero’ on MAFS Australia

He’s also claimed Ellie had a boyfriend who she dumped for the show

Wait, Timothy spent time in max security prisons for drug offences before MAFS Australia?!

Excuse me, WHAT?!

So, are Jayden and Eden still together after MAFS Australia 2024? It’s time to find out

They’ve been the golden couple for a long time

Which MAFS Australia 2024 bride are you? Take this quiz to find out

I beg I’m Lauren

Just a list of 17 awful things we’ve learnt about Jack during MAFS Australia 2024

From thinking it’s ok to ‘muzzle’ a woman, to sweating all the time

This video of Richard from MAFS Australia giving it everything on the dance floor is incredible

Not him dancing to My Neck, My Back

Paige and Finn ‘over for good’ as he ‘slept with MAFS star’ and ruined their reunion

The Love Island winners did briefly get back together recently

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn and her tech millionaire husband are getting a divorce

This comes weeks after a domestic incident at their shared home

Filed over text and going missing: The messiest divorces had by the women of Selling Sunset

I still haven’t forgiven Justin Hartley

MAFS Australia 2024 viewers think they’ve spotted telltale sign to know ‘when Jack is lying’

Ok now I *have* to spot every time he does this

Leaked production schedule proves Sara scandal was the most staged MAFS Australia drama yet

Eden filmed a fake scene telling Jayden about Sara’s secret, when she’d actually told him four days earlier

Files of the Unexplained: What happened to Calvin Parker from episode one of Netflix show?

The episode tells his story and then pays tribute to him

Sara now says the ex she slept with is a different ex to who she met during MAFS Australia?!

Her story changes every single time she tells it?

Introducing all the new partners of the Love Is Blind season six cast members

In just a couple of months, Jeramey and Sarah-Ann have split and Clay’s been pictured with TWO OnlyFans creators

Even more pics of Lauren before MAFS Australia 2024 have emerged and she looks so different

Obsessed with this

A full breakdown of who was scouted and who applied to be in the MAFS Australia 2024 cast

Timothy had been in talks for a few seasons

All the huge and lucrative brand deals that have made Molly Smith a Love Island millionaire

None of the other All Stars Islanders have even come close to her success

Lauren reveals ‘abrasive and confronting’ moments of hers that were cut from MAFS Australia

At one dinner party she called Jono a ‘dog’ over a dozen times

Revealed: The shoddy apology texts Jack and Tori sent Tristan after MAFS Australia retreat

After calling him a ‘whale’ on TV, Jack told Tristan he’s ‘happy to help with your fitness journey’

We have answers: Which MAFS Australia 2024 couples made it and are still together?

The show is wrapping in Australia and everything’s been revealed

The Love Is Blind season six cast are on Cameo, here are the silly amounts they each charge

I wonder if Laura charged £44 when she video called into the reunion?

Favourite MAFS Australia 2024 couple dramatically broke up FOUR times after filming ended

‘It was all an act, he would cry on the couch and everyone fell for it’

Jayden went onto MAFS Australia with a ‘game plan’ and was ‘coached’ by brother Mitch

A cast member says he ‘was on the phone with Mitch every day’ to ‘make sure he looked good’

Favourite MAFS Australia 2024 couple dramatically broke up FOUR times after filming ended

‘It was all an act, he would cry on the couch and everyone fell for it’

Wait, now leaked texts claim Ridge got two women pregnant weeks before MAFS Australia?!

I can’t keep up!

Huge MAFS Australia 2024 bust up got so bad four brides had to be separated for filming

It was ‘all out war’ between the women on set

Ben was ‘convinced’ he was going on The Bachelor before MAFS and dropped everything for fame

‘This guy is desperate for his 15 minutes of fame’

Georgia Steel confirms Love Island feud and says she ‘isn’t invited’ to All Stars nights out


Ridge dumped TWO exes to go on MAFS Australia then cheated on Jade with them AFTER filming

‘We slept together in January, and Jade knows about it’

Someone’s found unreleased clips of more chaos from *that* MAFS Australia 2024 dinner party

‘NO ONE spills my f**king wine’

Jack and Tori tried to QUIT MAFS Australia 2024 together after ‘orchestrated drama’

‘Let’s just go together, we don’t need to be surrounded by these people’

Selling Sunset’s Chelsea divorcing husband Jeff as she ‘thinks he’s been cheating for months’

‘She wanted to catch him in the act before filing’

This huge MAFS Australia 2024 editing error proves dramatic moment wasn’t what it seemed

It was all a lie!

Timothy was on another reality TV show years before his MAFS Australia 2024 fame

Who knew he owned a kebab shop?

Gotcha! These are all the silly ways we fooled you on April Fool’s Day 2024

No, Georgia Steel isn’t the new host of Love Island

Omg, Jimmy and Chelsea have been announced as the new Love Is Blind hosts!

No more Nick and Vanessa Lachey and I am SHAKING

Just a bunch of memes about how bad the guys of MAFS Australia 2024 have been this week

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry

Love Island’s Hannah kicked out of Molly Smith’s Boohoo event for vaping inside too much

‘She was arguing in the street with bouncers’

As well as his hate list, Ben wrote Ellie a ‘game plan’ and threatened to leave MAFS Australia

‘You have three to five days left, be kind’

MAFS Australia production got so angry at Ben his friends and family visit was edited out

Ben would ‘constantly speak in riddles’ and production ended up ‘yelling at him’ over it

Two weeks after split from Adam, Love Island’s Arabella is dating a Premiership footballer

She has a type!

In full: The letter MAFS Australia’s Ben wrote to Ellie listing all the things he hates about her

It includes her vaping, and waking up when he walks into the bedroom

Selling Sunset agent Chelsea Lazkani files for divorce from her businessman husband

He’s the father of their two young children

Inside Samie from Love Island’s cute holiday where she’s hard launched her new boyfriend

A bit obsessed

Two huge editing errors prove this week has been the most staged on MAFS Australia 2024

I’m rolling my eyes

Um, Chelsea now has her own merch range with cringe Love Is Blind sayings on it

I’ll take four ‘Megan Faux’ caps, please

Lauren and Jono were edited out of MAFS Australia family and friends week for savage reason

Ngl I’d be a bit embarrassed

Ash spills all about ‘traumatic’ MAFS marriage where Madeleine ‘exploded’ at him off camera

‘An absolute sh*t show – wild, traumatic, crazy’

Revealed: The awkward *real* reason Madeleine and Ash left MAFS Australia 2024

There was ‘a lot more’ to their exit than the short scene viewers were shown

These are the wildest transformations from the cast of MAFS Australia 2024

Jack in a bowler hat and tie will never not be funny

Molly bags *another* six-figure brand deal making her the most successful All Stars Islander

She’s putting in WORK

Producers ‘screamed’ at Jayden and Eden after they broke a major MAFS Australia 2024 rule

The couple are ‘in hot water’ with Channel 9

What MAFS Australia’s Richard said about Andrea that was so explicit it was cut from UK show

In the most recent commitment ceremony, Andrea said she felt ‘disrespected’

Runway debuts and breakups: What Georgia Steel has been up to since Love Island All Stars

Let’s just say, she’s been real busy

Wait, Timothy was secretly married for SEVEN years before MAFS Australia 2024?!

He and his ex wife ‘talk regularly’ and are ‘still good friends to this day’

MAFS Australia 2024 experts go IN on Jack over ‘repulsive’ comments about ‘muzzling’ Lauren

‘I’ve heard some things in these experiments that have repulsed me, that’s one of the worst’

Um, Jayden hooked up with this season nine villain bride before MAFS Australia 2024

‘I would literally kick a door down if anyone tried to mess with him, he’s such a good boy’

‘I was verbally harassed’: MAFS Australia’s Jack releases scathing statement about his ex

He’s recently had a restraining order against her granted

Say ‘I do’ to 17 stunning behind the scenes pics of the Love Is Blind season six weddings

Looking at these knowing how the days ended is chaotic

These 29 memes about the Love Is Blind season six weddings are loads better than the show

This is a Clay’s mum appreciation post

Um, it looks as though Chelsea and Jimmy are secretly dating again after Love Is Blind

They think they’re being sneaky, but I see you!

The Program: Right, this is where Robert Lichfield the founder of WWASP is now

His huge estate in Utah is still abandoned

Um, Collins straight up admits he came across as ‘fake’ and like an actor on MAFS Australia

He also claims Natalie was only on the show for Instagram followers

MAFS’ Timothy has gone IN on Jayden and Eden calling them ‘fake’ and fame hungry

‘From the day I met him I didn’t buy anything about Jayden’

Actually good gift ideas for every type of mum this Mother’s Day

We all know mum is literally the hardest person to shop for

The Program: So, where is Ivy Ridge and WWASP director Narvin Lichfield now?

Apart from not realising he’s being filmed by Netflix doing karaoke with his ex-pupils

The Program on Netflix: What Paris Hilton has said about her links to ‘troubled teen’ schools

‘It was the most traumatising experience I ever went through in my life’

The Love Is Blind cast members who have turned to OnlyFans after failing in the pods

Thanks for the offer, but I won’t be subscribing

Only people with a very high IQ can solve this flat battery brainteaser in less than 38 seconds

The official record is six seconds

Who’s on and who’s off: Two weeks on, the relationship status of every All Stars couple

‘I wouldn’t say we’re together’

Netflix has a new wild true crime documentary about a disciplinary school cult out now

The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping shines light on a horrific story

Um guys, people think Love Is Blind’s Jessica is dating Harry Jowsey because of leaked pics

This is the wildest crossover ever

‘I wouldn’t say we’re together’: Adam finally addresses rumours he’s split from Arabella

It’s not looking good x

Reddit breaks down theories ahead of the Love Is Blind season six weddings and they’re wild

Wait, Chelsea and Jimmy won’t even make it down the aisle?!

People spot biggest Love Is Blind editing error of all time and my brain is truly frazzled

‘Love Is Blind more like Love Is Edited’

They’re back! All the first Instagram posts from the Love Island: All Stars after the villa

Surprise, Arabella and Adam are very much posting separately

Inside the wild Love Island: All Stars night out with drunk Islanders and new couple rumours

They took let loose to a whole new level

All the editing blunders and staged moments in Love Is Blind season six on Netflix

It’s been messy

Wait, people have spotted a huge clue Ella and Tyrique have got back together already

I can’t keep up!

All Stars spark dating rumours on strip club night out! And couple ‘fears’ for their relationship

After the villa it’s all kicking off

Dramatic ‘I do nots’ and walk outs: Predicting the Love Is Blind season six wedding chaos

Jimmy is about to RUN

Um guys, Love Is Blind forgot to edit out this moment with the camera crew in the bushes

You had one job

Less than two weeks on, all the All Stars Islanders who are back to their day jobs

The grind never stops!

Anton tried to QUIT Love Island: All Stars following explosive rows with Georgia H

He ‘found the process really tough’

The All Stars Islanders who have refused to follow each other on Instagram after the villa

There’s a lot of beef going on!

The Love Is Blind jobs make no sense, so here’s what the season six cast actually do

Ok now I see how Clay is making bank

There was a huge editing error in Love Is Blind season six and I can’t believe we missed it

How did this happen?!

An All Stars couple make it official! Plus an Islander is already running back to their ex?!

The show might be over, but the drama isn’t

Chelsea responds to allegations Trevor had a secret girlfriend whilst filming Love Is Blind

‘It’s a very unfortunate situation’

A rundown of everyone accused of being in a secret relationship during Love Is Blind season six

Umm, how did they all make it through casting?

Three months on, which MAFS UK 2023 couples are still together?

It’s been messy!

‘I’m over it’: Everything Peggy and Georges have said in their messy post MAFS UK split

There have been cheating accusations and constant Instagram statements

People have spotted a huge clue in season six that proves Love Is Blind is staged


Love Island’s Samie is ‘happily dating’ TOWIE star following split from Tom Clare

She and her new footballer man have apparently been dating for months

Yikes, Love Island’s Ella and Tyrique have split up after six months and ‘things ended badly’

Just a few days ago he spent £1,200 buying her a bag for Valentine’s Day

All the times a Love Is Blind cast member has quit mid-experiment and what went down

I love the drama!

‘She’s making money off my name’: Jimmy hits back at ‘secret girlfriend’ during Love Is Blind

The girl in question thought her boyfriend had been on a business trip but he was actually in the pods

Love Is Blind cast defend Matthew and the ‘fake narrative’ created about him

Oh, right?

Love Is Blind star Jeramey’s ex claims they were engaged and he dumped her for the show


Guys, there’s another MAFS UK 2023 reunion coming this month!

Just as Peggy and Georges break up? I’m screaming

From breakfast to the early hours: The gruelling daily routine for contestants on Love Is Blind

At the end of a day of filming they are escorted to rooms to sleep

Matthew from season six might just be the worst Love Is Blind casting of all time

And we’ve had the likes of Shake and Bartise already

So, Georgia Steel was called out for being ‘infuriating’ when she was on Celebs On The Ranch

One of her cast mates literally quit a task because they were paired with her

Inside millionaire Georgia Steel’s huge York mansion, with neon lights and marble floors

The cinema room with ‘Steel’ in neon lights is really something

Love Island: All Stars golden couple Molly and Tom fall apart over Georgia Steel drama

Tonight Molly tells Tom: ‘Babe if you can’t trust me, we’ve got no chance’

Who will win Love Island: All Stars, according to the dumped Islanders

There are a couple of rogue choices in here

Lover, Stalker, Killer on Netflix: Where Liz Golyar is now and what her life is like

She still maintains her innocence

Guys, Love Island: All Stars comes to an end next week and the split or steal twist is BACK

Yes, one of these couples is actually going to win

‘It’s a shame how it ended’: The five dumped All Stars Islanders spill their villa truths

‘It’s just not meant to be’

Uh-oh, someone’s made a video of Tom saying all the same things to Molly as he did to Samie

I think I’ve seen this film before, and I didn’t like the ending

Lucinda has broken up with her Love Island Australia boyfriend to ‘pursue All Stars’

Ummm, yikes?!

All the burning hot evidence Love Island: All Stars is staged

Nothing is sacred

Georgia H and Anton split tonight?! And meet the latest Love Island: All Stars bombshell!

It’s heating up big time!

Actually good Valentine’s gifts guaranteed to make them fall in love with you (fast)

Your situationship won’t know what’s hit ’em x

It’s been revealed exactly who smokes and vapes in the Love Island: All Stars villa

Georgia Steel and Anton ‘always push to the front of the smoking queue and cause trouble’

Ekin-Su defends Georgia Steel’s behaviour on All Stars and says she’s being ‘attacked’

‘She’s just a girl and she has every right to try and find a connection’

So, who is new Dragons’ Den guest investor Emma Grede and how did she make her money?

She’s richer than pretty much all the other Dragons

Love Island double dumping chaos as All Stars Islanders TRICKED into sending couple home

This is SAVAGE

‘You Georgia are self absorbed’: Paul C Brunson ripped into Georgia Steel on Celebs Go Dating

He was so real for this

Casey apparently cheated on his ex of three years – despite claiming he’s always been loyal

During a game on Love Island: All Stars Casey said he’s never cheated, but stories are saying otherwise

Wait, this clip shows Georgia and Toby met just months ago not ‘years’ like she’s been saying

What about all that ‘deep history’ then?

‘She was horrible’: A long, winding history of Georgia Steel’s most controversial TV moments

After the 2018 villa she was kicked out the cast group chat

We found loads of old pictures of Love Island’s Georgia Harrison, and she looks so different

I want a glow up like this

Omg, Craig David is BACK on Love Island tonight and Anton literally screams at him

This is going to be INCREDIBLE

A clip of Love Island’s Georgia Steel on MTV Cribs has resurfaced and it’s hilarious

She lived on a farm and drove a tractor around for the show

Which Love Island: All Stars girlie are you? Take this quiz to find out

Some of us are destined to be Georgia Steel

An Islander has been dumped in ‘shocking’ recoupling?! Plus an unaired bust up in the villa!

The drama is continuing at full pace!

Over the years, the wild transformation Love Island’s Jess and Eve Gale have had

It’s believed they’ve had a number of procedures done

Another! There was an editing error on All Stars last night and now I’m questioning it all

I demand answers!

The Love Island: All Stars cast and their many, many previous attempts at fame

Why have so many of them been on Dinner Date, please?

Ella is ‘fuming and feels betrayed’ over friend Katie Price’s relationship with MAFS ex JJ

JJ and Katie Price have just confirmed their relationship

There was an editing error on Love Island: All Stars proving major conversation was staged

I trust nothing

Griselda on Netflix: What happened to her bodyguard husband Dario in real life

Things weren’t exactly how they were shown in the Netflix series

All of Georgia Steel’s desperate attempts at TV stardom before Love Island: All Stars

She started going on reality TV aged 13!!

Arabella has openly spoken about cosmetic work she’s had done – including BBL and fillers

‘It took me a while to grow into my looks’

There’s solid evidence Craig David will perform on All Stars and I’m shaking for Anton

He NEEDS this

Only a Love Island addict can solve this brainteaser in less than 30 seconds

Challenge accepted!

Footballers and international DJs: All the celebrity exes of the Love Island All Stars cast

They move in the right circles, clearly

Finally! Netflix has given us a first look at Squid Game season two coming THIS YEAR

I am SO excited

Tom and Casey were both fully aware they were going on Love Island: All Stars together

The soppy reunion was all for show!

Inside the huge fallout previous best friends Joanna and Georgia had before All Stars

‘One day we just blocked her on everything’

‘They’re back baby!’: Love Is Blind teases an all stars special and I am shaking

Bartise is back in the pods, I repeat, Bartise is back in the pods!

‘We still don’t have answers’: Denise and Aaron speak out after American Nightmare on Netflix

They say law enforcement have a ‘lack of accountability’ which is ‘at the expense of innocent victims’

Molly and Tom given power to dump two Islanders as All Stars descends into chaos tonight

IMAGINE if they choose to dump Georgia Steel

New bombshell Casey ‘hooked up’ with Georgia H before All Stars – here’s what went down

Yes, more Islanders with history together!

Wait, Davide claims Ekin-Su didn’t dump him and her breakup statement ‘changed last minute’

Oh this is a MESS

So, Love Island’s Jake Cornish and Ouzy See have a song together and it’s a lot

I have to admit though, I’ve listened to the sample many, many times

‘She can have my ex and my next’: Molly goes IN on Georgia Steel on All Stars tonight

She’s finally had enough!

It’s over! Ekin-Su confirms she and Davide have split up AGAIN as she dumps him

This comes as Davide was accused of being involved with an OnlyFans model

Explained: The ‘let them theory’ TikTokers are claiming is changing their lives and mindsets

‘Sounds like peace to me’

Love Island: All Stars chaos tonight as FOUR are dumped and two bombshells hit the villa

Favourites are dumped and a ‘previous heartbreaker’ is among new arrivals

Uh-oh, Ekin-Su and Davide ‘on brink of split’ again following ‘rows over an OnlyFans model’

I can’t take this again

These are the wildest transformations from the cast of Love Island: All Stars

They’ve all changed SO much

All the vibey pictures the Love Island: All Stars cast have taken on their villa phones

They really are giving

All of these Islanders have been straight up banned from being on Love Island: All Stars


People have spotted a huge error on Love Island: All Stars and it’s absolutely hilarious

‘Did production tell her to look busy?’

‘Toby strikes again’: What ex Love Islanders have been saying about All Stars

One said one of the girls is ‘just there for a free holiday’ looool

Omg, Love Is Blind’s Alexa and Brennon are expecting a baby!

‘I lay my hands on my stomach and rub it all the time. I’m obsessed’

All the major plot holes driving people mad after watching Fool Me Once on Netflix

I’m losing sleep!

Jailed rappers and fraudsters: A rundown of all the Love Islanders who have dated criminals

The bar is in hell

The full reason why ex winner Jack Fincham has been banned from Love Island: All Stars

‘Sadly he was turned down by ITV’

This guy was offered £1million to straight up sell his entire business on Dragons’ Den

‘You wouldn’t take £1million off me for your idea now?’

The All Stars web: How all the Love Islanders knew each other before the show

Is there a single Islander who didn’t already know someone?

There’s a major plot hole in Fool Me Once and Harlan Coben has addressed it

This has spun my head

Another one! The lowdown on what went on between Georgia and Tom before All Stars

‘We got really close’

Georgia Harrison’s chic pyjamas are carrying Love Island: All Stars, and they’re only £35

I’ve ordered five sets x

Um, Arabella had a secret fling with *another* All Stars boy who called her his ‘soulmate’

Are they going to bring this up on the show, or?

Petty TikToks and two breakups: A rundown of Tom and Samie’s beefy post Love Island feud

No wonder Samie rejected being on All Stars with him

Samie was also going on All Stars but ‘immediately withdrew’ after finding out Tom was cast

‘It’s fair to say Samie and Tom don’t get on these days’

After all that talk, Bre says she’s coming back to Selling Sunset and The Oppenheim Group

The money couldn’t keep her away for that long

Ekin-Su has waded in on who she thinks is the biggest game player on Love Island: All Stars

The queen hath spoken

Here’s what the hero of Netflix’s American Nightmare Misty Carausu is up to now

She got promoted this week!

‘We’ve arranged our first date’: Luis and Demi spill all after being dumped from All Stars

‘We cannot stay away from each other’

So, the reason Kaz and Tyler split up after Love Island 2021 is actually really sad

When we said get someone on All Stars for Kaz, this isn’t what we meant

Another ex enters the villa TONIGHT?! Plus Luis branded ‘aggressive’ by series one Islander

I can’t keep up with the chaos!

Partying with A-List celebs and modelling: Inside Love Island All Stars’ Arabella’s glam life

She’s 32, and living it up

Two new Harlan Coben thrillers announced for Netflix, just as you get over Fool Me Once

These sound GOOD

Wait, when did Love Island’s Toby and Chloe break up for him to have a ‘fling’ with Arabella?

Something’s not adding up

The All Stars rich list: The new Love Island cast members ranked by their huge net worths

There are a few All Stars millionaires!

All the Love Island: All Stars cast members who’ve spent serious bank on cosmetic surgery

Some spent over £30k on work

A rundown of what happened between Love Island’s Georgia and Josh and why they split

Ummm, they joked they were having a baby together?

This is where Matthew Muller from American Nightmare on Netflix is now

Umm, he got married in prison?

From Islanders to personal trainers: Introducing the jilted exes of the Love Island All Stars

‘I hope she finds what she’s looking for in life – no further comment’

American Nightmare: Where are Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn now?

‘There is hope. It might take time and it might be a lot of hard work, but there is hope’

From criminals to getting engaged, inside Georgia Steel’s dating life since Love Island 2018

She’s really been through it

‘Toxic and absent’: Mothers of Luis’ children call him out for being on Love Island All Stars

Despite saying on the show he’s a ‘proud father’ Luis’ ex claims he’s only met his son ‘a few times’

‘He was totally freaked out’: The rows that caused Love Island’s Molly and Callum to split

All the details about what happened between the couple are coming to light

‘You’ve been avoiding me’: Final conversation Jake and Liberty had before he quit All Stars

He also had a ‘very emotional chat’ with Maya Jama

The wild transformation Love Island bombshell Molly Smith has had over the years

Just before the All Stars villa she had veneers done

Awkward, this is why there was so much tension between Georgia and Toby on Love Island

Is nobody going to mention they were very much together on Love Island Games just a few months ago?

Breaking: Jake Cornish has already QUIT Love Island All Stars

He was ‘shocked’ to see Liberty in the villa with him

Wait, so why did Love Island’s Callum and Molly split up?

They were together for over three years!

From start to finish, all the drama that happened between Love Island’s Jake and Liberty

They very nearly became the nation’s sweethearts of 2021

Homophobia scandals to racism rows: The All Stars Love Island cast’s biggest controversies

It’s a wonder some of them have been cast again

How old Love Island: All Stars cast are now, compared to when they were first on the show

For some it’s been nine years since they were first in the villa

Buckle up, this test will accurately tell you if your relationship is healthy or not

I’m not sure if I’m ready to find out

Secret historic All Star hook ups?! Plus Islander broke up with girlfriend to return to the villa

The show hasn’t even started but there’s already CHAOS

All the exes and broken up couples Love Island has cast or ‘lined-up’ as All Stars bombshells

This is evil, but I love it

Selena Gomez casually had the biggest glow up ever, here are her looks through the years

Never forget the blue hair x

Introducing the Dragons’ Den nepo babies, set to inherit their investor parents’ millions

Oh to be!

Nine bombshells ‘lined-up’ for Love Island: All Stars to really get the drama going

This could be wild?!

A rundown of all the historical beef between Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner

It’s been going on for YEARS

Casa Amor is axed and new twists: How the All Stars Love Island is actually going to work

The show is only going to be five weeks long!

MAFS UK’s Luke starts ‘most controversial podcast ever’ and hopes it’ll get him cancelled

‘If I don’t get cancelled within the first month I’m not doing it right, that’s how bad it’s gonna be’

All the best dressed celebs from the red carpet at the Golden Globes 2024

So many 10s all in one place!

They’re here! The official Love Island: All Stars cast has been revealed in full

Not them sending in Islanders who have broken up since the show

All of Harlan Coben’s Netflix shows, ranked by their Rotten Tomatoes scores

One has the perfect 100 per cent!

The 12 most unhinged and ridiculous moments in Fool Me Once on Netflix

Has anyone checked if that guy Maya left on his helicopter lesson made it to his dentist appointment?

As the Love Island: All Stars cast fly to the villa, Anton posts at airport and then deletes


All the TV shows, films and documentaries you can watch about Gypsy Rose’s story

I’ll be adding all of these to my list

So, MAFS UK star Luke’s brother is in jail because he had £3m of drugs in his car?!

Luke says his brother and ‘a few mates on his wing’ were ‘hooked on Married at First Sight’ in prison

Netflix has a wild new true crime about a kidnap police claimed was a hoax coming this month

American Nightmare is from the creators of The Tinder Swindler and is like real life Gone Girl

Another Love Is Blind lawsuit as contestant claims she was a ‘prisoner’ on ‘traumatic’ show

‘I felt it was only right to let others know what we had to endure’

Fool Me Once ending explained: What did all the final twists actually mean?

My mind is blown

Saltburn writer reveals there was an alternative ending that changes everything for Oliver

There wasn’t meant to be a Murder on the Dancefloor moment!

Too Hot To Handle babies: All the cast members who have had children since the show

Lana would be so proud!

Inside the real life mega posh houses used for Fool Me Once on Netflix

Joanna Lumley lived in one of the outhouses of her character’s stately home whilst filming!

Too Hot To Handle couple Emily and Cam are expecting their first baby!

This comes a year and a half after Emily suffered an ectopic pregnancy

This maths riddle should be easy, but it took me so long to solve I’m embarrassed

Go on, admit how long it took you to work out

From an intern on Made in Chelsea to a millionaire: The rise of Sam Prince through the years

He’s a villain, but he carries the show

Photoshoots and glam: Inside Shona’s wild life since ditching Brad and the MAFS experiment

I’m obsessed with her post MAFS glow up

From his age to what he does for work: Inside Rez’s life when he’s not on Made in Chelsea

He owns his own business!

From Savers to teaching: All the MAFS UK 2023 cast who are back at their day jobs

Being an influencer full time isn’t for everyone!

What happened during Luke and Jordan’s Christmas party fight, from people who were there

Drinks and ‘slaps’ were thrown as the boys fought at the PLT event last week

Meet the five stunning new faces joining Made in Chelsea for the Sydney special

All but one of them is a model or a student

All the loved up pics of the MAFS UK 2023 cast who are still together since the show

Every night is date night

Ellie Spence thought about taking her life after Love Island when ‘bullied’ by ex-Islanders

She’s spoken out about her experience after the show

A breakdown of how much money each of the I’m A Celeb 2023 cast earned per episode

Nigel Farage made £68k per episode?!

Inside Prince William’s life at Eton, from his boujie halls to whether or not he had any friends

He was part of a prestigious prefect society with Eddie Redmayne

Lucinda is in the final of Love Island Australia, here’s what her journey’s been like

She was previously called out for being ‘toxic’, but now she has an official boyfriend and might win?!

Jesy Nelson has had another huge transformation and people are shook

‘I see she used her hiatus to get rid of the tan’

Olivia Hawkins has been ‘lined up’ for Love Island: All Stars just days before it starts

Bosses called her the ‘most talked about winter Islander’

It gets brought up on The Crown, so what actually is the deal with the royals and swans?

I need to know if it’s really true that the Queen ‘owned’ every swan in England

Just a bunch of cute pics of the Squid Game: The Challenge cast hanging out since filming

Dr Rick and Steve are best friends and I can’t get over it

What Arthur has been up to since leaving MAFS UK 2023 with his head held high and thriving

He’s signed to a modelling agency!

Made in Chelsea: Sydney starts next week and the cast have spilled how it’s dramatic as hell

There are yacht parties, and Sam Price said ‘old romances’ are rekindled

These festive brainteasers and codes are set by real life spies – can you crack the answer?

In the new year I’m quitting my job to become an undercover agent

Who was Shay Leonard? The man who The Crown season six pays tribute to

He passed away earlier this year

Day jobs, brand deals and arguments: One month on, what the MAFS UK 2023 cast are up to

Matt and Georges are going into business together!

Officially the most viewed Netflix shows of all time, ranked by how many millions watched

Wednesday was watched over 250million times?!

From Made in Chelsea to Love Island: The richest reality TV couples of 2023, ranked

This is Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson’s world, we’re just living in it

Guys, two more Love Is Blind seasons are coming soon and one is just weeks away!

They could make 100 seasons of this and I’d keep watching

Getting degrees and self-love retreats: What the axed MAFS UK 2023 stars are doing now

Some are already dating new people!

‘There were tears’: Rozz talks about the reunion with Thomas after their MAFS breakup

‘Do I still fancy him? He did look good’

A ‘huge announcement’ and drama: What to expect from Selling Sunset season seven reunion

Jason is hooked up to a lie detector and asked if he’s still in love with Chrishell

All the juicy details we know about the explosive two-part MAFS UK 2023 reunion


‘How’s the family?’: Love Island exes Maura and Curtis forced into awkward reunion interview

After Curtis was dumped from Love Island Games, it was down to his ex to host his exit chat

These editing errors prove we were robbed of huge parts of last night’s MAFS dinner party

I trust nothing anymore

Laura claims Arthur dated people whilst applying for MAFS, and explains last night’s anger

She’s accused him of changing his story and not being ‘in it’ as much as her

Lol, Curtis Pritchard has already been dumped from Love Island Games and he’s livid

‘I haven’t had my time to shine’

Robbie Williams on Netflix: What is his relationship with Guy Chambers like now?

The pair abruptly stopped working together in 2002

These are all the age gaps of the couples left together on MAFS UK 2023

Erica and Tasha are the youngest cast members

This editing error in Selling Sunset season seven proves how hilariously staged it is

Sorry but why did they even bother putting this clip in?

Luke has been BANNED from the Married at First Sight UK 2023 reunion bonus episode

He’s apparently had a huge fallout with Channel 4 execs

Let me entertain you with this ultimate Robbie Williams lyrics quiz

Then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like… only true fans are getting full marks

Guys, MAFS UK 2023 is finishing next week!

But, apparently the ‘biggest twist’ is yet to come?!

A detailed recap of all Married at First Sight UK bride Peggy’s many looks over the years

This is intense

‘Best life era’: What Molly Smith has been up to since split from Love Island boyf Callum

Hot girl winter: Activated

Bre explains row Selling Sunset didn’t show with Cassandra and now it makes more sense

‘It was too disgusting to even air’

All the cosmetic work the Selling Sunset girls have openly spoken about getting done

Burgers and Botox party, anyone?

A recap of all the failed relationships there have been on MAFS UK 2023 so far

We’ve been through such heartbreak!

‘I cried for Thomas, I cried for me’: Rozz posts huge statement about ‘saddest’ MAFS homestay

‘All I can say is I’m sorry Thomas’

Writing a book and making millions: What Christine’s been up to since ditching Selling Sunset

Her life is incredible

Just loads of vibey pictures of the MAFS UK cast hanging out at brunches and nights out

How do I become friends with them all?

The wild transformation Selling Sunset star Bre Tiesi has had since fillers and cosmetic work

I’m quite shook

Mary Fitzgerald suffered a tragic miscarriage whilst filming for season seven of Selling Sunset

In episode one we saw her find out the news she was pregnant

All the compelling evidence that Married at First Sight UK 2023 is staged

Of course there’s a lot

Which MAFS UK 2023 groom would you marry? Take this quiz to find out

I reckon me and Arthur would be a good match x

She’s gone! Here’s what happened with Heather as she confirms she’s left Selling Sunset

I’m gutted!

The wages of the MAFS UK 2023 cast before the show prove they really don’t need the fame

Ok, Peggy was making bank!

‘Shut your mouth’: Three years on, Love Is Blind’s Shayne and Natalie are still beefing

This is SO messy

Matt explains family emergency behind why he was so ‘low and deflated’ on MAFS

He also accused Channel 4 of editing his personality to look vanilla

M&S forced to take down Christmas advert as it showed burning hats in Palestine flag colours

‘We apologise for any unintentional hurt cause’

Tonight on MAFS Jordan is accused of cheating on Erica in a nightclub – and there’s a picture

Jordan was ‘spotted kissing’ and pictured with a girl just three days after the final vows

‘I feel bad for her’: Georges defends Peggy and her actions during their MAFS relationship

‘The viewers don’t get to see how lovely she is’

The Love Is Blind cast and their iconic Halloween costumes, ranked from worst to best

Colleen and Matt as the Beckhams, wow

Omg, Faye is in ‘advanced talks’ to sign up for Love Island All Stars just weeks before it starts

This is going to be INCREDIBLE

A breakdown of who in the MAFS UK 2023 cast was scouted, and who applied for the show

For some reason, Luke was approached by Channel 4 three times

Enough is enough: Georges deserves more from MAFS and Peggy needs to be held accountable

How many more times are we going to allow a man to be ridiculed for simply having a hobby?

A history of all the off-camera controversies there have been surrounding Bridgerton

Ruby Barker claims nobody from Shondaland or Netflix reached out to her when she had two psychotic breaks from the show

Paul C Brunson responds to criticism that MAFS experts should have called out Peggy

He said a lot more was said in the chat with Peggy and Georges that wasn’t shown

Georges drags MAFS co-stars blaming ‘the edit’ for looking bad, says they need to ‘grow up’

‘If your mouth moved, you said those words and pulled that face, be an adult and own your actions’

Molly says she’s ‘struggling’ since Love Island and was ‘much happier’ before the show

‘I’ve been within myself really unhappy and a bit confused. I feel a bit lost’

Omg, Peggy decides to QUIT the show and end her MAFS marriage with Georges!

‘I can’t do it anymore’

‘They’re trying to be someone they’re not’: Georges spills who on MAFS has changed post show

He said ‘cliques formed early’ and some of the cast have already left the group chat

Inside the wild Halloween parties the cast of MAFS UK 2023 went to this weekend

They all served, I have to say

Davide admits he and Ekin-Su never actually broke up, they just posted saying they had

Mum and dad, why did you lie to us?

As the end edges closer, this is what a relationship expert thinks of the MAFS UK 2023 couples

‘Tasha is subconsciously trying to sabotage Erica’s relationship with Jordan to avoid her and Paul being overshadowed’

Channel 4 forces Luke to take down ‘aggressive’ Instagram post in which he threatened Jordan

‘If you upset my wife you will know about it’

‘He picked on everyone’: Georges settles where MAFS cast beef with Jordan and Erica came from

‘Jordan actively told me if I cause an argument I’m more likely to get airtime and more followers’

‘I felt sick and I cried’: Laura shares how difficult it was to be reminded of last night’s MAFS

When the episode was filmed, they had to stop because production saw how much she was struggling

Revealed: The number of couples from MAFS UK 2023 who are still together has been leaked

Finally we can see the success rate!

From a physical fight to petty TikToks: A full rundown of the Luke and Jordan MAFS drama

It all kicks off TONIGHT

‘I’m scared I don’t have time to live’: Grad cries on TikTok about having to work 9 to 5 job

A newsreader called her out for ‘expecting to roll out of bed and have a six figure salary’

Debunked: The viral Amsterdam stag and hen do story didn’t happen, I’m afraid

I mean, it’s probably for the best

Get Gotti on Netflix: What happened to infamous mafia boss John Gotti and how did he die?

He had been found guilty of multiple crimes and sentenced to life without parole

Ex-MAFS cast member says producers use ‘sly tricks’ to orchestrate cheating scandals

Nothing is real anymore!

I’m not ready for it to be over! Here’s when MAFS UK 2023 sadly comes to an end

I’m sad that it’s so soon

Just all of the best memes about *that* Amsterdam stag and hen do story

I can’t stop thinking about this

Which MAFS UK 2023 bride are you? Take this quiz to find out

Look, we can’t all be queen Bianca

MAFS gossip column: A cast member rushed to hospital?! Plus a couple hit by split rumours

Will the chaos ever end?!

Inside Georges from MAFS’ wild YouTube channel, with holiday vlogs and gym clips

Can I subscribe twice?

This horrific story of a hen and stag do in Amsterdam is going viral and I feel sick

Warning: This is definitely not content you want to read in front of your parents

All the strict rules the cast of MAFS are forced to live by whilst doing the experiment

They risk being fined up to £10k if certain rules are broken

MAFS co-stars Tasha and Arthur forced to deny they’re dating after pic of them holding hands

‘Laura is one of my closest friends and I would never disrespect her’

The ultimate Made in Chelsea rich list: How rich current and past show icons actually are

I can’t even get my head around having this much money

Introducing all the new partners of the Love Is Blind season five cast members

Stacy’s just gone official with someone from Married at First Sight!

Tasha points out MAFS error which proves production EDITED IN her beef with Erica

She wasn’t even present in the room when clips of her pulling faces at Erica were shown!

Every hint the MAFS UK 2023 couples have dropped about if they’re still together

Naughty naughty!

MAFS UK 2023 getting ‘explosive bonus episode’ because of how much drama there’s been

‘It’s set to be the most dramatic, explosive special Married at First Sight fans have ever seen’

All the times the MAFS UK 2023 cast have called out the show for being ridiculously edited

They’ve called out major scenes being cut and even labelled the editing ‘a complete sham’

That MAFS dinner party was absolute chaos, and these 25 memes will help you relive it all

If you see this Bianca, I adore you x

Guys, MAFS UK’s Shona and Matt are now dating and I am SHOOK

She described how she ‘found love’ with his ‘kindest soul’

Izzy reveals his new girlfriend since Love Is Blind season five and she looks a LOT like Stacy

Well, this is awkward

Here’s an exact breakdown of what happens when a Love Is Blind couple gets divorced

The show will pay for proceedings up to a certain amount

Netflix murder mystery Bodies is here and it’s being called ‘wild’, ‘tense’ and ‘explosive’

I’m sat!

Who was Si Spencer? The man episode one of Bodies on Netflix pays tribute to

‘He was a really intelligent, generous and compassionate man’

Introducing the jilted exes of the Married at First Sight UK 2023 cast

So many famous people!

The wildest transformations from the Married at First Sight UK 2023 cast before fame

From then to now, they all look so different!

Right, what is the deal with the phones the cast get on Married at First Sight UK?

I can’t get over Ella basically sending JJ a ‘you up’ text on a Nokia brick

Inside Johnie’s hot girl life and new wholesome relationship since Love Is Blind season five

She’s thriving!

MAFS isn’t the only time Mark’s desperately wanted love on TV, he was on First Dates too

At this point have any of the cast not been on TV before?

MAFS gossip column: Jordan responds to fight scandal and cast knew each other before the show?!

The drama really never ends!

Ella has been ‘lined up’ by PrettyLittleThing to be the brand’s first ever transgender model

Big moves!

There’s been a huge The Fall of the House of Usher clue staring us in the face this whole time

This is so CLEVER

The Fall of the House of Usher creator clarifies episode four detail that changes everything

I had this so wrong?

Another one! People spot a further editing error in MAFS questioning a staged dinner

Nothing is sacred anymore

Meet Lauren Sintes: The 27-year-old model joining the cast of Made in Chelsea

Of course she’s well connected with most of the cast

Shona says she and Brad were together for six weeks after MAFS but split as he didn’t change

‘I woke the hell up’

‘You’ve made a c*** of yourself’: Shona shares off-screen chat that saw Brad axed from MAFS

‘Bradley said he was behaving like a caged animal’

‘Go f**k yourself’: Luke calls out ‘snake’ in MAFS cast who ‘sold’ story of him having a fight

It was revealed Luke has been removed from the show following a physical fight

Luke has been AXED from Married at First Sight UK following physical fight with Jordan

The incident was caught on camera

These 25 memes about the Love Is Blind season five reunion are better than the entire show

How did a season so bad produce a reunion with so much drama?

Another maths test is going viral, and everyone is stuck between two answers

But which one is actually right?

This major editing error proves huge Married at First Sight fight was actually staged

Well, what do I believe now?

Made in Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire splits from girlfriend of three months ‘before things turn sour’

He’s just joined Dancing on Ice… the curse strikes again

Tasha says her reactions to Erica in MAFS UK fight were ‘edited’ by the show

‘So much of what you’re seeing did not happen in the moment’

Inside Love Is Blind star Izzy’s life of fancy cars and lavish holidays, despite previous debt

His lifestyle definitely doesn’t reflect the conversations he had on the show

Strap in: This week on MAFS has been wild as hell, and these 27 memes prove it

I’ll never recover from the dinner party descending into chaos… in French

Netflix has finally revealed who pays for the Love Is Blind weddings

In season four over $50k was spent on just flowers

Omg, Izzy posted a huge Love Is Blind spoiler about if he and Stacy are still together

He quickly deleted the error, but we’ve seen it now!!

‘We told them to get help’: Paul C Brunson snaps back at criticism over Shona and Brad chat

One person called the way the experts handled things ‘the worst thing they could have done’

‘Enjoy the universe babes’: Shona finally claps back at Brad after Married at First Sight UK

She says Brad lied to people about the reason they were sent home, and said it was because they’d found love

Laura spent £1,000 on cosmetic surgery and work ahead of Married at First Sight wedding

The procedures included having fat dissolved in her chin and lip filler

Right, who did Ella cheat on Nathanial with during MAFS? People are sure they’ve worked it out

I need this case CRACKED

Love Is Blind is currently being sued by a cast member: Here’s everything the lawsuit claims

The season five cast member claims they were sexually assaulted and falsely imprisoned

Oh no! MAFS Australia’s Melinda and Layton have broken up!

Well, my day has been ruined

Ranked: Who is undeniably the most fame hungry cast member in Married at First Sight 2023?

This lot saw an opportunity and they took it

Insta posts and new relationships: All that’s happened with Brad and Shona since MAFS axe

It’s been a turbulent few days

Seven Love Is Blind contestants speak their truths of what being on the show is really like

‘They’re trying to break you’ 

This huge error in the Married at First Sight honeymoons makes the show look staged AF

Ummm, what is going on here?!

We found old pictures of Laura from Married at First Sight and her transformation is incredible

Of course her old selfies are taken in Harvey Nichols

TV shows and TikTok series: All the Big Brother 2023 cast’s desperate attempts at fame

Kerry won £35k on Deal or No Deal lmao

Shona says ‘most of Brad’s inexcusable behaviour was off camera’ speaking out about MAFS

‘I was being completely patronised and belittled’

‘I never loved Shona’: Brad makes savage dig at ex-wife after being axed from MAFS

He said when he spoke of ‘allowing’ Shona to do things, it came from the heart

Old pics of Brad from Married at First Sight have resurfaced and his transformation is wild

Him without his tattoos is basically a different person

There were three more engagements in Love Is Blind season five that didn’t make the show

HOW did the producers still choose the hopeless couples we’re seeing?

Grab a gold wine glass and enjoy 25 memes about the latest Love Is Blind season five drop

At this point I think it’s going to be the first time nobody gets married

Inside the huge Beckham family net worth and enviable worldwide property empire

In 2022 it was reported the Beckhams were making £40k a DAY

Here’s exactly when Brad being removed from Married at First Sight will air on the show

It’s going to be TENSE

All the huge brand deals the cast of Love Island 2023 have already bagged

Leah is now an ambassador for Boohoo!

Brad kicked off Married at First Sight UK following ‘controlling’ behaviour towards Shona

Bosses ‘stepped in before the situation got out of hand’

The 12 strict rules Love Is Blind cast members have to follow during the experiment

Yes, it’s intense!

‘Don’t you worry’: Molly has finally said something in response to her split from Callum

Last week it was reported the three year relationship had come to an abrupt end

These 25 memes about Love Is Blind season five are more intense than a chat with Lydia

Was anyone else a little scared?

These are all the age gaps between the couples in Love Is Blind season five

The biggest is seven years

Try and stop crying to enjoy these 31 memes about Sex Education season four

Anyone want to join an Aimee and Adam fan club?

Nathanial QUITS Married at First Sight and calls it ‘manipulative’ and a ‘complete sham’

‘I was being strangled and it brought out an ugly side of me’

MAFS gossip column: Cast members to be AXED?! Plus Nathanial shares his truths

One week in and the chaos has erupted!

Two male Love Island stars ‘kicked out’ of influencer event for being ‘homophobic’

They’ve also been accused of throwing money at a homeless man

Married at First Sight UK’s Peggy was once on Take Me Out and she looks wildly different

Aged 19, she went to the Isle of Fernando’s and said she’d found ‘Mr Right’

Who was Shay Patten-Walker? Who episode five of Sex Education season four is in memory of

They died last year and were very close to the show

Ella B feels ‘pure disrespect at the highest level’ from Mitch and Abi getting back together

The girls are said to be heading out for ‘peace talks’

Married at First Sight UK in chaos as Ella allegedly cheated on Nathanial with another groom!

Umm, WHAT?!

Romantic brunches and matching bracelets: All the signs Abi and Mitch are back together

It’s been staring us in the face!

How old the Sex Education characters are now, compared to the actors who play them

In season four of the show they’re all grown up!

‘She’s wifey material, just not for me’: Mitch reveals it was him who ended things with Ella B

He blamed the split on him ‘touring England’

Love Island’s Tom and Samie are majorly shading one another after splitting for second time

‘Why are you so obsessed with me?’

The toughest Love Island breakups to date, ranked by how much they actually hurt my heart

Sorry but why did Callum and Molly splitting strike such a chord?

Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons: Who is Raphael Rowe and why was he wrongfully in jail?

He spent 12 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit

Congrats! Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson is pregnant with her first child

‘Our little miracle’ 🥺

Guys, Sex Education is back on Netflix for its final ever season TOMORROW!

I’m equal parts excited it’s back and heartbroken it’s over

Wait, Love Island’s Mitch and Abi have got back together?!

This is taking messy to a whole new level

Inside Jay’s iconic northern gal life outside Married at First Sight UK 2023

She used to work at Gala Bingo which is so on brand it hurts

So, Nathanial’s been on a bunch of other shows before MAFS and has loads of celeb pals

Hmmm do I spot a motive for signing up? 👀

Reality TV exes and oat lattes: Inside Laura’s Chelsea life before Married at First Sight UK

When she said she likes fancy things, she meant it

Everything Russell Brand has been dropped from following sexual assault allegations

He’s had book inclusions removed and shows taken down from platforms

Love Island’s Callum and Molly have SPILT after three years together

‘Molly wanted to get engaged and that didn’t happen’

Inside sell-out gig Russell Brand did this weekend as news broke of allegations against him

Someone in the crowd held a sign which said: ‘We stand by you, Russell. We love you’

New investigations and cutting ties: All that’s happened since the Russell Brand allegations

Channel 4 has pulled all Russell Brand content from its streaming services

USA holidays and farmhouse living: What Molly and Zach have been up to since Love Island

Molly is trying to break it as a TV presenter

A brief history of Love Islanders who have been arrested or in trouble with the law

From public fights to drink driving

The Phillip Schofield This Morning scandal to be made into an ‘uncomfortable’ TV series

The Runner will ‘mirror how the scandal unfolded’

All the evidence this season of Selling The OC was staged

It was MESSY

If you’re ready to not sleep at night, this car park puzzle has left everyone flummoxed

I’m not willing to disclose how long it took me to work the answer out

This Morning guest awkwardly hints at Holly’s ‘ghastly’ fallout with Phillip Schofield

Holly was clearly put very on the spot

Love Island’s Jack Fincham ‘arrested on suspicion of drink driving and having false plates’

He was stopped by police near his home

All the Love Island 2023 cast who are *still* beefing, despite the show being very much over

Alexa play Let It Go

Ranked: These are officially the most filthy rich Oppenheim Group agents of them all

I’m in the wrong career!

A new reality show and moving in: What Kai and Sanam are up to six months after Love Island

They’re so wholesome it hurts my soul

Modelling and making millions: Inside Polly from Selling The OC’s mega glam life

She’s been a model since the age of 15

So, Alexandra Jarvis from Selling The OC has actually addressed if her real name is Rachel

I need answers

Who is Selling The OC star Alexandra Jarvis’ mega rich husband Sergio and what does he do?

I want to know EVERYTHING

All the celebs who have spoken out following the Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher video

‘Believe victims. It’s not easy to come forward. It’s not easy to get a conviction’

Omg, Tommy and Molly-Mae are in talks for their own documentary on Netflix!

It comes after the success of Tyson Fury’s series

Here’s how to get the AI Pixar filter everyone is using on TikTok right now

I can’t escape it, and I don’t want to

Right, so what actually is the $1billion listing in Cabo on Selling The OC?

Davina is shaking right now

Inside Tyler from Selling The OC’s wild life: From his divorce to multimillion net worth

The ex-surfer split from Brittany Snow in 2022

There’s yet another maths sum going viral, so what on earth is 9-3÷1/3+1?

My brain can’t take this anymore

A 2023 couple rocked by split rumours?! Plus even more talks of brand deals!

If you thought Love Island was over, you are very much mistaken

Dishing Islander dirt and life with Lochan: Whitney spills all in post Love Island interview

I love that she never holds anything back

Sophie Turner adds 100k Insta followers since split, and Joe’s gained less than half of that

The people have spoken!

People rowing over the perfect cup of tea or coffee is the most British thing I’ve ever seen

Why are we like this?! (It’s D4)

Old video of Sophie Turner resurfaces which changes A LOT about Joe Jonas split

A friend has claimed she ‘felt trapped’ in the marriage and ‘missed out on her youth’

As they head for divorce, who has the biggest net worth out of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner?

They have an ‘ironclad prenup’ which Joe asked to be upheld when he filed for divorce

Guys, Love Island 2019 winner Greg O’Shea has a new model and nutrition grad girlfriend

Apparently they’ve been secretly dating for a few months

‘Just remove me’: Whitney recalls moment where she wanted to quit Love Island 2023

How different things could have been!

It’s finally been revealed who smoked and vaped whilst in the Love Island 2023 villa

Ummm, all the boys did snus?

Whitney reveals the ‘selfish’ row and one-to-one with Ella was ‘forced’ and ‘misconstrued’

‘The producers obviously forced you to sit there and talk it out’

‘Boring!’: Love Island’s Maura and Faye clap back at claims they had a huge fight at the NTAs

‘She calls me a silly cow most days and she ain’t wrong’

Witnesses onboard recall ‘mess’ and ‘horror’ of U-turned flight due to passenger diarrhoea

‘Thank goodness we were in first class… we nearly missed our cruise’ 

Love Island icons Maura and Faye had ‘huge bust up’ at the NTAs and had to be separated

The row went on for an hour and Faye allegedly threw her shoes at Maura

All the Islanders who are rumoured to be coming back for Love Island: All Stars

The show starts in just over one week!

Explained: So, what did actually happen with the ‘poop plane’ everyone is talking about?

The Delta Air Lines flight had to turn back because a passenger had such bad diarrhoea

Omg, Shaina from Love Is Blind season two is expecting her first baby!

She married her new husband five months after the show aired

DMs from footballers and dating each other: What the Casa Amor 2023 Islanders are up to now

Nothing but respect for them rinsing the show for all it’s worth

Wait, people think Made in Chelsea stars Olivia Bentley and Temps are dating?!

I definitely didn’t see this one coming

Release date, villa and rumoured Islanders: What we know about Love Island All Stars

The launch date has just been announced!!

Adam Collard’s OnlyFans earnings have been revealed and he’s making six figures a month?!

He could buy a house every month just because of OnlyFans

A body language expert breaks down Holly Willoughby’s ‘nervous’ return to This Morning

Holly came across as ‘inauthentic through disingenuous smiles and disengaged eye contact’

Right, just how much money does Lottie Moss make on OnlyFans?

Where do I sign up for an account?

Divorce, cheating and tears : A dramatic retelling of the messiest Love Is Blind splits ever

The amount of chaos this show has given is almost too much to comprehend

One month on, this is what the Love Island 2023 cast are all up to now

From brand deals and becoming charity ambassadors, to messy splits and arguments

Wait, does this creepy TikTok show two crimes being caught on camera at once?

People claim it shows ‘when killer meets kidnapper’

Ekin-Su posts a strange anti-vax video on Instagram and deletes it 10 minutes later

In it she said getting the vaccination is her ‘biggest regret’

From bullying complaints on Love Island to now, how Luca Bish got rid of his toxic image

‘I’m back to Luca before the villa’

People are saying the real reason Ella and Mitch broke up was him ‘flirting’ with Abi at events?!

The plot thickens!

Meet the cast of Who is Erin Carter? The UK thriller that’s number one on Netflix right now

There are cast members from Skins, Netflix originals and ITV dramas

‘A pinch me moment’: Jess confirms first huge brand deal from the cast of Love Island 2023

She’s already making serious bank off the back of the show

It’s official! PrettyLittleThing has snapped up 2023 Islander Ella in a huge brand deal

She’s making moves!

‘Utter rubbish’: The woman Ouzy claims ‘set him up’ in hotel during Kady split claps back

‘Imagine thinking you’re important enough to set up, I didn’t force him into a hotel for two nights’

It’s here! Millie and Liam post their first spon con back together and it’s with McDonald’s

So much for keeping the relationship private then!

‘Juicy drama and high emotions’: What’s coming in Love Is Blind After the Altar season four

The three episodes hit Netflix this week!

A brief history of Love Island cast members saying they got no opportunities after the show

One Islander called it ‘demoralising’ when not a single brand approached them for a deal

‘I feel abandoned’: Inside the relationship Lottie Moss has with supermodel sister Kate

‘I’ve felt for a very long time that nothing I did was ever going to be as good as what she’s done’

Adam Collard shares pictures from when he was younger and talks about his transformation

‘My defence mechanism is confidence, charisma and this f**k boy image’

People with 20/20 vision can’t see this optical illusion and it’s majorly frustrating

Everyone is seeing different things and now I’m stressed!

‘I was set up’: Ouzy finally speaks out about ‘cheating’ claims and split from Kady McDermott

‘I ruined it. I was muggy’

Inside Ekin-Su and Davide’s reunion holiday in Turkey, with fancy dinners and beach days

They’ve been recreating Love Island moments and I’m obsessed

This padlock riddle is going viral on Twitter and I’m so stuck my head hurts

What IS the answer I beg you

Brand deals and girl bossing: Inside Jess *not Sammy’s* new life after Love Island 2023

She’s booked and busy

Guys, Love Is Blind season five drops next month and it looks dramatic

Surprise! In a preview released by Netflix, the new couples are crying

Right, here’s exactly how Scott ended up in the cast of Love Island USA

It really was a quick turnaround

What brand deals the Love Island 2023 cast should get, based purely on their vibes

Sammy is definitely flogging car air fresheners whilst Jess secures the real bag

A rundown of Lottie Moss’ dating history, from Made in Chelsea stars to Brooklyn Beckham

Her social circle is incredible

Scott’s wild first days in the Love Island USA villa, including cracking on and a recoupling

He did the exact same dance he did for Catherine in the heart rate challenge… for a new girl

Love Island, a failed proposal and a split: Everything that happened between Chloe and Toby

Toby said on All Stars they split because he couldn’t trust her anymore

Cheating scandals to getting back together: Inside Ekin-Su and Davide’s whirlwind summer

It’s been a lot to keep on top of!

Phillip Schofield’s plan to return to presenting fails as he’s ‘blacklisted from TV’

The presenter previously said he feared he’d never return to showbiz

Molly-Mae is launching a lifestyle brand just months after leaving job at PrettyLittleThing

It’s said to be a ‘secret project’ she’s been working on for a while

Omg, Davide and Ekin-Su just confirmed they’re back together!

Mum and dad have reunited and I couldn’t be happier!

He’s rich rich, but just how did Mark-Francis make all his money and who are his royal family?

On Celebs Go Dating he said he once went for dinner with Beyoncé, despite not even knowing who she is

Inside the cute home Kai and Sanam have moved into together since winning Love Island

‘I know it might only be small but it’s our little home,’ the 2023 Islanders said during a video tour

‘I walked so Scott could run’: 2023 Islanders react to Scott as a Love Island USA bombshell

Loads of his fellow Love Island cast members have made shady digs about his shock decision

Ron removed Will from the winter Love Island boys’ group chat so Will unfollowed them all

In an interview, Will has said their beef since the show has really ‘confused’ him

Ranked: The huge net worths of the richest Love Island girlies of all time

Loads of female Islanders have gone on to make millions since being on the show

PrettyLittleThing has a uni room essentials list and it’s as basic as you’d imagine

Is it even Freshers’ Week until you’ve whacked out the all-pink version of Ring of Fire?

Every time an Islander threatened to quit the villa whilst filming and their dramatic reasons

Love Island producers have stepped in multiple times to persuade cast members to stay

Only four of the Made in Chelsea cast are from Chelsea, here’s where they’re actually from

At this point, can it even be called Made in Chelsea anymore?

The first brand deal with a 2023 Islander is here – and it’s with winner Jess!

A six figure pay day is coming her way

A ranking of the net worths of the stupidly rich Made in Chelsea: Corsica cast members

Ok they’re actually self-made

It’s official! Millie and Liam have posted their first photo confirming they’re back together

It’s a hard launch!

Kai and Sanam talk about disappointment not being offered any opportunities after Love Island

‘We weren’t what they wanted’

‘Never say never’: Scott just high-key said he and Catherine might get back together

Guys, it’s HAPPENING

From Reza to Freddy, here’s how old all the Made in Chelsea: Corsica cast are

Inga is the oldest of all the girls there!

Inside the houseplant side hustle owned by Made in Chelsea’s Tristan Phipps and Sam Prince

Let’s hope Sam kissing Yas doesn’t bring this crashing down

Sharon Gaffka opens up about heartbreaking miscarriage she had after Love Island

‘I’ve had to contend with feelings of failure. How as such an accomplished woman can I be a failure?’

Revealed: The amount of cash the Love Island 2023 cast can earn on Instagram

Welcome to your new careers, guys

Inside Miles Nazaire’s wild life outside MIC: From lavish holidays to stunning new girlfriend

He’s founded his own production company

Eye-watering amount Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were paid for Barbie has been revealed

Cursing the day I gave up on my dazzling Hollywood career

Phillip Schofield is ‘very very down’ as he accepts he’ll ‘never work again’

Friends have said he doesn’t feel like he’ll have a ‘fulfilling life’ without showbiz

Ekin-Su finally speaks out about status with Davide after rumours they’d got back together

‘We both care about each other’

A rundown of Islanders who applied for other reality shows, but ended up on Love Island

Mitch was meant to be on Married at First Sight loool

Just how different the current Made in Chelsea cast looked in their first episodes to now

They’ve changed dramatically

Jess claps back at video and claims she’s had a ‘tummy tuck’ since winning Love Island

‘I love my body as should we all’

Lottie Moss denies rumours she slept with Spencer Matthews at Jamie and Habbs’ wedding

Spencer has been married since 2018

Ranked: The 2023 Love Islanders who’ve gained the most Instagram followers from the show

The battle to hit one million is ON

Introducing Geronimo: The model and student in the centre of first Made in Chelsea throuple

He’s giving vibes

ANOTHER couple with ‘cheating’ rumours?! Plus Mitch goes for Kady again in savage interview

This lot will never take a day off

Say hello to Jane: The 20-year-old Parisian showjumper who’s joining Made in Chelsea

She’s been on reality TV before

Mitch is doing a ‘messy’ club appearance and you can get meet and greet for just £4

All of the adverts have spelt his name wrong lol

A breakdown of which cast members were scouted and who applied for Love Island 2023

A few Islanders were meant to be on previous seasons but got held back

Here’s exactly what happened with Ouzy and the girl he met in a hotel behind Kady’s back

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