A comprehensive list of all the weird Mix playlists Spotify makes for you

Casually streaming my Angry Tuna Mix on the way to work

We all log on to our Spotify every morning and see what Daily Mix it throws our way. We’ve all been in the uni library or the office and shoved on Mellow Mix to keep everyone’s mithering to a minimum. I can’t remember the last time I got into a car without going straight to Driving Mix. But there’s a darker and more bizarre underbelly of Spotify playlists waiting to be found that the streaming service whips up for you that you probably have no clue even existed. I’ve done the hunting or you – here are some of the weird playlists Spotify have made for you.

Vampire Mix

I actually love vampire stuff so this one feels very thoughtful, thanks Spotify. If your Vampire Mix is anything like mine, artists you’ll find in it include Ethel Cain, Lana Del Rey, Boy Harsher, Kim Petras, Thom Yorke, Mitski, Björk, Lady Gaga and (checks notes) … The cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Goblincore Mix

We all like to go a bit feral sometimes, don’t we girlies! This one will send you rabid, mine is carnage and includes tunes from COBRAH, Caroline Polachek and Poppy.

Pirate Mix

Erm, sure! I’d never thought of So Now Goodbye by Kylie Minogue as particularly pirate-y, but now that you mention it… Also starring Taylor Swift, Kate Bush, Florence and the Machine and Azealia Banks for some unknown reason.


Have Spotify lost their mind or have I?

♬ original sound – jack rem

Evil Mix

One look at this and I just know I’m going to blasting this when I feel particularly malicious. Charli XCX with Yuck kicking the playlist off, I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift then which is surely the theme tune of all good Spotify Evil Mix playlists, and finishing off with Kill V Maim by Grimes… Perfection.

Angry Tuna Mix

I can’t believe this is real. I need to know what makes Wolf Alice and Slaves furious seafood music and I need to know. The most weird of all the Spotify Mix playlists for sure.

Dogs Water Mix

As in like … the water of my dog? But the punctuation is wrong? I’m so confused? And more so that this one’s actually extremely gorgeous. Weyes Blood you are my perfect Dogs Water Mix artist and don’t you forget it!

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