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Of course, Ben and Ellie

Ben is still clinging onto his time on MAFS Australia 2024, as he’s had some choice words to say about his former bride Ellie. He has also claimed she had a boyfriend right before appearing on the show, and has said scenes where she spoke about her ex didn’t make it to the final edit.

Of course, Ben and Ellie aren’t exactly on the best terms now. Following getting married in the experiment the couple struggled with their connection, before Ben stormed out their flat, then wrote Ellie a love song and then wrote her a list of all the things he hated about her. It really was a week. Ultimately, the couple left the experiment.

Since then it’s been revealed there’s a cheating scandal with Ellie and Jono, and it appears they’re still together now. Speaking about his MAFS bride, Ben has made claims about her being in a relationship just before the show. He’s claimed she ended things with her last partner so she could take part in MAFS Australia 2024.

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