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Harrison Brocklehurst
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  • Harrison published a book in 2022, Would You Rather: The Very Adult Edition. It's the best and silliest thing he's ever done.
  • Harrison's passion for pop music has seen him judge on the panel for the Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize consecutively for the last six years.
  • Harrison describes himself as a 'Sarah Michelle Gellar enthusiast', and in 2023 got to meet his lifelong idol in person. He's never recovered.


Harrison Brocklehurst joined The Tab in 2021, currently working as the Senior Pop Culture Writer. He's also written for VICE UK, Dazed, MixMag, The Face, Big Issue and Polyester Magazine. Harrison's first book released in 2022.


Harrison graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA Honours in Drama. After he graduated, Harrison started working freelance as a pop culture writer before joining The Tab.


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The Love Island 2024 cast are the most unlikeable ever, and this Islander rundown proves it

They’re all doing my head in tbh

Inside wild Love Island theory Grace and Joey plotted to get Konnor to recouple with her

The conspiracy theories with these two have me hooked

Sabrina Carpenter posted a guy’s negative post about her song and he’s deleted his Twitter

She’s getting dragged for being petty, but perhaps she had a point

In honour of Sean, here’s a rundown of all the 2024 Love Islanders as what sweets they are

‘And most importantly… raspberries’

Right, is Millie Gibson back for season two of Doctor Who or has Ruby actually left the show?

The show said the Doctor would have two companions next series, but rumours are saying otherwise

Omg, there was apparently a 30 minute rant RuPaul gave Shannel that Drag Race didn’t air

All Stars 9 drama is never-ending

Charli XCX has spoken out against fans who were chanting ‘Taylor Swift is dead’ at her show

‘I will not tolerate it’

Taylor Swift claps back after Foo Fighters made a shady dig claiming she ‘doesn’t play live’

Dave Grohl is braver than me to face the wrath of Swifties

‘Stay away from her you roach’: Uma’s sister just dragged Ayo from Love Island on Insta

She ‘can’t stand him’

From Nipplegate to getting arrested: All of Justin Timberlake’s scandals and controversies

Justice for Janet and Britney, always

A video has resurfaced of Justin Timberlake seemingly telling Britney Spears to stop drinking

Alexa, play What Goes Around Comes Around

Munveer has finally explained what’s going on with Ronnie’s hair on Love Island

Can sleep well tonight with these actual answers

OceanGate Titan sub co-founder is organising a trip to one of the world’s deepest sinkholes

The 663-feet deep Dean’s Blue Hole has never been explored, locals call it ‘a portal to hell’

Drag Race’s Plane Jane has been dragged for calling Chappell Roan ‘performative as f*ck’

After major backlash, Plane Jane deleted the tweet and released a statement

‘This is going to ruin the tour’: The latest cringe details of Justin Timberlake’s arrest

The police officer apparently had no clue who he was

The mega net worths of The Boys cast, ranked by who’s actually the richest

Give Starlight a pay rise for slaying

What your choice of Glastonbury footwear categorically says about your overall vibe

Can’t wait to see your obnoxious Crocs seeping with mud

Ariana Grande defends her voice changing mid-interview after getting backlash online

A video went viral of her voice changing completely within seconds on a podcast

Love Island’s Josh Ritchie dragged after not paying a small business for birthday balloons

Josh has now clapped back with his say on the drama

Emirates releases statement on Jack Fowler ‘nearly dying’ after allergic reaction on flight

‘We cannot guarantee a nut-free inflight environment’

Inside wild Love Island theory that Joey and Grace were still together before the show

It would explain why Joey didn’t kiss Samantha for two weeks

Omg: The ‘sad little life Jane’ guy from Come Dine With Me had another insult that got cut

Channel 4 – release the footage!

Kesha seemingly shades Katy Perry after rumours her new single is produced by Dr Luke

Uh oh

Justin Timberlake has been arrested for drink-driving in the Hamptons

He’s set to appear in court later today following the arrest

Drag Race icon Stacey Layne Matthews has been hospitalised after losing mobility in her legs

A serious spinal issue has left her unable to move

Love Island’s Jack Fowler ‘nearly died’ on plane to Dubai after life-threatening allergic reaction

The pilot had to speed up the flight as the severity worsened

People think Katie Price and JJ from MAFS have split after flirty Jack Grealish comment

Classic Pricey antics

Gottmik responds after Drag Race fans clock her for copying comedy routine from Nikki Glaser

The jokes were almost word for word the same

‘I’m grateful’: Armie Hammer addresses ‘hilarious’ claims he’s a cannibal for the first time

Interesting perspective on the claims you’ve got a kink for eating people I guess

A Bridgerton showrunner has commented on all the theories Eloise might be queer

‘She does read as queer, and I totally understand why’

Does Sabrina Carpenter ALWAYS autoplay after any song on Spotify? An investigation

Now why am I getting Espresso right after Eminem?

They’re fuming! A rundown of the Love Islanders who were saltiest after getting dumped

At least leave the villa with some decorum, you guys…

Sara from MAFS Australia just explained how her feud with Cassandra started and it’s so messy

The girls are FIGHTING

Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy are having huge beef and she’s really not holding back

‘Why don’t you text me and ask me yourself you stuck up, ungrateful loser?’

Taylor Swift dropped three UK only album versions to block Charli XCX from number one

It is truly beyond belief

The Dunder Mifflin rich list: Ranking The Office US cast by their huge net worths

Michael Scott would be fuming to hear Toby’s raking it in

From NYC kisses to getting engaged: How Matty Healy and Gabbriette became a power couple

Never forget when he took her to Manchester and made her try a Greggs

The mega rich Game of Thrones cast, ranked by their insanely whopping net worths

They’re all worth more than the Iron Throne

An ode to Harriett: The Islander bringing drama and making Love Island worth watching

Thank god for her messy, MESSY ways

Simon Cowell just said he regrets not taking full control of the One Direction name

‘I can be very naive at times – and that was me being very, very naive’

This TikToker got fired for saying the n-word in a video, and now she’s doubling down on it

Lilly Gaddis’ TikTok has now been deactivated, but she’s not sorry

Aaron from The Traitors is going on Love Island USA and has made the most cringe video ever

It’s a villa-themed version of Looking For a Man in Finance

Erm, MAFS Australia’s Lucinda and Timothy have suddenly unfollowed each other!?

The post-MAFS friendship seems to be well and truly over

An exhaustive list of all 34 versions of her album Taylor Swift has greedily released

The Swifties are the real Tortured Poets having to buy 34 versions of the same album

Every wild Bridgerton reference and easter egg in this week’s Doctor Who episode Rogue

The Bridgerton style cover of Poker Face was perfection

Matty Healy allegedly liked a post dragging Swifties for making everything about Taylor Swift

This is so messy

This The Big Bang Theory scene has everyone weeping harder after the Young Sheldon finale

George Sr’s death has scarred me for life

Lawyer who claims she was stalked by ‘dreadful’ Fiona Harvey shares alleged ‘screaming abuse’

Laura Wray claimed to Piers Morgan Fiona Harvey harassed her for years before Richard Gadd

The extremely strict Love Island smoking and vaping rules for 2024, explained in full

My vape obsession could NOT cope with this

Everyone thinks Charli XCX made a Taylor Swift dig on new album and it’s not subtle at all

‘I hope they break up quick’

The Traitors Charlotte’s wife has spoken out about Conor Maynard pregnancy drama

‘Charlotte has stated in interviews she was single, which wasn’t the case at all’

Reddit fans have mapped out a Young Sheldon series eight and the ideas are amazing

We can dream

Ranked: The 10 best Sabrina Carpenter bangers, since she just dropped a new one

Working late ’cause you’re a singer clearly pays off

They just hard launched! The full Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan relationship timeline

I would die for them

Inside the wild The Traitors cast drama, where Mollie has now unfollowed winner Harry

Charlotte is pregnant with Conor Maynard’s baby!?

Wait, who is the new Charli XCX diss track about? Explaining the rumoured beef with Lorde

‘Sometimes I think I might hate you’ – These lyrics are insane

A considered ranking of Jennifer Lopez’s most cursed films, from worst to somehow worser

Brb rewatching Anaconda

Young Sheldon fans are debating the theories on why Sheldon’s style changed so much

One of them is actually so sad

Taylor Swift sticks up for Lady Gaga after the internet weirdly debates if she’s pregnant or not

‘It’s invasive and irresponsible to to comment on a woman’s body’

‘Jarringly ugly’: The most savage reviews of JLo’s film Atlas on Netflix

‘Another Netflix film made to half-watch whilst doing laundry’

From vibes to release date: Everything we know about Sabrina Carpenter’s new album

About 10 more Espresso level bangers will do nicely

Just a bunch of Love Island 2024 week one predictions that you cannot prove wrong

They don’t steal the £50K anymore but Harriett is the one who’ll find a way

A rundown of the absolute worst moments from the abysmal Sunak V Starmer TV debate

Rishi brought up national service and the whole audience laughed at him

Joey Essex released a cursed song before Love Island called Reem and it’s got a music video

The girls in the video hug framed pictures of him

Mud, mayhem and JoJo Siwa: How Mighty Hoopla 2024 became perfectly chaotic euphoria

Rita Ora’s sound equipment overheated and when she tried to get the front row to sing instead no one knew the words

Love, laughs and a whole lotta drama: I Kissed a Girl was the best dating show of all time

The way the nation has crowned Amy ‘the lesbian Princess Diana’

How Love Island got great again: Even before Joey Essex, this series started with a bang

A Love Island premiere that WASN’T boring? There’s a first time for everything!

So many hairstyles! A wild look at the transformation Joey Essex has had through the years

Always reem, of course

From TOWIE to Love Island: The never-ending list of TV shows Joey Essex has rocked up on

The world’s longest CV

Inside the massive Missy plot hole from Young Sheldon that’s causing debate on Reddit

What was going on here!?

A wishlist of legendary Love Islanders we NEED back as 2024’s returning bombshell

‘Did anyone order ANOTHER Italian snack’ – imagine the scenes!?

A factual rundown of what Bridgerton characters would get if they went for a cheeky Nando’s

Colin Bridgerton gets a Sunset burger to remind him of his travels

Danica from Love Island is releasing her debut single and guys, she’s the British Tate McRae

Bowing down to the new queen of pop

Omg, the hideaway has completely changed for Love Island 2024 and the new rules are wild

You can only go in with someone you’re not actually coupled up with!?

Taylor Swift won the chart battle, but here’s more Billie Eilish drama that raged on anyway

Billie Eilish called three hour concerts ‘literally psychotic’

Before the new series starts, here’s who’s actually still together from Love Island 2023

The real test of who actually won the show

Another Young Sheldon plot hole has been found in The Big Bang Theory and I’m rattled

This would have been so easy to explain

Ranking the Love Island 2024 cast based on nothing but the vibes of their promo pics

Ronnie’s is giving Dad on an all inclusive holiday

Sexy ads and dating Rosalía: Inside Jeremy Allen White’s life when he’s not in The Bear

Life’s sweet when you aren’t stressing about sandwiches

Wait – did Penelope give Colin a major clue she’s Whistledown in THIS Bridgerton scene?

The Reddit debates on it are wild

Billie Eilish’s manager reshared a thread about Taylor Swift blocking artist’s success

The drama is getting messy – he’s now deleted the posts

All seven seasons of Young Sheldon ranked, according to their rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Justice for season six!

This Young Sheldon water fountain plot hole has divided Reddit and I’m stressed

We need answers

Wait – did Sheldon and Paige end Young Sheldon as pals? Inside the divided fan debate

‘He never mentioned her once in The Big Bang Theory’

From Game of Thrones to Bridgerton: The wildest historical errors in TV and film

The Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones will haunt me forever

Oh my god! Gypsy Rose Blanchard is going to be in the new series of The Kardashians

I am losing my mind

Jessica Gunning has shared how she feels now about playing Martha in Baby Reindeer

‘I wouldn’t use the word problematic’

Inside the petty, messy album beef between Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift right now

‘Nobody needs that many songs’

Explaining how Meemaw in the Young Sheldon finale influenced Mary in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s mum is totally different when we meet her in the future

OMG! Billie Eilish’s new album was nearly named after this iconic quote from The Office

Nobody stans The Office like Billie

Fiona Harvey has released a new statement explaining her Baby Reindeer lawsuit

She says it’s ‘against all those who have lied about me’

Fans find hidden meaning on Billie Eilish’s new album and think a song is about her stalker

Last year Billie Eilish got a restraining order against an intruder who broke into her home

Jim Parsons has shared the one thing that would get him to play Sheldon again

He came back for the final of Young Sheldon, but only one reason would get him to do it again

Disney havoc and getting really drunk: Inside JoJo Siwa’s wild 21st birthday

She got given bread to sober up

Young Sheldon’s ending explains George Sr plot hole in The Big Bang Theory

It finally makes sense now

Omg, Avril Lavigne just addressed the rumour she’s been replaced by body double ‘Melissa’

Avril (or maybe Melissa) got grilled about it on a podcast yesterday

Everything Sophie Turner has said about Taylor Swift helping her through Joe Jonas divorce

‘I’ve never been more grateful to anyone than I am to her’

The ‘first girl’ of Love Island 2024 has been ‘revealed’ – she’s a model with 80,000 followers

Not Molly-Mae already following her

Okay: What is actually going on between Bobby Brazier and Ella from MAFS UK!?

They were pictured snogging at the BAFTAs

Right, here’s the actual reason Ruby Stokes has been replaced as Francesca Bridgerton

Hannah Dodd has been recast as her in series three

The worst episodes of Doctor Who ever, according to their rating on IMDb

It’s not looking good for the Jodie Whittaker era

All the big names Tomb Raider fans want as Lara Croft in the upcoming Amazon series

Just cast Ella Purnell as the lead in all video game adaptations

A rundown of who in the cast of Love Triangle is actually still mates after the show

Surprised any are after all the drama

Kelly from Love Triangle says she felt bullied by cast over comments about her age

‘I’m all about empowerment’

Everything Piers Morgan has said about Fiona Harvey since the Baby Reindeer interview

‘I think she lied to me a lot’

Kasbah club cancels ‘real’ Martha from Baby Reindeer appearance due to ‘negative publicity’

‘The promoter has deemed the event unsafe’

Um, a club is getting dragged for claiming it’s booked the real Martha from Baby Reindeer

‘As a business you should be appalled – absolutely vile’

Every savage dig Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan have thrown at each other since the split

‘People will see who you really are soon’

The theories on why Doctor Who keeps mysteriously sneaking Susan Twist into episodes

She’s popped up as four different characters and is set to be back in the next episode too

Inside the wild theories on why Doctor Who is now constantly breaking the fourth wall

Something’s shifted and fans have noticed

A rundown of the vibey Instagrams of the I Kissed a Girl cast

Need to be mates with them all

All the amazing songs Taylor Swift scrapped from the Eras Tour, and what got added

SEVEN songs from The Tortured Poets Department? I’m selling my ticket

All the shady, salty digs Love Island’s Georgia and Anton have thrown since their split

Yep, they’re still beefing

Lucinda from Love Island’s getting dragged for going to ‘100’ Downing Street ‘to see Boris’

‘Bet you were disappointed when Rishi answered’

The best episodes of Hacks ever, according to IMDb

I will follow Deborah and Ava to the ends of the earth

Nava Mau’s opened up on how she prepared for Baby Reindeer scene where Teri’s attacked

‘We built up a structure that I was gonna get knocked over, so when I’m on the floor I can look at the pieces’

From Rose Tyler to Ruby Sunday: The definitive ranking of every Doctor Who companion

Criminal that Jackie Tyler has never been on a Tardis trip tbh

All the best vibey behind the scenes pictures shared by the cast of Baby Reindeer

Love them so much

Since it might be on the rocks, here’s a timeline of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey’s friendship

‘I’m so lucky to know you and be your friend’

The setup for Fallout series two gives the TV show a huge game canon issue to tackle

This might be a problem they never had in the first series

A diss track-by-track breakdown of the increasingly personal Drake and Kendrick beef

Nine diss tracks this year alone? Enough!

Richard Gadd questioned by Baby Reindeer producers after actress called him out on Twitter

After an investigation he was cleared of any misconduct

All the levels from the OG Tomb Raider, ranked from miserable to masterpiece

Palace Midas is my happy place

From Thandiwe Newton to Billie Piper: Meet the iconic new cast for Wednesday series two

Joanna Lumley… I’m shaking

A rundown of the most random celebs who managed to get invited to the Met Gala

Hopefully Lea Michele was able to read her invite

All the evidence people think Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift have fallen out after the Met Gala

Uh oh

MAFS Australia’s Tahnee and Ollie just threw more savage digs on socials after the split

‘It’s not my fault the situation makes you look bad’

The most terrifying episodes of Buffy that prove it used to be the scariest show on TV

Get that skin eating monster away from me

A release day ranking of Dua Lipa’s disappointing new album Radical Optimism

Inspired by Britpop and 90s rave culture? Where?

A roundup of the best vibey behind the scenes pics of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast

Missing them x

James Corden just confirmed the finale of Gavin and Stacey is coming on Christmas Day!


You need to watch the explosive new dating show Love Triangle that makes MAFS look tame

It’s got dinner parties, arguments and cheating scandals in the first two episodes!

Inside Jono and Ellie from MAFS Australia’s cringy shared TikTok account

‘So this goes out to all the haters…’

OMG, MAFS Australia camera crew almost walked in on Jack and Tori doing the dirty deed

My eyes! MY EYES!

Who’s actually related!? A full family tree rundown of the Berzattos from The Bear

No, they’re not all cousins

Explaining the completely bizarre and violent ending of Love Lies Bleeding

I support lesbian rights AND lesbian wrongs!

Inside the controversial Serena Williams tennis match that inspired the film Challengers

‘What if you really needed to talk about something? And what if it was something going on beyond tennis?’

MAFS Australia’s Jack and Tori have ranted about their co-stars on their secret Instagram

‘We honestly couldn’t give a f*ck’

Tori’s bestie from the MAFS Australia wedding now thinks her and Jack are ‘so compatible’

Changed her tune since she was a bridesmaid I see

Memes, streams, popstar of dreams: How Sabrina Carpenter’s Espresso took over the world

Me 80 times a day: ‘I’m working late, ’cause I’m a singer’

Collins is rebranding as a TikTok interviewer after MAFS Australia, and it’s absolute hell

Laughing so much at the bad microphone quality

‘The most edited episode’: A MAFS Australia cast member has blasted the reunion

‘Every other episode has been fairly accurate, but that was extremely out of context’

Everything Lauren’s said about Ellie and Jono’s relationship after the MAFS reunion

‘Me and him were forced to be together’

Everything Natalie and Collins have been up to since their disastrous time on MAFS Australia

If I had to hear about Collins discussing OnlyFans, you do too

The 10 best songs on Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department, according to streams

Justice for So High School!!!

‘Taylor Swift pub’ The Black Dog staff have spoken out about chaotic week mobbed by Swifties

‘We’ve got a Swift half pint on the menu, which people can get for free if they sing a Taylor lyric’

More lies Jack from MAFS Australia has been telling his ex have surfaced and it’s chaos

‘He’s only staying with Tori because he’s backed into a corner’

No ifs, no buts: These are the absolute WORST episodes of Black Mirror ever

Black Mirror episode idea: Me being forced to watch these on loop

Inside the wild transformations of the Buffy cast, from the first episode to now

Sarah Michelle Gellar my ageless queen!

Um, a MAFS Australia couple who’ve broken up did a joint club appearance this weekend

Beyond awkward I fear

Bronte speaks out against MAFS Australia and says show offers no support to the cast

‘During filming, I was distraught’

Ella Ding dropped some brutal shade towards Jayden from MAFS Australia on Eden’s TikTok

Long live her Eynaud brothers vendetta!

Erm, there’s a secret code hidden in Martha’s Baby Reindeer emails and it’s WILD

This is the most random crossover

Brit Smith has finally posted a video fully addressing the JoJo Siwa song ‘theft’ situation

‘I just want to make it clear that JoJo has done nothing wrong to me’

People think they’ve found the real Martha from Baby Reindeer laughing in a stand-up video

It’s from a clip of Richard Gadd doing a comedy routine back in the day

Lucinda’s set to ‘make millions’ after MAFS Australia, with a ‘bidding war’ over her next gig

‘Her positive energy has resonated with viewers who see her as a breath of fresh air’

Tori has finally spilled what her friendship status is now with the other MAFS Australia girls

‘What those girls did to me was not friendship’

A body language expert says Jack and Tori are lying about having sex on MAFS Australia

‘Do I think they had proper sex? No’

Everything Eden and Jayden have been up to since their messy run on MAFS Australia

Apparently they broke up FOUR TIMES after filming finished

All the savage Matty Healy lyrics Taylor Swift sings on The Tortured Poets Department

‘They shake their heads and say God help her when I tell them he’s my man’

Here’s where to watch Richard Gadd next if you’re obsessed with Netflix’s Baby Reindeer

He’s in a police show with Stephen Graham!

Inside Nava Mau’s vibey life when she’s not playing the best character in Baby Reindeer

Fully obsessed with her

Lauren from MAFS Australia has been spotted on a night out getting close to her ex again

There’s picture evidence!!!

OMG! The viral four lads in jeans are back and the jeans got… baggy

It’s been five years since the first picture was posted!

Definitively ranking all the episodes of Fallout series one from worst to best

Kind of like picking your favourite child

OMG! Fallout has a real number you can call or text to get a secret easter egg

If you actually ring it, prepare to be terrified

Here’s how Lucinda from MAFS Australia actually found out about Timothy’s criminal past

‘One mistake doesn’t define who you are today’

Gypsy Rose Blanchard divorced Ryan after a fight over his ‘food hoarding and snoring’

He apparently buys and keeps food in bulk and Gypsy wasn’t feeling it

OMG: A third claim has emerged that MAFS Australia’s Jack has cheated on Tori

When will it end!?

Amazon’s Fallout finally answers mystery fans of the game have wanted to know for years

A gap in the nuclear apocalypse lore has been filled

Omg, we now officially know Lucy’s stats if she was in one of the Fallout games

Nerding out so hard right now

Everything we know about the explosive chaos of the MAFS Australia 2024 final vows

Buckle UP

Here’s when the MAFS Australia cast will actually get control of their Instagrams back

Imagine the drama when they can say what they want again

Where are the Deathclaws!? Why Fallout’s most famous monster isn’t in the TV show

Dying to see Lucy VS Deathclaw

The Fallout TV show has a huge lore error that completely contradicts one of the games

Fans are so confused Bethesda has now had to speak out and clarify

OMG! Brit Smith officially releases Karma’s A B*tch on streaming after the JoJo Siwa drama

Let the chart battle begin!!!

‘I don’t know who Brit Smith is’: JoJo Siwa has addressed the chaos around her new song

Karma has been wrapped up in nothing but controversy since it came out

A roundup of all the Love Islanders at Coachella 2024 and their very vibey outfits

Maura just never misses

Revealed: The real reason Richard and Andrea’s MAFS Australia marriage crumbled

‘Not letting her speak, talking over her – all of that crushed her the most’

Cassie from MAFS Australia has spoken out about how she tried to save Tristan relationship

‘I could have done this better’

Meet Ella Purnell: The vibey Brit playing Lucy in Fallout who everyone’s obsessed with

She has the coolest Instagram on the planet

What the TV show doesn’t tell you about the backstory of the vaults in Fallout

They’re not the paradise from the apocalypse you might think

A rundown of easter eggs and nods to the game in the new Fallout TV show

Any lifelong fan will be very happy

MAFS Australia expert explains the weird reason they’ve only cast a few same-sex couples

Alessandra finally gave us an answer

Omg, turns out Lauren from MAFS Australia hooked up with a VERY famous DJ ‘for clout’

He flew her to Bali for his show and they’re still mates now

Um, JoJo Siwa’s new song was recorded in 2012 by someone else and there’s a music video?

The plot thickens daily

From Mother Monster to corporate sellout: The dismal downfall of Lady Gaga

2009 Gaga was dying for her art, 2024 Gaga is doing adverts for Big Pharma

LGBTQ+ music stars are dragging JoJo Siwa for saying she wants to invent a ‘gay pop’ genre

Open the schools!!!

Um, Jade and Ridge from MAFS Australia have done a big interview on wanting kids soon?

Alexa, play Movin’ Too Fast!

Omg, Richard was spotted ‘chatting up girls’ with Collins on a hectic MAFS night out

Smoooooooth operator

Erm, JoJo Siwa just revealed that she spent $50,000 on a cosmetic procedure!?

50 grand on cosmetic work aged 20 is wild

Abby Lee Miller has spoken out about the JoJo Siwa rebrand and did NOT mince her words

JoJo first became known when she was coached by Abby on Dance Moms

There was another MAFS Australia editing error last night and it’s a DISASTER

How did this get missed!?

‘Nothing but excuses’: MAFS’ Stephen and Michael on the demise of their marriage

‘I gave too much’

Explained: What the ‘be mindful of why you were invited to the section’ memes mean

Can’t escape this on the socials rn

Erm, so JoJo Siwa’s new single is apparently an old Miley Cyrus song from 2011!?

It all makes so much sense now

MAFS Australia’s Eden’s spilled on the status of her and Sara’s friendship now and… yikes

The beef shows no signs of stopping

Thank god! A dentist has spoken out about Jack from MAFS’ unsettlingly dazzling teeth

I’d recommend wearing your sunglasses to read this one

Tahnee’s chipped in on the Sara’s MAFS Australia cheating scandal and she was SAVAGE

‘This is such a smoking gun’

Omg, a MAFS producer has clapped back at Sara saying scandal was ‘out of context’

‘She should be grateful for the stuff they left out’

BBC, I’m begging you: Cancel the utterly abysmal The Apprentice – for all our sakes

I cannot take any more of the current state of this once iconic show

Scoop just dropped on Netflix and guys, the reviews are absolutely savage

‘What was the point?’

All you need to know about Amanda Thirsk, Keeley Hawes’ vital character in Scoop

She worked closely with Prince Andrew for years

Omg, Sara’s making a big confession on MAFS Australia tonight and we’ve got the tea

The arguments this is going to cause… I’m not ready

Oh, so you think you could still pass your driving theory test? Prove it!

Remembering the different motorway stud colours is harder than any degree

Right, here’s the alleged messy reason why Gypsy Rose Blanchard divorced Ryan

Apparently their arguments got really bad after her prison release

Producers of MAFS Australia fuming couples ‘stayed too long’ on the show to get more fame

‘Filming was such a hassle because so many were still on the show’

Inside the crazy evolution of JoJo Siwa and her transformation through the years

She’s in her Miley Cyrus Bangerz era

Let’s face it: The deranged fan reaction to Drag Race winners has put the show in crisis

Tia Kofi should be enjoying victory, not getting daily racist abuse for it

Inside the sneaky alcohol trick the MAFS Australia cast do when they don’t want to be filmed

They’re crafty geniuses for this

Revealed: Who actually controls the MAFS Australia cast’s Instagram posts and captions

‘When you want to be vocal, they’ll tell you it’s not approved’

Explained: What the hell is actually going on with Euphoria series three!?

Apparently, no one at HBO is even sure a third season will ever arrive

Um, MAFS’ Timothy and Andrea might be dating after they had ‘a sleepover’ together!?

This wasn’t on my Married at First Sight bingo card

Revealed: The heartbreaking reason Tristan and Cassandra’s MAFS relationship is doomed

Nah I’m crying

Shakira said Barbie was ’emasculating’ for her sons and she’s been dragged online for it

Shakira and her boys ‘hated’ it

She’s done it babes! Georgia Steel has been announced as the new host of Love Island

‘She was born to do this,’ ITV says

Build your perfect Easter chocolate haul and we’ll tell you what percentage Tory you are

£30 hand-painted bespoke egg? Do one

Um, MAFS’ Timothy’s claiming Ben ‘stole’ his lyrics for the hell on earth Ellie apology song

Is anything normal happening on MAFS Australia at this point?

The MAFS Australia experts revealed their fave cast members and the choices are wild

Alessandra is a real one

Ranking all of Sydney Sweeney’s roles by how hard they slayed

She ate her Immaculate performance up and left no crumbs, nun at all

Ella May Ding just absolutely dragged Jayden from MAFS Australia on a podcast

She didn’t hold back, obviously

Here’s where Cara Delevingne preaching about house music on your TikTok is actually from

‘It’s about time you fell in love with something that will love you back!’

Bombshell claims MAFS’ Lauren and Jono had an ‘arrangement’ to ‘fake’ their marriage

Truly beyond belief

Erm, Ash from MAFS Australia debuted his new relationship whilst he was still on the show

He’s gone from a psychic to a pilates instructor

It seems like Jack has a flat key but Tori doesn’t and MAFS Australia Twitter is WORRIED

‘What if she wants to go out? Does she have to seek Jack’s permission?’

Um, The Traitors series three is in chaos after applicants were plotting to win the £120K

Messages were discovered from potential cast members conspiring in group chats

Jack from MAFS Australia’s ex says his matching tattoo with Tori is an ‘F U’ to her

She is, once again, fuming

MAFS Australia isn’t alone! Investigating why reality TV down under is so unhinged

Guaranteed chaos every time

MAFS Australia’s Tahnee gives damning update on where she stands with Ollie after split

‘I’ve been really hurt by the things he’s done and said about me’

From wedding officiator to speed dating maestro: Inside Lucinda from MAFS’ iconic job

Our queen literally does it all

Right, here’s how to do the viral AI PlayStation edit all over Twitter and TikTok right now

Get these in an art gallery

How to find Spotify’s secret game, where you can play Snake with your playlists

I had no idea this existed and I am SHOOK

Explaining the savage lyrics and meaning behind The Boy Is Mine by Ariana Grande

She’s raising eyebrows with this one

Omg, two Love Island All Stars Islanders were so ill ITV had to send in emergency medics

‘They were bedbound’

Timothy from MAFS Australia has finally revealed what his emotional Tin Man tattoo means

No YOU’RE crying

All 10 films nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, definitively ranked from worst to best

Maestro, what are you even doing here?

From dressing gown TikTok lives to doing drag on film: What the Misfits cast are up to now

Curtis just won big at the British Independent Film Awards

Crazy sex scenes and queer revenge: Why you need to watch Netflix’s new thriller Femme

If you thought Saltburn was hardcore, do NOT watch this with your parents

Just everything the very iconic cast of MAFS UK 2022 have been up to

Obsessed with Chanita giving a speech in parliament

Ranking the Celebrity Big Brother cast from least to most Instagram followers

One of them has a measly total of 380

Erm, you can buy anti-trans, far right books from RuPaul’s new online bookstore

Despite Allstora’s mission statement being to uplift ‘LGBTQ+ people, women and communities of colour’

‘£100k a day’ fee and private bedroom: Inside Sharon Osbourne’s Big Brother contract

She’s only there a week and she’s got the VIP treatment

Ranked: The Love Islanders who’ve appeared on the most TV shows after the villa

Has Ekin-Su even been home since she won?

The only thing more chaos than Celebrity Big Brother last night are these 20 memes about it

The blue shirt guy who got ignored for a fist bump stole the show

Inside the long and messy feud between Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield

Need her to give us more Schofe goss on Celebrity Big Brother

From slip ups to disasters: The launch night return of Celebrity Big Brother was a car crash

It should have been iconic, but it was a mess

A first impressions ranking of all the housemates in Celebrity Big Brother

God-Su back on my screen AGAIN? Blessed

Omg, a Glasgow Wonka actor claiming to have played The Unknown has revealed herself

Is this The Unknown? Or does The Unknown remain unknown!?

A rundown of the other events House of Illuminati put on before the Glasgow Wonka fiasco

They do weddings if anyone fancies it

Meet The Unknown, the made-up Glasgow Wonka experience villain who traumatised kids

Unsurprisingly, an ‘evil chocolate maker who lives in the walls’ is not in the film

Omg, the full cast lineup for Celebrity Big Brother 2024 has apparently leaked

What will Louis Walsh and Ekin-Su talk about!?

Hold on, Leo Woodall from One Day is actually a nepo baby from a long line of actors

It’s always the way, isn’t it?

Inside the disastrously bad Glasgow Willy Wonka ‘experience’ that had kids in tears

Sold as ‘a celebration of chocolate in all its forms’, things soon turned nightmarish

Georgia Steel has quit social media after Love Island All Stars due to trolling

‘She needs to take some time offline’

Where is Kate Middleton? The unhinged tinfoil hat theories from Twitter have arrived

The official word from the palace today is she’s ‘doing well’, but try telling the internet that

All the evidence Adam and Arabella called it off after Love Island All Stars

Truly the most loveless series of Love Island ever

The MAFS UK reunion was garbage: Here’s how they could have made it actually good

Watching a reunion three months after it was filmed is beyond pointless

All the naff films adapted from books that deserve a Netflix One Day style redemption

Films stop trying to condense big books into an hour and a half challenge

Luke got asked why he’s not at the reunion and he’s absolutely blasting MAFS on Instagram

‘I’m not going to hold back and lie for them’

Meet Julie Ragbeer: The girl who’s gone viral after allegedly paying for a promo tweet

She’s accidentally become a new pop icon and Twitter is obsessed

All the evidence Callum and Jess have split already after Love Island All Stars

That’s if they ever even were a couple

The One Day twist is actually even sadder when you learn Ambika Mod’s other major role

Crying all over again

All the mindblowingly stupid plot holes in Madame Web

Does literally anyone know what’s going on?

The full timeline of the disappearance of TV presenter Jesse Baird and Luke Davies

A police officer has now handed himself in and been charged with murder

Aw, the cast of One Day spoke about TikTok’s viral orange peel theory being used in the show

This is too cute

Meet the Love Island All Stars who were on standby but never made it into the villa

We were robbed of Danica

All the celebs who’ve been watching and weeping at One Day on Netflix

Kim K is obsessed

If you want your brain to melt, this viral puzzle asks you to try and spell ‘candy’ with two letters

Never felt more fuming than when I worked out the answer

‘We’re made to look dumb’: Rochelle blasts what it’s actually like to go on The Apprentice

‘What they choose to air can be frustrating – they don’t show much of the good bits’

Everything the One Day film absolutely butchered that the Netflix series fixed

An actually decent Leeds accent was a welcome start

Why saying Harry Styles’ new look means he’s ‘straight again’ is tediously problematic

Let’s all grow up please

Why saying Harry Styles’ new look means he’s ‘straight again’ is tediously problematic

Let’s all grow up please

Omg, Danica confirms she was flown to South Africa for Love Island All Stars but never used

ITV had our gal waiting in the wings for four days

All the savage things Scott’s said about the Love Island All Stars cast

‘Georgia H and Anton finishing fifth was expected – they can drop the act now’

Inside the viral, wild Pleasure Boys XXL show in Belfast that got completely ‘out of hand’

‘The show isn’t meant to be seedy, but a few excited women had a few to drink and got a bit handsy’

All of Us Strangers wasn’t snubbed at the BAFTAs, it wasn’t good enough to deserve any

Especially when the films winning awards over it were better

19 Madame Web memes so hilarious you don’t need to see the film to laugh at them

Her memes connect them all

Predicting which Love Island All Stars ‘couples’ will split up first

Callum and Jess won’t even last until the airport home

One Day foreshadowed the heartbreaking ending in episode two and we’re all stupid

Got no tears left to cry at this point

Madame Web is one of the worst films ever made – here’s why I loved every second of it

There’s no greater joy than watching an utter disaster destroy itself for two hours

The definitive final ranking of the Love Island All Stars, from worst to best

Hannah Elizabeth you will always be famous

From Margot Robbie to Sophie Ellis-Bextor: The best dressed at the BAFTAs 2024

Millie Mackintosh absolutely slayed

Bullying, boardroom shoving and antisemitism: All of The Apprentice’s biggest scandals

There was once a physical fight in the boardroom

Inside the complicated relationship between Love Island’s Sophie and sister Rochelle Humes

They didn’t speak for years but reconnected through… Kem!?

Erm, Jordan North has just quit Radio 1 and he’s being replaced with Jamie Laing!?

No idea what’s going on but I’m here for it

Asif’s spoken out after The Apprentice cuts him for alleged antisemitism, and he’s not sorry

‘Unlike most candidates, this show is not my personality or the biggest thing I’ve done in my life’

The 10 best ever episodes of Gavin and Stacey, according to their rating on IMDb

Hugely disagree with number three

The Apprentice has cut scenes with Asif from You’re Fired after antisemitism accusations

‘The individual concerned will not feature as a guest on any additional upcoming BBC content relating to The Apprentice’

Let’s face facts: Not a single couple in the All Stars villa deserves to win Love Island

How are we days from the final with 0 strong couples!?

Ranking Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web press tour moments by how unhinged they are

This week she’s said ‘It’s not nice to be a part of something that’s ripped to shreds, but I can’t say that I don’t understand’

The most unforgivably vile lyrics on Kanye West’s new album Vultures 1

Oh boy

The twist’s back, so here’s the Love Island All Stars ranked by who’s most likely to steal £50k

More like Georgia STEAL, am I right?

From the 90s games to now: Ranking every version of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider

She hit the slay button again for the new remastered trilogy

She’s at it again! Everyone’s clocked Georgia Steel massively lying on Love Island

It never ends

There’s more! The latest rumoured cast rundown for Celebrity Big Brother 2024


Everyone thinks they’ve cracked Georgia Steel’s game plan for who she really wants in villa

Um, is it over for Toby?

OH MY CHRIST! Gavin and Stacey is returning this year for a new special

The cast will start filming in summer

From Disney diva to queen of the Grammys: Miley Cyrus’ transformation through the years

She literally raised us

Explained: The really messy drama going down between Sugababes and ex-member Heidi

Keisha’s now responded, saying ‘Shame on YOU for not using the moment to bring us all together’

Ranking the last 13 years of Super Bowl halftime shows, from lame to life-changing

Beyoncé announcing an album and overshadowing Usher’s is savage

The 1975 fans have been camping at the O2 since Friday and Twitter has had enough

‘If a homeless person set up a tent outside the O2 they’d be moved, so why is this any different?’

Here’s what actually happened to all the Von Erich brothers from The Iron Claw

It’s hard to believe such a heartbreaking story is actually true

From High School Musical to The Iron Claw: Ranking Zac Efron’s most iconic roles

T as in Troy? x

The Apprentice just hit a new low with the most stupid episode of all time

The task? Make mini cheesecakes and sell them to Innocent Drinks and The London Dungeon…

Ryan-Mark has spilled The Apprentice secrets the show bans candidates from sharing

‘If Lord Sugar scrutinises the colours we used, we can’t say we were given the colours off camera’

Ranking all the Love Island All Stars by how toxic they truly are

They can’t help themselves

Explained: How Gina Carano ended up suing Disney after getting fired from The Mandalorian

Her lawsuit is financially backed by Elon Musk

From Love Island to the charts! A full history of Wes Nelson bangers

How many Islanders get to return to the villa with Craig David?

Inside wild theory Taylor Swift is purposely turning opinion against her ready for Reputation

Is she trying to be back in her ‘villain era’!?

From popstar to Popular Conservative: Inside Holly Valance’s bizarre right wing descent

At Liz Truss’ PopCon event yesterday she backed Jacob Rees-Mogg for prime minister

Rishi Sunak just made a trans ‘joke’ in PMQs whilst Brianna Ghey’s mum was in parliament

Honestly how much more vile can it get?

Explained: The messy and emotional drama going down between the Charmed cast

‘A livelihood that was taken away from my family because somebody else wanted to be number one’

Erm, Drake predicted the reaction if his nudes leaked years before they actually did

He got it scarily accurate

Everyone’s lost their minds over Drake’s nudes leaking and these memes prove it

Not the elephant’s trunk comparison

A video of Drake’s nudes has allegedly leaked and he’s responded in the most Drake way

Um… I am looking respectfully

You might hate Georgia Steel, but she’s the only reason we’re watching Love Island All Stars

Love her, loathe her… But make sure you thank her for the good TV

All we know about The Tortured Poets Department, Taylor Swift’s upcoming 11th album

Shaking at a Florence Welch featuring on a track

Right, is Argylle based on a book? The film’s confusing marketing stunt explained

There were rumours Taylor Swift wrote it

Said as a Swiftie: The over-saturated dominance of Taylor Swift has finally got too much

The newly announced album will inevitably be amazing, but please just let us rest

The Love Island All Stars ranked by who came out worse after the PDAs movie night

No prizes for guessing who’s at number one

Ranked: The seven greatest performances at the Grammys 2024

Feel so blessed to be alive at the same time as Joni Mitchell

From Miley Cyrus to Ice Spice: The best looks from the Grammys red carpet

The Dua Lipa face card never declines

We’re so back! The week one power ranking of The Apprentice 2024 candidates

The girls made fishcake crumble and WON? A great series lies ahead

Dr Asif from The Apprentice forced to take diversity training by BBC after Israel tweets

He’s also now apologised for his comments

Grab some fishcake crumble and enjoy these 21 The Apprentice memes from last night

Never been happier for a show to return in my life

Introducing the cast Instagrams of The Apprentice 2024, the youngest candidates yet

Everyone’s parents tonight: ‘Is this The Apprentice or Love Island!?’

Meet Paloma Diamond: TikTok’s fictional Awards season actress everyone’s obsessed with

She was robbed of an Oscar last year

Everything wrong with Bradley Cooper’s insufferable Maestro performance

If he wins the Oscar I will fall to my knees

All the moments that made Ekin-Su and Davide the best Love Island couple ever

A nation in mourning for Love Island’s most iconic relationship

Modelling campaigns, festivals and travelling: Inside Mollie’s life outside of The Traitors

I’m so envious of her holidays

The Love Island All Stars cast and the iconic memes they inspired

Georgia Harrison singlehandedly causing that Amber Davies meme… we must thank her

An investigation into why Love Island ALWAYS does Kaz dirty

Just get this queen a man ffs

Mollie’s shared the first thing she said to Harry after he screwed her over on The Traitors

I’ve been literally dying to know this

A guide on how to watch every film nominated for an Oscar this year in the UK

We’ve got you covered

The final ranking of everyone in the cast of The Traitors series two

If you think Harry didn’t deserve the money, don’t speak to me

Leave Callum alone: Being single and sleeping with 16 people in six months is no big deal

This pearl-clutching attitude from people in and out of the Love Island All Stars villa is a tired narrative

Every deranged lyric in Big Foot, Nicki Minaj’s new Megan Thee Stallion diss track

‘Lying on your dead mama’

The final Traitors power ranking! Here’s who’s at the top going into the final

Evie revealing she has a wife at the last second made her an overnight icon

An ode to Anton: The unexpected mature king single-handedly saving Love Island All Stars

Never in my life did I think the man with the most growth would be Anton

The world is shook at these old pictures of Amanda Tori Meating before Drag Race

Don’t let Plane Jane see this

The handy what not to do guide for the Traitors who get chosen on series three

Learn from these mistakes, or get banished

An ode to Meryl: One year on, she’s still the most iconic The Traitors player of all time

Queen of getting everything wrong and still winning the prize money

It’s official: These are the singers we buy the most overpriced tat merch from

Lana Del Rey could flog me anything tbf

The 2024 Best Picture Oscar nominees, ranked by their rating on IMDb

I can’t accept this Barbie slander

Meet Varada Sethu: The vibey actress set to be the new Doctor Who companion

She’s already been spotted filming with Ncuti Gatwa

Since Saltburn got no Oscar nominations, maybe we can now all come to our senses

A film this mid never deserved to become a cultural phenomenon

The Sophie Ellis-Bextor songs needing the Murder on the Dancefloor treatment

For when Emerald Fennell fancies soundtracking Saltburn 2: The Revenge of Felix

Ranking the hapless cast of The Apprentice 2024 based on vibes alone

As usual, they all seem suitably insufferable

Let’s face it: We wanted Love Island All Stars, what we’ve got is Ex on the Beach

The most loveless Love Island villa of all time? This series is a mess

Here they come! Meet the 18 candidates set for a grilling on The Apprentice 2024

Two of the men having rival pie businesses is so funny

A comprehensive history of Mitch and all his Love Island messiness

The world hasn’t even known Messy Mitch for a year and he’s had this much beef

Explained: All the drama around Millie Gibson allegedly already leaving Doctor Who

Her replacement is apparently already filming on set for the next series

Get your tinfoil hats on: All the theories Taylor is about to drop Reputation (Taylor’s Version)

Her mates have changed their Instagram pictures black and white…

These are officially the 10 most confusing movies in the UK, and looks like we’re all dumb

Half the list being Christopher Nolan films is hilarious

An ode to Paul from The Traitors: Reality TV’s ultimate villain

Give the man an OBE for services to great telly

A week three power ranking of everyone left on The Traitors series two

A week of both mourning and celebration

All the moments that made last night’s The Traitors one the best reality TV episodes ever

The funeral choir changed my life forever

Ranking every song from the Mean Girls musical film from flop to fetch

I will never forgive them for butchering Apex Predator

Mean Girls: A cautionary tale about how not to make a film that tries to be everything at once

Reneé Rapp undeniably rules the school in musical adaptation that clumsily tries to please everyone

The most iconic thing every Love Island All Stars Islander did on their original season

Georgia Harrison gave us the Amber Davies meme, and for that we must thank her

Ranking the Love Island All Stars by who was on the show the least in their original series

One All Stars Islander was only in the villa for 12 days

A menace ranking of the Love Island All Stars cast by who’s gonna cause the most havoc

Mischief lies behind Georgia Steel’s eyes

From Love Island season six to All Stars, the Callum and Molly relationship timeline in full

They lived together in Manchester with two dogs

How to find your Spotify Daylist to post on your Insta story like everyone else in your life

Mortified mine’s called me out for my cottagecore music taste

23 memes about Love Island All Stars that prove this show might not flop after all

Welcome back Love Island Twitter oh how we’ve missed you

In pictures: The best dressed queens at RuPaul’s DragCon UK 2024

Cara Melle the mother that you are

The darker meaning behind Poor Things’ shocking final gag explained

The ending manages to be euphoric and deeply twisted at the same time

John from The Traitors has pleaded guilty to assault on waitress and the details are horrific

He was punching a male member of staff and then dragged a waitress to the floor by her hair

A rundown of all the drama that’s lead to MAFS Luke and Jordan’s fight getting cancelled

Pure carnage from start to finish

A second week power ranking of everyone left on The Traitors series two

Oh Paul, how the mighty have fallen

Every bit of advice last year’s cast of The Traitors has given this year’s bunch

‘You don’t need to solve the game by day three, you need to put yourself in a position not to be murdered’

The Beekeeper: Jason Statham once again stars in some beeyond beelief nonsense

‘From the director of Suicide Squad’ is the first red flag

From Kinetta to Poor Things: The films of Yorgos Lanthimos ranked by how weird they are

If it stars Barry Keoghan you know you’re in for the wildest ride

Ranking all the Traitors by how crap they were at actually being a Traitor

No prizes for guessing where Ash gets ranked

A full rundown of every celeb rumoured to go on Celebrity Big Brother this year

Trying to imagine watching Louis Walsh and Rebekah Vardy chat in the garden over a ciggy

Ranking the Love Island All Stars promo pics by how truly cursed they are

Why is it both beach AND red carpet themed!?

Inside Poor Things’ sex scene so controversial it had to be edited for release under UK law

The sex scenes in this film make Saltburn seem family friendly

Poor Things: A life-changing, eye-popping odyssey of epic surrealist proportions

Yorgos Lanthimos blesses us once again with entry to his world, and Emma Stone is our guide

From Corrie to Netflix queen: The wild transformation of Michelle Keegan over the years

Never forget the Tina McIntyre roots

Professional lip reader says Selena Gomez definitely was gossiping about Kylie and Timothée

Literally can’t keep up

Selena Gomez was ‘absolutely not’ gossiping about Kylie and Timothée… apparently

Golden Globes-gate continues

Every time we stupidly missed the signs Diane and Ross are mum and son on The Traitors

Were we watching with our eyes closed or something?

Ranking every Ariana Grande lead single before she drops the next one

Shaking in anticipation of Yes, And? releasing on Friday

Selena Gomez gossips to Taylor Swift that Kylie wouldn’t let her get a pic with Timothée

Thanks to lip readers on Twitter you could say the petty drama was rife at the Golden Globes

Inside the impossibly bleak true story that inspired new Netflix film Society of the Snow

The Andes plane crash saw survivors forced to resort to cannibalism

We spoke to Aubrey about what it’s really like getting murdered first on The Traitors

‘Obviously, I was that popular they had to get rid of me’

A petty little week one ranking of the entire The Traitors series two cast

I have an instant unhealthy obsession with Diane

Since we’re officially living in hell, here’s how you can find your Trainline ‘Wrapped’

Tell us how many trains got cancelled you cowards

All you need to know about the ASOS credit card, and why getting one is probs a bad idea

‘I can’t tell you how much of a bad deal this is’

Only Oliver Quick himself could get full marks on this rock-hard Saltburn trivia quiz

See how well you remember everything that isn’t the bath scene

‘Yeah I said it, the D is fire’: Gypsy Rose Blanchard defends her husband from the haters

She didn’t mince her words about her and Ryan’s sex life

All the best moments from The Traitors series one that made it an instant classic

More of this when series two starts tonight please !!!

Inside the relationship Priscilla had with her karate instructor the film only hinted at

It’s unclear in Sofia Coppola’s movie whether it’s romantic or not

From a chess coach to a clairvoyant: Meet the full cast of The Traitors series two

Surely one of them will be as iconic as Amanda

Trish from Big Brother just revealed Porscha from MAFS UK is actually her cousin

A reality TV world collision I wasn’t ready for

Every song that hit number one on the UK Singles Chart in 2023, ranked from worst to best

In the words of Doja: ‘B*tch, I said what I said’

Since they’re all over Twitter, here’s exactly how you can make an AI Funko Pop of yourself

Need one in my stocking this Christmas tbh

Um, Taylor Swift might have just confirmed she vapes on Lost Marys?

Phillip Schofield and Taylor Swift having the same taste in vape is sending me

From Love Island to Laurence Fox: The 10 most complained about TV moments of 2023

Ofcom watching Love Island to check if Scott was bullied is sending me

Raja’s spoken about how RuPaul personally invited her on Drag Race and the story is wild

She won Drag Race and $75,000 without ever having to even audition

The best ever episodes of Doctor Who, according to their rating on IMDb

For once, the general public kinda got it right

The results are in! Here’s who you voted as the biggest reality TV icon of 2023!

Only seven votes stood between second place and the winner

RIP The Crown: You began as the best show on Netflix and you ended as the worst

Thank god the messy season six is the last – we’re finally free

When the rest of the franchise feels stale, here’s how Canada’s Drag Race keeps getting better

All hail Brooke Lynn Hytes tbh

An ode to Melinda Verga: The Canada’s Drag Race queen bringing the mess and drama we need

She makes it feel like the good old days and we can only thank her

It’s time: The vote’s open for you to declare the biggest reality TV icon of 2023!

Whitney held 2023 Love Island together single handedly tbh

A look over Jacob Elordi’s wild transformation as he goes from teen films to Oscar buzz

He literally looks unrecognisable in Priscilla

Even Mrs Tweedy would laugh at these 17 Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget memes

Why did they give Tweedy a Drag Race All Stars glow up?

Here’s the full Prince Harry Nazi costume controversy The Crown just covered in series six

He wore it to a ‘Native and Colonial’ themed party in 2005

One month on: Everything the Big Brother 2023 girlies have been up to

Yinrun and her boyfriend’s TikTok era is too cute

A Vogue feature and a boyfriend: Everything Jordan’s been up to since he won Big Brother

He’s never out of boujee hotels

A festive ranking of all the Friends Christmas episodes

Forever obsessed with Ross’ Holiday Armadillo

A roundup of all the vibey Saltburn behind the scenes pics, shot by Jacob Elordi

Actor, photographer, being sexy… is there anything he can’t do?

‘Margie the hun’: How AI Marge Simpson went viral and became a comfort watch for us all

She has no business being this soothing

‘What’s on your plate!?’: Where the inescapable TikTok sound actually comes from

Cheese and chapati is a wild combo

Erm, this viral t-shirt neckline hack has just changed everyone’s lives forever

RIP to all the tees I’d have bought if I knew this was a thing

All the ways Netflix film Leave The World Behind differs from the book it’s based on

Um, Friends isn’t in the book at all?!

This major plot hole in Netflix’s Leave The World Behind literally ruins the whole movie

I need answers and I need them now

Leave The World Behind’s director on why Friends is such an important part of the film

All Rose wants in the apocalypse is to find out what happens to Ross and Rachel

The complicated ending of Netflix’s Leave The World Behind, explained in simple terms

I need a lie down

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if the Doctor would let you in the Tardis

‘I only take the best’

Everyone’s divided over an error in this viral maths video and it’s driving me mad

How can people not spot it!?

All the Oxford on campus filming locations where Emerald Fennell shot Saltburn

Students literally loaned their actual dorm rooms to the production team

SNL is the least funny show on TV and the disastrous sketches from this weekend prove it

Joking about Britney Spears’ ordeal and Hamas should be the final nail in the chuckle-free coffin

Suella Braverman has been sacked as home secretary by Rishi Sunak

The decision comes after she wrote a controversial article for The Times last week

‘I deserved to go when I did’: Vicky Vivacious on her Drag Race UK elimination

‘There’s a saying a dog instantly knows when its time’s up, that’s kind of how I felt’

Ranking the 2023 MAFS UK cast by who is undoubtedly the most pure evil

Peggy gets worse every episode I fear

Year after year, the worst thing about MAFS UK is the nightmarish friends of the cast

Laura, I’ll be your mate instead

The absolute best episode from every season of Friends

Need a marathon watching all 10 of these back to back

Meet Peregrine Pearson: The British millionaire aristocrat Sophie Turner was seen kissing

His ex girlfriend is King Charles III’s goddaughter

They’re all full of classics, but here is the best song on every Taylor Swift album

Resisting the urge to choose All Too Well twice

All 10 seasons of Friends, definitively ranked from worst to best

But let’s face it, there was never a bad season

Swifties, proceed with caution: Here’s the worst song on every Taylor Swift album

I never want to hear Stay Stay Stay again in my life

Sophie Turner’s moved on with a millionaire after Joe Jonas divorce and honestly? Slay

They were seen kissing in Paris? Girl, the bedbugs!

Luke says MAFS producers ‘set up’ the fight with Jordan and Channel 4 has responded

He claims production were ‘in his ear’ telling him to go to Jordan’s apartment

‘What’s your favourite scary movie?’: The ultimate horror trivia quiz to take this Halloween

Unless you’re too scared, of course x

Ranking the MAFS UK 2023 cast by who has the most followers on Instagram

How the hell is Brad in the top five?

A nosy peek inside the Instagrams of the Big Brother 2023 cast

Of course Hallie’s is the biggest slay

Since chaos has changed everything, here’s a brand new Big Brother housemate ranking

Still hasn’t sunk in Hallie’s been evicted

The best Chandler episodes of Friends where Matthew Perry truly shined

Sharks, a proposal and Miss Chanandler Bong

‘I hate gay Halloween parties’: The best and most niche meme costumes of 2023

Explaining these costumes to a Victorian orphan would put them in a coma

Banksie on exiting Drag Race UK, trans acceptance and their future in fashion

‘For Snatch Game I was going to do the artist Banksy fused with Lorraine Kelly’

All the new Vault songs on Taylor Swift’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version), ranked from worst to best

Um, why do they all sound like they should be on Midnights?

Peggy had to quit her day job after MAFS UK because the stress was making her ill

She said she had to quit for ‘the good of her health’

So you’re a horror fan? Let’s see if you’ve watched the 40 essential films in this checklist

You loved our first 60 essential movies, so here’s 40 more

In defence of Erica and Jordan: The MAFS couple under fire who’ve done nothing wrong

The entire cast are gunning for them and I simply don’t understand it

MAFS’ Ella speaks out after partner JJ gets homophobic slurs for dating a trans woman

‘The fact he was not ashamed and proud to be with me shows how incredible he is’

A harrowing roundup of the most evil characters from Mike Flanagan’s Netflix shows

Bev from Midnight Mass keeps me up at night

Davide from Love Island is now the best TikTokker on the FYP and these videos prove it

Watching Davide play silly little games is my Roman Empire

The most terrifying jump scares in film history, according to actual science

2000 movie buffs were tested, and these are the results

No ifs, no buts: The definitive ranking of all the main characters in Friends

Don’t trust anyone who puts Ross last

Justice for MAFS UK’s Georges: Being silly on Twitch and talking about sex is normal

God forbid a man’s partial to a squat from time to time

Paul C Brunson has spoken out about the trolling of the MAFS UK cast on Instagram

‘It’s natural to have opinions, but the line is crossed’

Right, what the hell is this Disney 100 card game all over TikTok rn?

Everyone’s desperate for the Mirabel card

Um, The Fall of the House of Usher’s Camille is based on Mirage from The Incredibles?

I can’t unsee it now

The MAFS UK cast went out for Arthur’s birthday this weekend and the pics are a vibe

Why is JJ wearing a vest may I ask?

One year on: The definitive ranking of every song on Midnights by Taylor Swift

I’ve literally listened to this album at LEAST once a week since it came out

Every Mike Flanagan Netflix show, definitively ranked from worst to best

The horror series king of Halloween

Ranked: Who came out looking worst after the most explosive MAFS UK dinner party ever

Bianca deserves a Pride of Britain award for how she handled all that

Ella shared a statement and is quitting social media after last night’s MAFS dinner party

‘In hindsight, I regret a lot… it’s hard reading the constant abuse I’ve received recently’

Nearly two weeks in, here’s all the Big Brother housemates ranked from worst to Yinrun

I need Chanelle and Jordan to fall in love

These are officially the scariest films of all time, according to actual science

Scientists tested 250 people with heart rate monitors and the spooky results are IN

‘I didn’t want us to separate’: MAFS UK’s Matt has opened up about sad split from Daniel

‘It’s taken me a long time to move forward and get over it’

A release day ranking of every song on Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other

I can’t get over Troye in drag for One Of Your Girls

Erica’s opened up on why Tasha and Ella ‘attacked’ her in last night’s MAFS UK

‘It was an attack, and I didn’t understand where it was coming from’

Omg, there’s a wild Gerald’s Game easter egg hidden in The Fall of the House of Usher

Mike Flanagan’s Netflix ‘Flanaverse’ just gets deeper and deeper

Inside the harrowing story Netflix’s The Fall of the House of Usher is based on

Mike Flanagan always gets his spooky shows CORRECT

A full rundown of all the day jobs of the Big Brother housemates

Everything they get up to when they aren’t pretending to work in an office for a task

Ranking the MAFS UK cast by who came out looking worse at THAT chaotic dinner party

Still feeling unsure about why they randomly flipped to arguing in French

Brad from MAFS UK confirms he attended Russell Brand’s Community festival

Not the greatest of looks

Rows, racism and removals: Inside Big Brother’s biggest ever controversies

I cannot believe the Roxanne Pallett saga actually happened

Nathanial from MAFS UK seen with cig and vape despite kicking off over Ella smoking

Nathanial previously said his one request for his MAFS partner was a non-smoker

A full rundown of all the ages of the Big Brother housemates for 2023

How the hell is Hallie only 18?

Meet Will Best: The vibey presenter hosting Big Brother with AJ Odudu

His first presenting gig was with Kimberley from Girls Aloud

If you think Big Brother has ‘gone woke’, you clearly never watched it in the first place

Don’t let pointless culture wars make you think this show has been anything other than diverse

A brutally honest day one ranking of all 16 new housemates in Big Brother 2023

NEED to go for a wine with Kerry

24 memes about the Big Brother launch that prove the best show on TV is back, baby!

Not Jenkin enduring World War III within the first hour

‘People doubting me was painful’: Alexis Saint-Pete on her untimely Drag Race UK exit

‘Even though I was saying I was fine in the second episode, it still got to me’

RIP to the Big Brother smoking area: ITV has scrapped the best bit of the house

A cig-filled ode to the house’s most iconic area

Ella from MAFS UK has revealed her hidden code from the commitment ceremony

‘I have a message and a meaning behind every outfit I wear’

So how posh is Posh? Inside what Victoria Beckham’s childhood was actually like

At least we’ve now cleared up her dad drove a Rolls Royce to school

We need answers! How and when do we watch Love Island Games in the UK?

I need Curtis being cringe on my screen once more

All 19 winners of Big Brother, definitively ranked from worst to best

Josie Gibson slayed her season before she went on to This Morning

From Roy Keane to Anna Wintour: All the wild celeb cameos in Netflix’s Beckham doc

Of course Mel C pops up

All the Love Island winners, ranked by how long they lasted until they split

Jess and Sammy only managed two months before breaking up

Brad’s behaviour on MAFS UK last night was bad vibes and these reactions prove it

If someone I was married to told me I’d ‘passed the test’ I’d be divorcing

It’s over! Jess and Sammy have SPLIT just two months after winning Love Island 2023

‘Things have changed since leaving the villa’

‘RuPaul will never be in a room with me again’: Willam just fully dragged Ru on a podcast

‘She needs to be reminded she’s a drag queen like everyone else’

Erm, Lucinda is confirmed to be going on Love Island Australia this year!?

Yep, this is realllyyyyyyyyyyy happening

We got a relationship expert to rank the MAFS UK couples by compatibility and it’s savage

‘They are very different people who don’t seem to connect on an emotional level’

Forget the Roman Empire: Here’s what thinking about these time periods says about your vibe

If you dwell on Ancient Greece, call me

Thomas has revealed he nearly quit MAFS UK because of ‘manipulative castmates’

He also said a lot of the cast ‘can’t be trusted’

Ranking the couples of MAFS UK 2023 by compatibility, according to their star sign

Of course Ella and Nathanial are least compatible

MAFS UK gossip column: Porscha’s ‘plan’, and the groom Ella cheats on Nathanial with!?

Week two and the chaotic gossip is everywhere

MAFS UK week two: Thomas Hartley’s brutal verdict after the first commitment ceremony

‘Porscha deserves an Academy Award – there’s nothing genuine there’

Love Island’s Zach has finally addressed all the rumours that him and Molly have split

‘She does my nut in’

Drag Race UK 5’s northern queens on what it means to represent ‘up north’ on TV

‘I’m the fashionable northern chip shop woman’

A 2023 Love Island couple apparently on the rocks!? And another beefs with ex’s dad!?

The show’s over for the year but the drama never rests

Channel 4 has clapped back against Nathanial’s claims MAFS UK ‘manipulated’ him

‘He entered the process with more information than we’d normally disclose, and did so with full consent’

Love Island’s Mitch has been dropped by his management amid ‘homophobic’ allegations

He’s also pulled out of his appearance tonight at Bournemouth’s Halo nightclub

Zachariah has made a statement on allegations he and Mitch were ‘homophobic’ at event

‘I’m embarrassed to have to address it and never imagined I’d be writing this’

Mitch apologises after allegations he and Zach were ‘homophobic’ and kicked out of event

‘I didn’t throw any money at a homeless person – it was a kind gesture that’s been twisted into an evil act’

Erm, this is not a drill! Meet the EIGHT ‘intruder singles’ heading into MAFS UK 2023

The Jack Grealish lookalike will cause carnage of the highest order

The Kevin James meme explained: Where did this hands in pockets viral chaos come from?

I can’t escape his sheepish little face

MAFS UK’s Adrian and Thomas are having major beef on Instagram over Nathanial saga

Adrian’s blocked Thomas and Thomas’ mum kicked off with Adrian

If you want your brain to ache, this viral store theft puzzle has got everyone stressed out

I need to go and have a lie down

A release day ranking of every song on Tension – Kylie Minogue’s new album

Can anything live up to the dizzy heights of Padam Padam?

MAFS UK week one: Thomas Hartley gives us his brutal verdict on the 2023 couples

‘There are a lot of parallels between Ella and Nathanial and me and Adrian’

The eye-watering prices for Olivia Rodrigo tour tickets prove live music needs to change

£100 to see a singer with two albums? It can’t go on

Two weeks on: Everything Sophie Turner has been up to since divorcing Joe Jonas

From gaining 150,000 Instagram followers to spaghetti with Taylor Swift

Reviews for Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story say she’s ‘the only reason to watch’

Her performance is a ‘campy delight’ and she’s the best thing about the whole season!

Angelica Ross accuses Emma Roberts of misgendering her on the American Horror Story set

Angelica Ross says she never reported it because when one person did, they got ‘repurcussions’ for doing so

Brett from Love Island is dragging Paige after she signs on to be new Shein ambassador

‘Working for Shein is an awful career move, and I’d look at Paige’s management for giving her terrible advice’

Instagram added Broadcast Channels, so here’s what the annoying new feature actually does

If one more person adds me to theirs I’m going to smash my phone

Wait – is a Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift collab actually coming? A very serious investigation

The two are teasing it and the Swifties and Barbz are going feral

Taylor Swift is causing chaos with her Google Vault puzzles, so here’s how to solve them

Feel like I’m completing a Tomb Raider level just to get the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) tracklist

A full rundown of all the ages of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

They’re officially the youngest and coolest cast the show’s ever had

A nosy peek inside all the vibey Instagrams of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

Following them all so I can spend hours guessing who’s actually still together

From Era 1 to Problématique: Every Kim Petras album, ranked from worst to best

After insane demand from fans, Kim’s scrapped debut album Problématique is finally out

Ranking all the 2023 MAFS UK cast based on nothing but the vibes of their promo pics

The pose where the lads are rubbing their hands together is pure evil

Katy Perry said Russell Brand had ‘very controlling’ attitude in old interview about their split

The two were married between 2010 before divorcing in 2012

A Dannii Minogue interview has resurfaced where she called Russell Brand out in 2006

‘He’s a bit of a vile predator – he wouldn’t take no for an answer’

Everything we know about BBC’s Boiling Point, the four-part TV sequel to the film

I am so ready for the TV event of the year

One year on from Queuegate, here’s a full timeline of the downfall of Holly and Phil

It all plummeted after allegations they skipped the queue for the Queen’s coffin

A’Whora says Chrishell ‘couldn’t look at her’ because she was reminded of Christine Quinn

The Drag Race X Selling Sunset crossover we never knew we needed

A look at the wild transformations of the Buffy cast, 26 years after they first slayed

Ageless queen Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be mother

From Pink to Selena Gomez: This was the week pop stars lost their sense of humour

As the girlies moan about memes, might I suggest we all just lighten up a bit?

Um, Drag Race UK’s Veronica Green and Danny Beard are randomly beefing on Instagram

Jonbers Blonde and Bailey J Mills have also piped up backing Danny

From Shakira to Doja Cat: Ranking the best performances from the VMAs 2023

Doja Cat doing a medley of three of the best songs of the year? We’re not worthy

Debunking whether the next season of Fortnite is actually going to be one month long

Epic Games might not have moved to four season chapters after all

The Sims 4 Hustle and Bustle is being teased, but what’s actually coming to the game?

Streets saying it could be a real estate expansion pack? Take my money

Ranking all of Kim Kardashian’s lines in the AHS trailer by how much they deserve an Oscar

Not everyone saying it sounds like dialogue from her Hollywood mobile game

Inside the stupidly lavish house Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis did their apology video in

Not them saying it was inspired by Soho Farmhouse

Engines? Revved! The start date for Drag Race UK season five has been announced

Danny Beard’s also back hosting The After Shave, where they interview the eliminated queen!

‘Middle aged Love Island’ is here! But why does My Mum, Your Dad have to be so boring?

This show treats the sexy parents like pensioners and they deserve better

Ella says when dating before MAFS UK she was fetishised by men for being trans

‘A lot of guys see us as a fetish – I never believed I would get married’

Here they come! Meet the 10 queens in the cast of Drag Race UK season five

One queen has toured with Little Mix AND Dannii Minogue!

The richest RuPaul’s Drag Race judges, ranked by their massive net worths

Please spare a crumb of coin for me Mama Ru

How to do the viral voice test that tells you if you’re a chad or a voicecel

I have been utterly humbled by my results

Introducing Ella: The first trans bride on Married at First Sight UK

She lives with her nan and I love that for her

A release day ranking of every song on Olivia Rodrigo’s new album GUTS

Vampire is a strong contender for best song of the year

The most life ruining lyrics on every song on GUTS, Olivia Rodrigo’s new album

‘I pour my little heart out but as I’m hitting “send”, I picture all the faces of my disappointed friends’

How Swifties are making Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ divorce all about Taylor Swift

Nobody is safe from their clutches

Every Kylie Minogue album’s second single, ranked from worst to best

You best believe I am well and truly breaking the Tension

Sophie and Joe’s divorce apparently came after Joe saw something on Ring camera

Why does the divorce plot keep thickening? I need answers

Get the bouquet! The start date for Married at First Sight UK has finally been confirmed

And it’s officially the longest season ever – six episodes more than last year

Loved by students, loved by your nan: How Kylie Minogue remained endlessly cool

Across five decades of pop music, our love for Kylie never goes anywhere

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas just released the first statement about their divorce

‘There are many speculative narratives as to why, but truly this is a united decision’

A definitive ranking of the best (and worst) dressed Love Islanders at the NTAs

Tasha Ghouri the woman that you are

A year on from the chaos, here’s what the legendary 2022 cast of MAFS UK are up to now

Of course they’ve all gone on a Virgin Voyages influencer cruise

Every Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass skin, ranked from worst to best

This is a Piper Pace hate account

Thomas Hartley tells us his brutally honest verdicts on the new MAFS UK cast

‘She’s giving off the energy that I wouldn’t be friends with her – the dress looks like it’s from Shein’

To the Harry Potter fans at King’s Cross station: Can I suggest you get a life?

Stop waving around fake wands, guys – Hogwarts isn’t real

Love Island’s Kai and Sanam respond to racist comment calling them ‘curry munchers’

The winners have clapped back after getting the abuse on Kai’s TikTok

Another major blow! Phillip Schofield has been ‘quietly axed’ from The Cube

In the immortal words of Ian Beale: He’s got nothing left

Right, will we be able to watch Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film in UK cinemas?

There’s just been a huge announcement that changes EVERYTHING

It’s confirmed! Holly’s This Morning return date and co-host announced after Phillip saga

Now Schofield’s gone it will never be the same again

A look at the wild transformations of the Gavin and Stacey cast 16 years on

I can’t get over how different Dawn looks

Meet Sachin: The determined Barb who made Nicki Minaj get her music done

Sachin and Nicki have been hanging out irl and his TikTok bio says he’s her P.A…

Erm, why do Doja Cat and a German metal band’s new albums have nearly the same cover?

Doja Cat has now deleted the album announcement post on Instagram since the internet clocked on

Well, it’s over! Ella B and Mitch announce split a month after Love Island ended

‘I wish Mitch all the best and hope he finds his happiness. It’s time for both of us to start a new chapter’

Only a diehard Friends fan can name these famous one episode characters

Jennifer Coolidge should have been in it for five seasons

Right, what the hell is going on with every British celeb doing a Royal Match game advert?

Do we need to save AJ Odudu, Olly Murs and Rylan from a basement somewhere?

An ode to Ekin-Su and Davide: The turbulent Love Island icons who still have me obsessed

Their breakup ruined me, them getting back together healed me – but why am I this invested?

Phones handed in and Holly questioned: The ITV Phillip Schofield inquiry explained so far

‘They look at every single text, email and WhatsApp you’ve ever sent’

Vampires and Ahsoka: Everything new in Fortnite as Chapter 4 Season 4 launches

Um, there’s a ripped Fishstick skin called Fish Thicc

Every Severance character ranked by how pure evil they really are

I live in fear of being dragged to the break room by Milchick

Ranking the big celebs in the Fortnite Icon series by how wild it is they’re in the game

Khaby Lame, the most followed creator on TikTok, is allegedly in the next Battle Pass

Let’s face it: Sometimes music sounds better when the artist is a bit of a villain

Doja Cat tweeting that she hates her fans is somehow making her excellent new singles slap even harder

From Fearless to 1989: Every Taylor’s Version rerecording by Taylor Swift, ranked

The Vault tracks on Red changed the trajectory of my life

Um, Courtney Act says RuPaul once emailed asking her to be lead singer in Ru’s band

RuPaul’s had Courtney Act blocked on social media since 2015

Shock! Love Island USA proves queer Islanders aren’t ‘logistically difficult’ after all

Kassy and Johnnie are putting bi people where they belong – in the villa and on mainstream TV

From The Fame to Chromatica: Every Lady Gaga album ranked from worst to best

It’s been 15 years since Gaga released her debut record and changed pop music forever

Max Balegde and Elphaba are beefing on TikTok and the drama is so messy

‘Your behaviour towards me, acting two faced on a podcast, is horrific’

An ode to Hijack: The unabashedly ridiculous, most bingeable show of 2023

Apple TV’s seven hour hijacked flight from Dubai to London is my new silly obsession

‘I wish her the best always’: Sam Asghari releases first statement on divorcing Britney

He also denies accusations he’s attempting to ‘exploit’ Britney

Ranking all the songs on the Addison Rae EP by how hard they win the IDGAF awards

The high camp performance art of these hollow pop bangers must be studied

Justice for Kai and Sanam! The Love Island winners dealt the sh*t end of the stick

My wholesome king and queen deserve more

As divorce looms, here’s a full timeline of Britney and Sam Asghari’s relationship

They met on the set of one of Britney’s music videos

From Ne-Yo to Joel Corry: Ranking all the Love Island music guests from worst to best

Rita Ora is to me what Craig David is to Anton

The definitive ranking of every Taylor Swift album cover

The Folklore forest is my safe space

Meet Versatile: The chaotic Irish rap duo who’ve gone viral on TikTok with Blue Razz

Blasting out Pon De Replay and touring with Snoop Dogg

Here’s why your entire timeline has gone feral over Addison Rae releasing her lost album


A concise rundown of all the Starfield lore you need to know before the game releases

The most fun history homework ever

‘Ashley look at me!’ Where the TikTok audio you can’t escape is actually from

The vibes between the origin and the TikToks could not be more different

Inside the wild theory that 1989 is about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles doing a hit and run

‘Remember when you hit the brakes too soon?’

Ranking Joel Corry bangers by how much I reckon Coco Lodge enjoys listening to them

Their first dance will be to Head & Heart

Everything Steve Miller’s been up to since he called everyone obese on Fat Families

Shock: He’s still at it!

A full timeline of events surrounding the tragic, mysterious ‘mushroom murders’ case

Erin Patterson denies wrongdoing after she served a meal that killed three family members and put one in hospital

Ranking every song on 1989 by Taylor Swift, in honour of the Taylor’s Version announcement

This album changed the trajectory of my life

All the hints, leaks and clues we know about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 so far


A rundown of all the films that have made a billion dollars post Covid

Barbie’s the latest to join the club

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Jennifer Lawrence character matches your vibe

She mothered so hard as Mother

A rundown of all 33 films that inspired Barbie, according to Greta Gerwig

The ultimate watchlist sorted

It’s Instagram official! Love Island’s Coco Lodge confirms relationship with Joel Corry

We need her vocals featured on his next banger

Even a Heartstopper superfan will have missed all these wild season two easter eggs

Obsessed with the blazer one

I can’t enjoy Heartstopper without feeling sad about those of us it’s come too late for

A generation of LGBTQ people would live differently if we watched it as teenagers

10 seasons in, why is Love Island utterly incapable of giving us a good reunion episode?

Just give us an hour of Scott and Catherine

18 memes about the Love Island reunion that prove we only care about Scott and Catherine

They were still up flirting at 5am…

Max Balegde’s podcast is getting called out for ‘ableist’ discussion about the Paralympics

‘How many fingers would I have to cut off to become a Paralympian?’

Here’s how old the cast of Heartstopper season two are compared to their characters

How am I meant to believe Kit Connor is 16?

From Just For Me to Angel, here’s every PinkPantheress banger ranked

The boy’s a liarrrr

Every city in Skyrim, ranked by how much I’d actually want to live there

Oh to sip on an iced vanilla latte in Whiterun

You’ve got maximum Kenergy if you score 10/10 on this I’m Just Ken lyrics quiz

Song of the millennium

A definitive roundup of the 13 most iconic moments of Love Island 2023

‘There’s never gonna be a battle… I would never go head to head with a girl for a man’

A logical guide to all the 2023 Love Islanders as Taylor Swift albums

Taylor needs to add Bad B*tch as a bonus track on Reputation

Happy August by Taylor Swift day! Celebrate with these 19 memes marking the occasion

‘Salt air’ could raise me from the dead

23 memes about the Love Island 2023 final that prove the season ended in chaos

I need to take compassionate leave to mourn Whitney not winning

Enough’s enough: After a decade of mediocrity, it’s time for The Sims 4 to call it a day

To buy the game in full now costs you over £1000

The time has come! A definitive ranking of every 2023 Love Islander from worst to best

Scott is MY national treasure

A brief history of the most harrowing discontinued Barbies ever made

Yep, boob growing Barbie from the film is real

The ultimate ranking of every iconic character in the Barbie movie

Allan is the people’s princess

The definitive ranking of every All Stars season of Drag Race

I can already hear screams of ‘Shangela was robbed’

Everything The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack completely flopped on

Even horse girlies are bored

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Ken from the Barbie film shares your Kenergy

Never forget that you are Kenough

Ranking the Love Islanders by who came out looking worse at the Grafties

A woeful night for Mitchel

23 savage memes about the Grafties that prove it’s the best Love Island addition in years

Scott VS Mitch was for the history books

Ranking the 2023 Islanders’ talent show performances by how toe-curlingly cringe they were

Scott should send a handwritten apology to Emeli Sande

There’s a wild Bratz easter egg in the Barbie movie and I’m shook to my plastic core

Greta Gerwig’s insane for this

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Barbie from the film matches your overall vibe

Peak if you get Midge

A full rundown of the eye-wateringly huge amounts of cash the All Stars 8 queens earned

The producers were chucking dollars at them this season

I survived Barbenheimer: The most chaotic cinema day of a generation

Pausing Barbie when she says ‘do you guys ever think about dying?’ to watch Oppenheimer

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Islander you’d get stuck talking to at a party

If I got lumped with Abi I’d be ordering an Uber

Last night proved Love Island friendship breakups hurt more than romantic ones

I need my girlies to patch things UP

All seven levels in The Simpsons: Hit and Run, ranked from life-ruining to legendary

Lisa’s level is my safe space

You knew it was coming! It’s time to tuck into boy dinner

It’s got its own little TikTok jingle for the LADS

From boring loot to tree tops from hell, we’re suffering through Fortnite’s worst season

‘Never trusting a primal season ever again’

The definitive ranking of Rita Ora’s biggest ever bangers

Never been more jealous of Love Islanders in my life

‘They’ve left us with no alternative’: The Hollywood strikes fully explained

‘AI will not replace us’

Not a soul can clock! How Monica Beverly Hillz went viral by winning the IDGAF wars

‘Not a soaking clock!’

RIP Love Island 2023: You started with a bang, you’re ending with a whimper

This last week has been a slog

Troye Sivan only used skinny bodies in the Rush video and I’ve had a bellyful

I guess he just forgot gay men bigger than a size small also enjoy sex and partying

People have found the first ever RuPaul’s Drag Race casting call and it’s deeply cursed

Why does RuPaul look like Joni Mitchell?

Every Taylor Swift album, ranked by how high it scores on Metacritic

1989 has been done so dirty

Every explosive Love Island movie night, ranked by sheer carnage

Jake Cornish never recovered

Omg, Aaron Paul nearly played another major role in Black Mirror before Beyond The Sea

This is the weirdest thing to imagine

Ranking the Love Islanders by who came out looking the worst after Movie Night

Justice for Scott!!!

Not to panic anyone, but the Drag Race All Stars 9 rumoured cast is already spreading

Shannel and Roxxxy on a season together is not a want but a need

Barbie finally premiered last night, so here’s everything iconic that went down

‘It’s a cinematic triumph – poignant, clever and hilarious’

All six vault songs on Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), ranked

Shaking over the Hayley Williams feature

Brands trying to be funny and annoying millennials: Inside the messy first day of Threads

I’ve already had to block Ellen Degeneres

The Casa Amor recoupling showed Love Island 2023’s problem: Zero solid couples

Love Island is lacking love

Right, what does ‘closed off’ actually mean and why do Love Islanders keep saying it?

Just say exclusive like the rest of us!

Ranking all the Love Islanders by how main character they are at Casa Amor 2023

Sammy and Montel are Tyrique’s minions

Here’s how to get your Instagram Threads countdown ticket before the app launches

This has no business being so satisfying

Just 26 Love Island memes that prove this year’s Casa Amor is pure evil

Catherine don’t do this to us!!!

All the vibey behind the scenes pics shared by the Black Mirror season six cast

Not the Loch Henry trio doing the Spider-Man meme

Instagram’s Twitter rival Threads launches on Thursday, so here’s what it actually is

Elon Musk is shaking

Remembering Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set, the first unofficial Black Mirror masterpiece

TV peaked in 2008 with a Big Brother zombie apocalypse and an undead Davina McCall

Inside the blatant favouritism of Molly Marsh on Love Island 2023

Nobody asked for this

The top 10 episodes of Black Mirror, ranked by how high they score on Rotten Tomatoes

Number three is so random

The definitive ranking of every Olivia Rodrigo song, including Vampire

Trying my hardest not to be Brutal

Every song on the Barbie movie album, ranked from worst to best

Ryan Gosling singing I’m Just Ken needs an Oscar

It’s over! Davide and Ekin-Su have split 11 months after winning Love Island

Nobody speak to me

Meet the queens setting sail in the cast of Drag Race Down Under season three

The pirate theme is a … choice

TikTok has declared Old Rose the real villain of Titanic, and they’ve got a point

Evil woman

Wait… Did HBO cut The Idol short by an episode because of all the backlash?

Six episodes were ordered, but only five are going to air

All the annoying plot holes that ruined season six of Black Mirror

They make my blood boil

Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker has explained why Mazey Day wasn’t classed as Red Mirror

‘In an ideal world, you’d watch it once and then it would change’

People are starting to clock a silly little joke hidden in Black Mirror’s Joan Is Awful

Feel 12 years old laughing at this

Every disastrous bit of drama that’s ruined Drag Race All Stars 8 so far

It’s one mishap after another

Everything new coming to Fortnite today in the big summer update of 2023

New shotgun alert!

Erm, Nick from The Apprentice was pulling pints at Glasto?

The vibes are immaculate

All the 2023 Love Islanders’ heart rate challenge attempts, ranked by phwoar factor

Sammy was a jumpscare

Here’s the frustrating reason why Lana Del Rey’s Glastonbury set isn’t on iPlayer

I have now indeed got that Summertime Sadness

Right, who the hell is Katie from Goat Story and why’s she taken over Twitter?

She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment

People are pointing out a plot hole in Black Mirror’s Loch Henry that ruins season six

I don’t know what to believe anymore

Every major Black Mirror twist, ranked by shock factor

If you didn’t see the Shut Up and Dance twist coming, I don’t know what to tell you

As Black Mirror goes horror, Charlie Brooker says show has never been about ‘tech is bad’

Erm, have we been watching the same series?

People have noticed a major error in Black Mirror’s Mazey Day and it’s driving me mad

The worst episode ever just got even worse

Black Mirror moving away from sci-fi into horror is the worst thing the show can do

Why lose what makes it special?

Everyone’s noticed a major plot hole in Black Mirror’s Beyond The Sea and I’m shook

How was this overlooked!?

All the Black Mirror episodes you had no idea were inspired by true events

One episode was inspired by I’m A Celeb

Here’s a full rundown of what your Titanic submarine trip would look like if you paid $250k

You’re in the sub for 12 hours, but the whole trip lasts 10 days

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