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How to do the viral voice test that tells you if you’re a chad or a voicecel

I have been utterly humbled by my results

If your Twitter is anything like mine, you’ll be seeing a slew of results from people posting their score from a new viral voice test that scores how nice your speaking voice is, from chad to voicecel. Everyone on Twitter is posting their results but not everyone is generous enough to link to where you can do the chad to voicecel voice test, so we’ve got you covered.

Head over to and you can take the test there. The site declares “This tool accurately measures your voice frequency and analyzes it to determine if you are a voicecel or not. The tool is designed to help you understand your voice and how it is perceived by others.”

The test tells you your median Hz for your vocals for a little 10 second test. If you’ve got no clue what to say, there’s a little script you can follow too which makes it easier in case your brain goes blank on you. The categories go from Deep Voice Chad, to Chad, to Voicecel and then Voicecel (it’s over). It’s all for fun, but you may get severely humbled. I think I’ve got a deep voice and I was branded voicecel twice… tragic.

The test describes voicecels as someone with “a squeaky, high, unaesthetic voice” and a chad as “a really cool guy.” You can decide for yourself whether you agree on that one. They also say the voicecels are cursed to die alone. Great vibes.

What score did you get? Take the chad or voicecel voice test here!

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