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Six months on from the chaos, here’s what the MAFS UK 2022 cast have been up to

Thomas is the queen of podcasts

Married at First Sight UK defied all odds in 2022, knocking the boring 2021 series out of the water and providing us with a chaotic show that knocked its bigger ratings brother Love Island into the depths of the sea. MAFS UK 2022 cast perfectly, and unfolded a season of carnage, betrayal and infighting where former friends could become enemies on social media at the drop of a hat. But what have this bunch been up to half a year after the cameras stopped rolling? Here’s everything the MAFS UK 2022 cast have been up to six months on.



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♬ original sound – Not My Bagg

One of the biggest, and in my opinion – the best, characters to emerge from MAFS UK 2022, Thomas has been no stranger to controversy since the show. He’s done a million podcast appearances that have all gone viral on TikTok thanks to his honest nature and Scouse passion – even when his mouth gets him into trouble, there’s a charm to it all that makes him such a character to watch and listen to.

He recently went onto Not My Bagg and had me literally crying with his iconic Cilla impression. Ar Clurrr! Only big things coming for Thomas, who just signed with new management. He’ll be back on our tellies soon I’m sure.

Adrian and Sophie

They’re both deep in their influencer era, but these two besties have now started a YouTube channel where they drink wine and discuss MAFS Australia, if that’s your sort of thing.

Zoe and Jenna

The only romantic success story from MAFS UK 2023 are still thriving six months on. Their Insta posts are so loved up and they’re constantly off to events – they even covered Diva magazine. Iconic from them.

Whitney and April

These two menaces didn’t find love on MAFS UK but they did find each other, and they’re constantly going to PR events in full glam and doing bestie shoots together. Galentines indeed!


Villain of the season Matt made headlines for his treatment of Gemma, his secret fling with Whitney whilst they were both in other marriages on the show and then his relationship with Marilyse from MAFS UK 2021. Six months on from MAFS UK 2022 him and Marilyse have called it quits – but this cringe little video they did with OK! is still on his Instagram. For now.


Gemma had a rough time of it in the show, and things haven’t been easy since either. She was rushed to hospital in an emergency health scare but from her Instagram she’s recovering well and looks absolutely gorgeous. She’s glowing and is focussing on herself and her family.


Johnathan was briefly dating Amy Christophers from MAFS UK 2021, but now six months on from 2022 season ending he’s just vibing on Instagram. He recently went to Bath where he was hanging out with Wilf from The Traitors?


Chanita is reintroducing herself in her latest Insta, and from the looks of it she’s in her baddie era – slaying every event and looking iconic doing it.


Do you know what’s dead nice? All of the MAFS UK cast have just kind of been thriving since it ended. Look at them all being besties! Jordan’s also been hanging with Rebecca Gormley from Love Island and Nathan from Geordie Shore, so everything’s looking sweet in the North East.

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