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MAFS Timothy Tin Man

Timothy from MAFS Australia has finally revealed what his emotional Tin Man tattoo means

No YOU’RE crying

MAFS Australia groom Timothy has finally opened up about what his extremely eye-catching and lowkey jarring Tin Man tattoo is, because you know full well we’ve all been wracking our brains wondering why someone would be getting a quite big tattoo of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz on their body – unless of course they were a massive fan. Now Timothy from MAFS Australia has explained what his Tin Man tattoo actually means, and the reason is actually super emotional.

During the retreat on MAFS Australia, Timothy opened up to Lucinda about losing his parents and brothers before the show. He said he feels super guarded these days when opening up to MAFS expert Mel Schilling during the pre-chat segment of the series. He says he actually got the Tin Man as a symbol of his resilience, his armour he’s had to build, after going through such grief and trying to get on with life in the face of tragedy.

The Tin Man is obviously the character in The Wizard of Oz seeking a heart so he could feel, and it’s really emotional seeing Timothy compare himself to a character who has to have such a steely exterior after everything he’s been through.

Timothy’s relationship with Lucinda is going from strength to strength after the retreat, and how could it not when he’s opened up so thoughtfully like that?

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