Taylor Swift August memes

Happy August by Taylor Swift day! Celebrate with these 19 memes marking the occasion

‘Salt air’ could raise me from the dead

No song feels so calendar marking in my life than August by Taylor Swift. The non-single sits comfortably on Folklore, Taylor Swift’s best album without question – and has taken on a life of its own since it dropped in 2020. I can’t imagine my life when the date turns to August 1st without waking up and pressing play on August. It’s a song that has become part of the summer furniture, one that’s opening line could raise the dead as Swifties emerge from their coffins to shout “Salt air” along with Taylor. As the month changes and August 1st is here, here are the best memes about Taylor Swift and a song that changed month eight forever.

1. Mother has spoken, of course

2. How can one song hit so hard

3. She’s August, we’re just Ken

4. This song morphs me into a wine mum

5. I know which girly I am

6. I’m welping and weeping


8. I need a cuddle


9. My dad to me tonight

— Pampa Gallagher (@eycteann) August 1, 2023

— WILDEST DREAMS HAHA 🧣 (@swiftoursonggg) July 31, 2023

11. Me literally all of today

12. A perfect crossover



14. Screaming at this

15. Why has this owl always got so much to say

16. This is the logic my brain operates with

17. Another one thank you 

18. It’s such a healer


19. She literally did invent the month, sorry, you can’t dispute the facts

Now we just need 11 other songs for the rest of the calendar year.

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