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MAFS UK 2022 where cast now

Just everything the very iconic cast of MAFS UK 2022 have been up to

Obsessed with Chanita giving a speech in parliament

The cast of MAFS UK 2022 actually did a huge shift – because they were the reason that the show is now so huge in the UK. If this season wasn’t so full of characters, I don’t think we’d have all been so obsessed with 2023 as much as we were. Here’s a quick rundown of where the cast of MAFS UK 2022 are now and everything they’ve been up to recently.

Jenna and Zoe

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I mean, the big one here is obviously that Jenna and Zoe are still together and are happier than ever. It honestly warms my heart to see them thriving like this. They’ve just been on an amazing holiday to New York.


Erm, Jordan has been learning the ukulele, posting singing videos on Instagram and doing spon con with Fiji water. As you do.


Chanita recently went to speak in the House of Commons, addressing parliament. She wrote on Instagram “Speaking honestly about my childhood experiences, standing up for vulnerable children and putting forward my recommendations to help improve the lives of other children who may follow my path was so unbelievably humbling and I feel so lucky to get the privilege.”


Whitney is literally always just holidaying or it-girling it about London. It’s all she did before the show and it’s all she’s done after.


A lot of TikTok lives with this one. A lot of TikTok lives.


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Matt’s got a new girlfriend, so he’s all loved up. Apart from that he’s sorted his hair out and he’s keeping fit and posting gym videos as per.


She’s been living her glam life, tbh. PR holidays!


Sophie has become a presenter now and she’s putting together showreels to advance her career. Smashing it.


Johnathan has a new girlfriend and they’re super loved up. He’s just announced the two of them are having a baby boy!


Gemma also found her happy ending! She’s super loved up right now which is just joyous to see because she had a really rough time with it on MAFS UK in 2022.


Adrian is full style influencer vibes right now – loads of get ready with me type content on his feed and showing off his looks. He kinda kills it fashion wise, I can’t lie.

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