‘They’re trying to be someone they’re not’: Georges spills who on MAFS has changed post show

He said ‘cliques formed early’ and some of the cast have already left the group chat

Since MAFS UK 2023 has been on, everyone has been desperate to find out who is still together, and who from the cast are still friends after the show. In a chat with The Tab, Georges has spilled all on friendships within the MAFS cast post show, and what the vibe is like among them all now.

He said there’s a group chat the cast set up, but they’re definitely not all still friends. He shared who the biggest troublemakers in the cast were whilst filming, and who out of his co-stars have changed the most.

Speaking to The Tab, Georges said since the show a lot of the cast members have been talking about getting recognised, getting lots of messages on social media, and feeling as though they’re famous now the show is being aired. He added his co-stars are “trying to be something they’re not”, and aren’t actually always there for one another when they need to be.

“They’re all trying to be something they weren’t [before],” he said. “I’ve not changed post show, why would I? I don’t need to be someone I’m not, and this is what’s really concerning me.

“There were a couple of cast members who were in bad positions mentally after the show and I’d ring them every day to make sure they were ok. But, not once did they try to reach out to me. But I don’t need a big circle, because I don’t want to be disappointed by people.”

George talks about who from MAFS UK 2023 has changed post show, Married at First Sight

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When asked if he was still friends with anyone from the cast since filming, Georges said: “Define the word ‘friend’. Because, if you watch the show, a lot of people are fake. People are trying to be someone they’re not and they’re trying to portray an image.”

He said he still gets on with Matt, and gets on with “every single one of the grooms” as it was the brides who “caused problems” during filming. Georges said: “Throughout the experiment, the only people who caused problems were actually the brides.

“As grooms we would stick up for and defend our partners. I’m a little bit upset that throughout the experiment there were cliques that formed really early.” Georges said that when asked questions like “which bride would you have chosen for yourself” many just chose someone they were friends with, instead of giving a “real answer”.

Georges confirmed there is a cast group chat, but not everyone is in it. “People have left,” he told The Tab. “Just due to being unhappy.” He said the chat isn’t spoken in loads, but does spark up when plans are being made. “People have their own other groups,” he said.

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