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Ok so where’s the ‘It’s hard to believe I’m walking through the ruins’ TikTok sound from?

‘Because I’m not – that’s in Iraq, miles away, and f*cking dangerous’

My TikTok For You Page is filled with everyone using the same sound right now, and it’s the one that if your FYP is anything like mine you won’t have been able to escape from either. “It’s hard to believe I’m walking through the ruins of the first ever city, because I’m not, that’s in Iraq, miles away and fucking dangerous” is all over TikTok with everyone stitching it to share their various misfortunes after luring us in with a false start of joy. But where is the “it’s hard to believe I’m walking through the ruins of the first ever city” sound on TikTok from originally. It’s got one of those voices you definitely recognise, but probably can’t place. We’ve got you covered.

It’s our queen Philomena Cunk


#cunkonearth #cunk #philomenacunk

♬ original sound – Little fox

Diane Morgan has made a British comedy icon of herself thanks to her portrayal of fictional crap interviewer and documentary host Philomena Cunk. The viral clip on TikTok is taken from her six part series from 2022 titled Cunk On Earth, and the whole thing is as funny as the memed up section.

Diane Morgan is also well known for playing Liz in Motherland, so if you’re a big fan of that show and you’re wondering how you remember the voice so well it could be from that if you’ve never dabbled in the comedy prowess of The Cunk before.

How is it being used on TikTok?

Everyone on TikTok is using it as a joke where they lure you in to think they’re doing something positive. For example, “it’s hard to believe I’m on my fourth hour studying” and then when Cunk says “because I’m not” they flick to them doing something unproductive and reveal they’re lying. Comedy gold. Here are some of the funniest examples!


taking a break from school to focus on me because im so tired #examseason #finals #finalsweek #apexams #apush #papaspizzeria #papasfreezeria #coolmathgames #tired #prozac #trending #fyp #relatable #studying #cunkonearth #philomenacunk

♬ original sound – Little fox


just gotta get thru these 19 days 🤞 #homework #highschool #adhd #gay

♬ original sound – Little fox

All classics, all laughs.


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